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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Review: Match Day 3

Match day 3 was like a box of chocolates - we never knew what to expect, and rightly so as the results caught us dumbfounded. For those who missed it, well, you missed quite a bit of action in the second and third game.

Red Phoenix Versus GMI White Knights
Red Phoenix has truly caught us all by surprise this season as they have risen aloft, beyond expectations. They entered the court on a hot streak, (beating both Gang Bintang and ZAP) knowing that they were the favorites to take home the two points. Overconfidence maybe, was what could have been their downfall - apart from the absence of their coach. From the first blow of the whistle, both teams raced for every ball giving spectators a fast paced game of floorball to watch. Although entering the tie as underdogs, to be honest GMI White Knights never looked like an easy team to beat in the first period. Tirelessly chasing down every ball and leaving no space whatsoever for Red Phoenix to play their newly found gamestyle of precision passing, GMI White Knight's effort proved fruitful in the fourth minute when Amir Azfar managed to find the back of the net, raising cheers from his bench as his teammates rushed out to congratulate and celebrate the team effort.

Realizing that this derby might be tougher than perceived, Red Phoenix upped their ante and played GMI White Knights's game. Normally, submission to an opponent's gameplay would mean a probable defeat - but not this time as Red Phoenix managed to overcome by having players with a tad more skill than their opposite number. Red Phoenix began to adapt to GMI's gameplay, and skill proved dominant over pace again when Red Phoenix found the equalizer a minute after conceding where hot listed player Joel Cresmann slotted the ball into the back of the net after a precise pass by Mohd Haidar.

Ending the first period tied, the second period was deemed the decisive period. Red Phoenix tried to get into their stride early in the second period, trying to maintain  possession and make quick passes which would lead to quick shots on target. However, individuals like Shahir found himself having the ball too long. Although attaining good stick work, many a time he found himself having to lithe past two or three Knights - most of the time resulting in him losing possession. Red Phoenix kicked start the second period with a bang (two to be specific) when they were two goals up after just playing 4 minutes and 47 seconds. The goals came from the uprising name in the Selangor Floorball League, Joel Cresmann bagging his hatrick in the early stages of the second period. Goalscorer for GMI flashed his prows again in response in the seventh minute, bringing GMI back into the game and giving them hope of what would be, a victorious triumph to remember. Then in the ninth minute, Zulfadli managed to put GMI back on leveled terms when he managed to slot in the ball at close range. From an observer's point of view, both GMI goals were scored because Red Phoenix failed to get the ball away from the central danger zone. 

After respective pep talks, both teams entered the third period with everything they had - to win it, or to lose having attempted. However, Red Phoenix was the team to rise to the occasion and claimed the third period with three goals from Azizul, Mohd Haidar and.... Joel Cresmann (yes, the danger man again). Ending the match 6-3 up, Red Phoenix extends their run to an unbeaten three match streak. The question now is, will they be able to take on defending champions Subang Rascals (Subang Rascals beat Salibandy!Co last week by a one-goal margin, 7-6) this week? We look forward to seeing both teams in action as they explore and uncover each other's weaknesses.

Red Phoenix will take on Subang Rascals from 1.00pm - 3.00pm this Saturday (15 March) at Komplex Rakan Muda, Puchong.   


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