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Friday, November 23, 2012

SFA Player Interview: Aisyah Fuad (Gang Bintang)

Apart from my interview with Terence, I have also interviewed Aisyah Fuad, Selangor Floorball Women's League's best defender for Tyttobandy!Co. in 2011. I have known her for almost a year and enjoyed playing with her throughout the men's league in Gang Bintang. From my observation when I see her play in the women's as well as the men's league, she is a calm and hardworking player with the passion to strive for the team's glory. The most notable moment will be Gang Bintang's 7:5 victory over GMI White Knights with Bintang only has 6 players in that game which I believe the victory is credited to Aisyah's persistent and strong defending.

Aisyah (Right) with her "Best Defender" award in Selangor Floorball Women's League 2011 (Source: Facebook)


Jethro: Hi Aisyah, first and foremost, thank you for agreeing to this interview. How has it been playing floorball in Malaysia?

Aisyah: Hi Jethro! First of all, thanks for "interviewing" me, it's nice to see SFA takes an interest in the viewpoints of the league players. It has honestly been a great experience for me – from getting lost to finding Puchong as a newcomer to Malaysia to playing in both the women's and men's leagues and most importantly, making awesome friends in Malaysia!

I played in Singapore for several years prior to this and of course, there are some differences but overall it's good to be part of a growing floorball scene in a country where I think there is MUCH more potential to harness.

Jethro: As the women's league will commence in two months' time, what is your view on the number of teams right now and how can SFA approach this issue?

Aisyah: The second season of the women's league has quite a number of changes since last year. As you mentioned, the number of teams is quite limited (I think there is 3 right now, with a 4th pending?). What comes to mind immediately is how much value it will bring to the ladies to play the same teams repeatedly or if we only play twice (home and away), that the ladies will have very limited game-time. A combined team will be great… just like how SFA has been doing it in the past season. In my personal opinion, I see much value when I play with the men's team.

I guess to match the level of the men's league, you would really have to up your fitness, skills and gameplay. It's a double-edged sword – some ladies will be motivated to work harder and others might be discouraged if the disparity in standards is so great. I used to play informal 3 on 3 sessions with mixed teams – I think that helped improve my game by leaps and bounds, so I will endorse this approach. Clearly, SFA has other good reasons to change the rules this season where ladies are not allowed to play in the men's league. But I really hope this will change! At least until we have more teams in the women's league.

Jethro: As you had played for Gang Bintang in the men's league, will you be switching to Gang Bintang for the women's league or remain at Tyttobandy?

Aisyah: I've switched to GB now. I'm really grateful to Tytto though, especially Dorcus and Alvin, for taking me in last season and I wish them all the best!

Jethro: As you are a much seasoned player in the women's league, and most sees you as a threat, how should you advise much inexperienced players to play at a competitive level?

Aisyah: I don't exactly believe they think that! But in any case, being an oldie, I would say that there is no other way to improve except by taking in new challenges. Be it challenging your fitness, clocking in hours on your stickwork/shooting and coming down to UM to play Floorball on Wed ;) It's not whether you can or not, it's how much you want it – so let's not make work, boyfriend/girlfriend/lepak commitments as excuses if you REALLY want to be better. I need to work on this too… since my work commitments are rather erratic but I try!

Jethro: What is your goal/objective for the coming season?

Aisyah: To be fitter and faster than last season, shoot better and thus help GB ladies retain their title :D

Jethro: Who, in your honest opinion, will be the team to watch in the women's league?

Aisyah: Will it be biased if I say Gang Bintang? Seriously though, they did really well last season and showed lots of chemistry on court – it's a joy to watch. So I think they will always be a threat. I think the other two teams, Foxy Blizzards and Tytto are also clocking in serious training times so it won't be a walk in the park. The competition will be really good.

Jethro: What is your suggestion in building floorball for the future in Malaysia?

Aisyah: a. Introduce floorball in schools/colleges/universities – if the young ones are interested right from the start, we will always have a constant pipeline of talent. Malaysia is so much bigger then Singapore in terms of population and having done well in Hockey where there is a parallel skill set, there is just so much potential waiting to explode! But people need to get interested you know?

b. Once you get people interested, how do you sustain their interest? Here, it is so important to have venues and equipment readily available and organising informal hit-around sessions (like what we already have in UM). As we all know, the only place to play floorball is in Puchong which is honestly too far away especially for people living in KL and the northern parts of Selangor (any of you?) to commute down south to Puchong especially on a weekday. The chronic shortage of venue really makes it hard to get any game-time and I guess to some extent, discourages people from playing. In this respect, I understand it is challenging to obtain funds for rental of venues and also to buy new boards (I think we all agree that the Puchong boards nak kena retire dah)… but we need to try. SFA will play the lead role to build this up though if we are all serious about it.

So these are my insignificant thoughts but I do hope you get some "foreigner" insight into the floorball scene of Malaysia!

Jethro: All right, thank you Aisyah for your time!
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SFA Player Interview: Terence (Salibandy!Co.)

Recently, I have spoken to the 2-time best forward of the Selangor Floorball League, Terence (Salibandy!Co.) prior to the upcoming season. I have known Terence since seeing him playing floorball for the first time at Tunku Abdul Rahman College (TARC). As everyone know, Terence is known for his hard shots and agility to get past defenders and also his killer instinct in front of goals. He has scored the most goals for Salibandy!Co. in SFL 2010/2011 and 2011/2012. He is definitely one of the brightest talents in Malaysian floorball.
Terence (above) with his 'Best Forward' award in SFL 2011/2012 (Source: Facebook)

Jethro: Hi Terence, first and foremost, congratulations in picking up two Best Forward awards for two seasons in a row. What has motivated you the most in achieving such a prestigious award?

Terence: Since I started floorball, I have always wanted to improve myself to play better so that one day I could really represent Malaysia and win some medal. So this goal has been motivating me since I've been playing floorball for 3 years. Thank God that I could achieve such prestigious award and the hard work I have been training.

Jethro: As the league will be splitting into two conferences for the new season, what is your view on this? And also Conference A being sort of a "group of death", is this going to be an advantage to Salibandy!Co.?

Terence: I think that after splitting into 2 conference, there will be fewer matches and no chance competing with all the teams compared to last season because the team cannot face the opponent in the other conference. Yeah, I agree Conference A is being sort of "group of death", so luckily Salibandy!CO is not in Conference A but I wish whoever in Conference A 'all the best in your upcoming matches'.

Jethro: I was told that Salibandy!Co. will be branching out to TARC Salibandy and Charis Angel with most of your current players are the coaches, what was the deciding factor for the club to branch it out?

Terence: Floorball is still consider a new sport so it need to be spread out to the people who have never heard or played before. So when Salibandy!Co is branching out, new teams are formed and there will be more people joining the team to play floorball which we love so much.The other factor is the junior player of Salibandy!Co. must not rely on the senior players too much, if not the junior will not grow. By branching out, they will have their own team and start playing as one.

Jethro: Who is your favourite player? and Why?

Terence: My favorite player is Mika Kohonen because he is the best floorball player in the world. He is a Finnish floorball player and I've seen his videos on how he controls, dribbles and shoots which really impressed me.

Jethro: What is your goal/objective for the coming season?

Terence: My goal for the coming season is continue to be the best forward in Selangor and I would like to learn more things throughout this league so that one day I could really help Malaysia shine.

Jethro Who, in your honest opinion, will be the team to watch in Conference A and B?

Terence: In Conference A will be the mighty 'Subang Rascals' while in Conference B will be 'GMI White Knights'.

Jethro: What is your suggestion in building floorball for the future in Malaysia?

Terence: Firstly, we must have a proper court to begin with, then I would suggest that we could branch out so that more people could know what floorball is and join us. Secondly we must have proper training on physical and technical so that when we train, we know what we lack of, then only we will continue improving our weakness and learn from the mistakes.Thirdly we should have more friendly matches with different people from different places, by playing with them, you will know how the playing style they use or what strategies they used so that we can counter them next time when we meet in competition.

Jethro: Okay Terence, thank you for your time.

Terence: Thank you.
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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Selangor Floorball Association Meeting Report

Selangor Floorball Association

1.      The SFA Organization Chart
·        As of this year and beyond, the organization chart of SFA will be restructured for us to be a legal entity.
·         Once SFA has become an official association, all matters regarding the league and the association must be made through SFA (sponsorships, league, etc.)

2.      Team and Player Fees
·         The registration fee for the players has been set for RM 30 per person.
·         Team registration fee will be RM 500 per team.
·         As for the women’s league, each player will have to pay RM 30 per person.
·         The team registration fee for women’s teams is RM 300 per team.
·         The team and player registration forms will be uploaded on Facebook and can be downloaded from there on.

3.      Team and Player Status
·         Joker Prodigy FC has been officially disbanded and will no longer be competing for the 2013 season.
·     A new team from GMI, TARC and another new team will be joining the league starting from this upcoming season.
·         The adding of these new teams have sum up the total of teams in the league to 12 teams.
·         After much consideration by SFA, it has been decided that the league will be split two divisions.
·         These divisions will be called Conference A and Conference B for the 2013 season (only).
·         The reasons for splitting the league into two different conferences are as following:
o   To raise the quality of new players in the league.
o   More man power to handle the matches (referees, match officials, etc.)
o   Better time management
·         The following are the lists of teams for both Conferences:

Conference A
Conference B
Subang Rascals
Salibandy Co.
Gang Bintang
GMI White Knights
The Hornets
Bangi Rusty Blade
Gracebandy Co.
GMI Black Wings
TARC Salibandy (new team)
Charis Angel (new team)

·         The winner of SFL will be determined by highest points collected from both conferences.
·         Three of the top teams from both conferences will be promoted into SFL Division 1 for the 2014 season, while the rest will be relegated into Division 2.
·         The top two teams from both conferences will be the contenders for the Super Cup, while the rest of the teams will be playing in the Premier Cup.
·         The 2013 season will commence on 5th January, 2013.

            Women’s League
·         Herricanes has been officially dissolved and will no longer be competing in this upcoming season.
·         As for now, there are only three teams that will be competing for the Women’s League (2013 season).
·         Any news regarding the women’s league will be updated on SFA Facebook page.
·         Women’s League matches will be held on Saturday (match schedule will be released soon).

4.      Window Transfer Period
·         The transfer window has been opened from 5th November until 31st December, 2012.
·         Players can only transfer to other teams during this period.
·         Payment for the transfer:
o   RM 20 must be paid to SFA (compulsory)
o   The transfer fee between clubs is up to RM 500.
·         For the recruitment of new players during the league, registration and payment (player’s fee) can be done according to the regular procedures up to the end of the first leg of the league.
·         Any recruitments beyond the first leg will be penalized by the SFA (RM 20 = penalty).

5.      Jersey/Attire (Men’s)
·         The following are the official colours for each teams’ jersey:
Subang Rascal
Salibandy Co.
Gang Bintang
GMI White Knights
Bangi Rusty Blade
Gracebandy Co.
GMI Black Wings
(to be confirmed)
TARC Salibandy
Charis Angel
(to be confirmed)

·         A complete set jersey should have:
o   Jersey
o   Shorts
o   Socks
·    Starting from the 2013 season, a standard SFL patch will be issued to every player in the league.
·         More details regarding the patch will be updated as soon as possible.

*please take note that team and players registration must be completed by 31st December 2012
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