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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Selangor Floorball League 2010/2011: Matchday 1 Summary

Matchday 1 was a blast ! It was totally great to see everyone again and all fired up to play their first league match; debutants, juniors, seniors, veterans, supporters, practically everyone. Here is the Matchday 1 summary.

Game 1 - GMI White Knights 6 - 11 Salibandy!Co.

GMI White Knights and Salibandy!Co. helped us to start the new season with an exciting match. Both teams have shown great perseverance in trying to clinch the precious victory. GMI White Knights gave Salibandy!Co. a scare as they took the lead first. However, with Salibandy!Co.'s experience in the league, they have overcame the obstacles and scored in successive runs. GMI White Knights played really well too as their never-dying spirit was well noted. Both goalkeepers have shown great consistency as they made a couple of crucial saves to keep their team competent in the scoreline.

The player to watch was definitely Salibandy!Co.'s Alvin Lee, as he scored a hat trick and set up a goal for his teammate. A great performance by both teams but Salibandy!Co. was the better side.

Goalscorers (GMI White Knights):
Ridha Hafidz (1), Muhd. Lukman (1), Ahmad Syahir (1), Bakhtiar Kamal Ariff (2), Aizuddin Akmal (1)

Goalscorers (Salibandy!Co.):
Alvin Lee Jin Aun (3), Terence (1), Kel Sern (1), Daniel Phang (2), Ravi (1), Mei Chee (1), Leon (1), Alvin L. (1)

Best Player (GMI White Knights) : Bakthtiar Kamal Ariff (2 goals, 1 assist)
Best Player (Salibandy!Co.): Alvin Lee Jin Aun (3 goals, 1 assist)

Game 2 - Gracebandy!Co. 2 - 8 KLIUC Hornets

Gracebandy!Co. and KLIUC Hornets' match is another game that was entertaining. Gracebandy!Co, a new outfit in the league this season, gave last season's 4th-placed Hornets a surprise as they took a 2-goal lead. But Hornets bounced back and their counter-attack proves to be worthy as they managed to catch Edmond Wong, Gracebandy!Co's goalkeeper, by surprise in few encounters and clinched a valuable victory.

Taqiuddin of Hornets played a commanding role and he has helped his side to victory by scoring two goals and was featured in several key passes. By the end of the game, KLIUC Hornets clinched the valuable two points in the opening day by winning the game 8-2.

Goalscorers (Gracebandy!Co.):
Anton (1), Joo Minn (1)

Goalscorers (KLIUC Hornets):
Taqiuddin (2), Muizzudin (2), Azim (1), Apek (1), Zain (1), Azman (1)

Best Player (Gracebandy!Co.): Anton (1 goal)
Best Player (KLIUC Hornets): Taqiuddin (2 goal)

Game 3 - Gang Bintang 17 - 1 KLIUC Griffin

The defending champions began their campaign with a fashionable way, by demolishing their opponent. Gang Bintang proved to be too strong for the young KLIUC Griffin squad as they thrashed them 17 - 1. Throughout the match, Gang Bintang was dominating in ball possession and has been firing in all cylinders. Their defence was well-organized as they shut off the Griffin's attack in many occasions. Last season's top player, Mohammad Khalid proved he is still Gang Bintang's goalscoring machine as he scored 5 goals in this game. But KLIUC Griffin managed to entertain the crowd as Medi scored a consolation goal for the away team and leaving Illyaz no chance to save the shot.

However, the most notable player was Jethro Wong, who began his official debut as the new Gang Bintang skipper. His inspiring performance in the game has seen him assisting 8 goals for his teammates and scoring a remarkable goal for his side.

Goalscorers (Gang Bintang):
M. Khalid (5), Anwar (3), Rizal (3), Gafur (3), Lada (2), Jethro (1)

Goalscorers (KLIUC Griffin):
Medi (1)

Best Player (Gang Bintang): Jethro (1 goal, 8 assists)
Best Player (KLIUC Griffin): Medi (1 goal)

Game 4: Bangi Rusty Blade 4 - 2 Subang Rascals

The biggest game in matchday 1 saw debutant, Bangi Rusty Blade, stunned last season's runner-up by winning them 4 - 2. Bangi Rusty Blade with several new acquisition, including M. Syazni who just got back from Finland with the Singaporean team due to the World Championships a week ago, during the transfer window proved that they are gunning for the title this season.

Subang Rascals took the lead first but it was the home team who kept the attacks coming and it was worth the effort. Goals from Faz, Syazni, Jian Da and Termin were good enough to give them a comfortable 4 - 2 win. Termin also set up a goal for his teammate during the match.

Overall, this match was a mouth-watering battle as both teams played fast-paced attacking floorball.

Goalscorers (Bangi Rusty Blade):
Faz (1), Syazni (1), Jian Da (1), Termin (1)

Goalscorers (Subang Rascals):
Snake (1), Calle (1)

Best Player (Bangi Rusty Blade): Termin (1 goal, 1 assist)
Best Player (Subang Rascals): Snake (1 goal, 1 assist)

Quick Fact of Matchday 1: A total of 51 goals were scored through 34 goalscorers yesterday.
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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Selangor Floorball League 2010/2011 (Matchday 1) Results

Matchday 1:

GMI White Knights 6 - 11 Salibandy!Co.

Gracebandy!Co. 2 - 8 KLIUC Hornets

Gang Bintang 17 - 1 KLIUC Griffin

Bangi Rusty Blade 4 - 2 Subang Rascals
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Friday, December 17, 2010

1 More Day !

1 more day ! Are you ready ? The long-awaited Selangor Floorball League 2010/2011 will begin in 26 hours ! So what are your predictions ? Will Gang Bintang retain the title ? Or they will continue their unbeaten streak this season ? Will the newcomers pull off a big surprise in the league ? Will Khalid (last season's top scorer) do it again this time ? We can only find out if you follow us ! ))

Don't worry, I will keep updating the blog with scores and statistics. No doubt, this will be yet another great league with many big names from Malaysia and Singapore joining as well. Who are they ? Many of us know them, but you will have to find out yourself if you don't know about it. ))

Read about Matchday 1 Preview here.
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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Selangor Floorball League 2010/2011 Matchday 1 Preview

It is finally arriving ! Floorball players and fans have been waiting for the whole year. The long-awaited Selangor Floorball League 2010/2011 is happening this weekend ! We have action-packed and this weekend's opening matches are a cruncher. This is the SFL 2010/2011 Matchday 1 Preview.

Game 1: GMI White Knights v. Salibandy!Co. (11am-1pm)

GMI and Salibandy!Co. start the season off with GMI playing their first league match in their club history. This will be a history-making match for them. However, it is also one of their toughest. GMI was formed mainly young and inexperienced players will have to pull off a big surprise in their playbook. Salibandy!Co. was the 2nd runner-up in last season's SFL and is expected to be much stronger this season. Without any doubt, Salibandy!Co. will be firing in all cylinders with their fast-paced offenses.

Prediction: Salibandy!Co. will dominate the game and win this match against GMI White Knights.

Match Officials: Muiz & Gerard

Game 2: Gracebandy!Co. v. KLIUC Hornets (1pm-3pm)

Another debutant in the new season, Gracebandy!Co. was formed mainly of players who were playing for Salibandy!Co. last season. The new team has at least a year of experience in the sport and this could benefit their team for the league. However, they are playing a much stronger KLIUC Hornets this weekend and Hornets, with most players from KLIUC Griffin last season, will be in for a great match.

Prediction: This will be a tight match but KLIUC Hornets will pull off with a big win.

Match Officials: Alvin & Fazrullah

Game 3: Gang Bintang v. KLIUC Griffins (3pm-5pm)

Floorball fans will be invited for a treat as the defending champions, Gang Bintang, will begin their campaign against a much depleted KLIUC Griffins squad. The new Griffins squad is not the same as last season's and was formed mainly of inexperienced but talented players. Gang Bintang, despite losing some of their key players during the transfer window, will be led by their new skipper, Jethro Wong, to start off their title defence and even continuing their unbeaten streak.

Prediction: Without a doubt, Gang Bintang will be the favourites to win this game.

Match Officials: Suresh & Hafidz

Game 4: Bangi Rusty Blade v. Subang Rascals (5pm-7pm)

The final match of matchday 1 will see debutant, Bangi Rusty Blade, play the mighty Subang Rascals. Bangi Rusty Blade, has an objective to win the title this season, will be going all-out with a strong squad. However, Subang Rascals has an additional defensive force after the transfer window and will also be going all-out to clinch the important 2 points. This match is a must-win game for both sides and it will be one of the floorball classics in Selangor.

Prediction: This match will be really tight as both sides share the same odds of winning. But Subang Rascals is the better team from tactical wise.

Match Officials: Taqi & Jethro

Matchday 1 will begin at 11am (GMT+8) in Dewan Bola Tampar, Section 19, Shah Alam.

Directions to the venue: http://bit.ly/gtmkwc
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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Came Early !

Hello folks ! Christmas is coming earlier this year as Salming Singapore will be coming to town with Yishun Junior College this week. Mr. Ngasti, who is the CEO of the Naz Sports Unlimited, will be opening a Salming sales for all his sticks. He will be bringing his collection and sticks will be sold at a maximum price of RM250 !

If the turnouts are good, then they will have a mini-penalty shootout and give free gifts to the winner ! Sounds good right ?

This is a good bargain and if you are planning to buy a stick for Christmas; either for a friend or yourself, then please drop by the venue at Section 19 Volleyball Hall in Shah Alam during the "Yishun JC-Ztec Tour of Selangor". ))

For more information, please visit: http://www.salmingsingapore.com/
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