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Monday, April 30, 2012

Selangor Floorball League 2011/2012: Matchweek 15 (Labour Day Special)

Happy Labour Day everyone! We are back again for a knack of floorball action on this precious holiday. Rest assure, exciting matches line-up will be served for all who will be watching'.The stakes are getting higher for each and every team in this league. Especially for the final spot for to be the contender for the Super Cup; the fourth rank. Teams from the bottom half of the ranking table will be eager to win what's left of the league in order to pursuit the among the first to qualify for the Super Cup!

Match 1: Salibandy! Co. v Gang Bintang
(12 PM - 2 PM)

Prediction : A thunderous clash between these two teams is to be expected as both are equally good in every aspects. Though Gang Bintang will probably dominate the game and prove their ascendancy with a victory at the end of the game.

Match 2: Bangi Rusty Blade v KLIUC Hornets
(2 PM - 4 PM)

Prediction : The Hornets have acquired a needed boost last Saturday with a victory against Gracebandy! Co. Against the Rusty Blades however, they will be having a hard time as the Green Army will be out for some Hornets' blood. The victory will go to the Rusty Blades when the final whistle is blown.

Match 3: Subang Rascals v GMI White Knight
(4 PM - 6 PM)

Prediction : Subang Rascals will keep their undefeated record for this season with a win against the White Knights.

Match 4: Joker Prodigy FC v GMI Blackwings
(6 PM - 8 PM)

Prediction : After victory was so close to them last week, GMI Blackwings will finally get they have longed for last week by defeating Joker Prodigy FC.

Match 5: Gracebandy! Co. v KLIUC Griffins
(8 PM - 10 PM)

Prediction : The Griffins have endured a whipping against their coach's team last week. This week however, they might have something to boost the morale of their squad members with a victory against Gracebandy! Co. on this holiday.
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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Selangor Floorball League 2011/2012: Matchweek 15

        What an incredible week it was! Shocking results and superb performance by the teams have made last week into a very exciting and entertaining matchweek indeed. It truly has become even harder for us to predict the outcomes of the matches, as the teams keep showing more and more unexpected results. On the harder hand, we are certain though that this league has just become more exciting than ever!

Match 1: KLIUC Hornets v Gracebandy! Co.
(12 PM - 2 PM)

It was a matter of luck that the Hornets have won their match against Joker Prodigy FC last week as Joker Prodigy has decided to pull out from the match for a second time this season. In this week however, they should gear up and get ready to redeem themselves against Gracebandy! Co. from the defeat that they have endured previously. Against the lads of Gracebandy! Co., Hornets should really work on their tactical play and most importantly; their passes. Which has been a problem among the Hornets for quite some time now. Perhaps if they could polish those traits, they could still reach the top four in the rankings of the league.

Having suffered a second defeat at the hands of GMI Blackwings last week will definitely drive the Gracebandy! Co. to search for a second victory against the Hornets this week. Time is of the essence from this point onward in this league as Bangi Rusty Blades is now on a rise to climb up the rankings table. In which, they should really work back on their defensive play as it has been the cause of their defeat against the Blackwings. We are hoping to see Gracebandy! Co. to show a performance that had once earned them a victory against the Hornets. Both teams will be pumped up to battle against each other this time!

Players to watch (KLIUC Hornets) : Azmill, Azim, Taqi, Zul, Muiz

Players to watch (Gracebandy! Co.) : Gerard, Philip, Sheeda, Mervin, Kendrick

Prediction : Gracebandy! Co. will be going on an all-out performance to secure this match in their grasp.

Match 2:  Subang Rascals v Joker Prodigy FC
(2 PM - 4 PM)

The Rascals can lay back a bit as they now may as well proclaim themselves as the champion for this season. During last week's match against Salibandy! Co., they have once again reminded us why they are on the top ranking in this league with a magnificent display of performance. Even without a goalie, they could still defend their goal post without conceding any goals for Salibandy! Co. at all. It was both fascinating and exciting to watch as they walk away with yet another victory, though it was quite a fierce match at first, seeing that Salibandy! Co. managed to take the lead with two goals during the first ten minutes of the first period. In this week, they should just maintain what they have displayed through out the season while going up against Joker Prodigy FC.

Once again, Joker Prodigy has decided to pull out from another match and give the Hornets a free win last week. Just when they seem to have improved even for a bit, it was all gone with their lack of discipline among the players. We are hoping to see the Joker Prodigy to turn up for this week and give up a decent fight against Subang Rascal. It would be very disappointing if they decided to forfeit for the third time in this season, despite this season being their first.

Players to watch (Subang Rascals) : Dennis, Sjaiful, Kamal, Snake

Players to watch (Joker Prodigy FC) : Erry, Amir, Hazwan

Prediction : An easy win for Subang Rascals this week.

Match 3: Salibandy! Co. v GMI White Knights
(4 PM - 6 PM)

Even though they have lost against the Rascals last week, they did not gave the Rascals an easy victory. With two points in front of Subang Rascals during the first few minutes of the match, the crowds were cheering with all their hearts as they might be seeing a history in the making. But everything went wrong during the second period as they somehow failed to suppress their opponents and was punished severely by the Rascals. They have a very huge opportunity to turn the tides in the third period when the Rascals were playing with any goalie. However, they failed to find the back of the net and the game ended with the Rascals still undefeated. In this week, they would be going up against the team that has forged their own history last week; GMI White Knights. Salibandy! Co. must be on full alert as they will want to endure another defeat this week.

The team that has produced the most shocking result last week, or perhaps even in this entire season. With a spectacular performance shown by their players in the match against Gang Bintang, they have absolutely proven that they have become one of the best team in this league. If they could sustain their performance until the end of the league, they might just be able to compete in the prestigious Super Cup. Against Salibandy! Co. this week, we are hoping to see them perform yet another miracle. They should, however, be prepared and keep up the momentum that they had from last week as Salibandy! Co. will definitely be playing with an all-out performance in order to recover from their defeat last week.

Players to watch (Salibandy! Co.) : Daniel, Kelson, Terence, Ricky, Joe

Players to watch (GMI White Knights) : Penang, Amai, Bard, Shahir, Zul

Prediction : GMI White Knights would keep-up their momentum from last week with a victory, though a draw will definitely make things much more exciting.

Match 4: KLIUC Griffins v Gang Bintang
(6 PM - 8 PM)

The Griffins has failed to grab a victory against the Green Army last week, much due to the absence of their coach to guide them in their tactical play. To pour salt in the wound, they will be going up against Gang Bintang; the team who is now will be more eager than ever to seek a victory this week. The Griffins' attacking and defensive line last week has been in a disarray and the Rusty Blades has taken that chance and exploit it well to give them a well deserved victory, especially during the second period of the match where the Rusty Blades has managed to dominate almost the entire period. The Griffins did quite a decent job in the third period but it was already too late for them as Rusty Blades won the match when the final whistle was blown. Perhaps they are now inspired to beat Gang Bintang now seeing that GMI White Knights has managed to defeat the former champion of last season in a very ferocious match.

The defeat last week has surely become a total shock for the players of Gang Bintang last week as it was their second defeat in this season. Nevertheless, they should wake up and rise again in this week's match to prove that they are still the fearsome team that have won the league's trophy for two times in a row. Their key players such as Khalid, Rizal, Jethro and Hafidz should work out on their team's tactical play in order for them to win against KLIUC Griffins, as the Griffins are not a team to be underestimated.

Players to watch (KLIUC Griffins) : Adi, Naufal, Medi, Izwan, Mat

Players to watch (Gang Bintang) : Khalid, Jethro, Bob, Rizal, Hafidz, Afiq John

Prediction : Gang Bintang will redeem themselves this week with a victorious match against the Griffins.

Match 5: Bangi Rusty Blades v GMI Blackwings
(8 PM - 10 PM)

After a huge victory against the Griffins last week, the Green Army will be craving for another win against GMI Blackwings in order to build up their wining streak until the end of this season. This team has shown vast improvements in terms of their attacking prowess, which has granted them a well deserved win last week. Credits must be given to their current skipper; Faz, who has managed to guide and brought back the Green Army from a disappointing start this season. As they are now trying hard to climb the league's ranking table, who knows what this team will do to surprise us when this season ends in a few weeks from now.

Even with only 9 players available during their last week's encounter against Gracebandy! Co., they still managed to display a spectacular performance and won for the second time against Gracebandy! Co.. They really played as a team and did not show any signs of giving up despite Gracebandy! Co. has the advantage of a bigger squad in that match. The spirit shown by these lads should be an example to all players in this game, where nothing is impossible to achieve when we are willing to work hard to get it. In this week though, they might be needing more than just sheer guts as the Green Army will be on a bloodthirst to march upon the Blackwings in this tenacious clash between the two.

Players to watch (Bangi Rusty Blades) : Faz, Malik, Andy, Ayish

Players to watch (GMI Blackwings) : Azizi, Azizul

Prediction : The Green Army to walk out victorious when the final whistle is blown.

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Selangor Floorball League 2011/2012: Matchweek 14 Preview

Welcome again to the SFL 2011/2012 matchweek preview! We are now down to the 14th week of the league, yet the standings between the teams are still as dicey as ever. With the interesting match line-ups that we have for this week, satisfaction and excitement is guaranteed for those who are going to watch!

Match 1: Bangi Rusty Blade v KLIUC Griffins
(12PM - 2PM)

Having suffered a second defeat at the hands of the on-form Salibandy! Co., the Green Army will be craving for a victory against KLIUC Griffins, though doing so will not be an easy task. During their last week's match, BRB has been showing improvements in terms of their attacking line, much thanks to their new appointed coach; Suresh Subramaniam. But on the other hand, they might need to put an extra effort on their defensive line, which has been exploited by the Salibandy! Co. and had cost them dearly in that match. Credits to Andy which has shown tremendous performance and the improving Imran who is now playing in the forward line of the current squad. Against the Griffins however, they will need to find a way to stop their incoming attacks which could be very lethal should the players of the Green Army show even a bit of slackness during the match. Whatever it is, victory is a must for them to avoid from being humiliated with another whipping from the Griffins.

They have proven themselves worthy as a contender for the Super Cup after regaining their fourth position with a victory against GMI White Knights during previous week. With the whole team has shown high spirits and determination, this season could be just a right kick-start for the rise of the Griffins from their much dismayed achievement during previous season. With a new star player; Izwan who has been scoring important goals during crucial moments in most of their matches, the Griffins could sustain their ranking in the league if they managed to display the same persistence and tenacity that they have shown last week by scoring two goals in a matter of seconds. However, they should tightened up their defensive line and team play if they dream of becoming one of the 'top-notch' teams in SFL.

Players to watch (Bangi Rusty Blade) : Faz, Malik, Andy, Ayish

Players to watch (KLIUC Griffins) : Adi, Naufal, Izwan, Muhammad, Aqil

Prediction: A very tight match between both teams, but victory might be in the hands of the Griffins.

Match 2: Salibandy! Co. v Subang Rascals
(2 PM - 4 PM)

Salibandy Co. has tightened their grip and defended their current position in the league with a win against Bangi Rusty Blades during last week's match. After a vehement display of enthusiasm and performance, we could pretty much say that this team has become one of the most feared team in the league. Despite having two victories in a row, they might be having a problem for this week as they are up against the invincible Subang Rascals. As always, going up against such a team would require the lads of Salibandy Co. to play with higher aggresiveness and defense. One thing for sure, this team will be giving the Rascals a hard game to play with.

The trophy is indeed getting closer within the grasp of Subang Rascals, and within each week that has gone by, they never failed to entertain us with great floorball performance displayed by the entire squad. Be that as it may, they might be having a little problem as their goalie; Apek might not be available for this week crucial match against Salibandy Co.. But by having the experienced players in their team, they could still overcome this matter with a toughened up defensive line. Saying this, all of their players should put some extra effort to ensure that their rival for this week won't see the back of the net. At least not too much, though.

Players to watch (Salibandy Co.) : Kelson, Daniel, Terence, Ricky, Joe

Players to watch (Subang Rascal) : Dennis, Kamal, Carlos, Sjaiful

Prediction: Subang Rascals to prove their supremacy with another victory this week.

Match 3: Gang Bintang v GMI White Knights
(4 PM - 6 PM)

With a draw against the Hornets last week, Gang Bintang is now only left with the option of securing the second spot behind the Rascals, who is not showing any signs of slowing down at all this entire season. The missing of their number one keeper; Ilyaz has caused them dearly during the clash against Hornets. The presence of Ilyaz is definitely crucial for their match against GMI White Knights this week as the defensive line of the Bintang will absolutely be tested by the ravenous fellows from GMI. The performance that they have shown during the clash against Gracebandy Co. must be repeated for them to win against the White Knights.

For the second time in this season, they have been beaten by the Griffins in a highly tempo match which has caused them to lose the fourth spot in the league. Perhaps if Ilyaz is still not around this week, they could grab the chance and exploit it with great endurance and determination. As shown previously in the league, GMI White Knights is a team that could perform better under pressure, and they might just find a way to go up against Gang Bintang who will also be eager to search for a victory this match. Whatever it is, both teams will be tested greatly in this match.

Players to watch (Gang Bintang) : Khalid, Jethro, Rizal, Bob, Hafidz

Players to watch (GMI White Knights) : Penang, Bard, Amai, Shahir, Zul

Prediction : Gang Bintang to redeem themselves with a victory when the final whistle is blown.

Match 4: Joker Prodigy FC v KLIUC Hornets
(6 PM - 8 PM)

Little by little, Joker Prodigy FC has shown signs of recovery with a thunderous match against Gracebandy Co. last week. More players have shown up for the match even though it was barely enough to fill the bench. A reformation could be the only way for them to rise in this league before it is too late. They have good players who can play and lead the team well. It is crucial for these players to wake up and gather all their teammates in order for them to earn a longed victory for this match. Another reprise of losing would definitely add the suffering they have endured through out this league.

This season has seemed to be a hectic season for the Hornets. With shocking losses, unexpected wins and even unimaginable draws, Hornets have yet to show what they are capable of in this league. They were lucky enough to have a "surprise" player last week when they managed to pull a tie against Gang Bintang. This week, however, they have to find their own way as their coach, Sjaiful probably would not be around this week to guide them against Joker Prodigy FC. Better understanding among the players is indeed important as that has been proven to be the weak-link for the Hornets currently. One thing for sure, KLIUC Hornets would be eager for a victory this week in order for them to climb up the league's ranking.

Players to watch (Joker Prodigy FC) : Khairul, Amir, Erry, Naqi, Hazwan

Players to watch (KLIUC Hornets) : Azmill, Azim, Taqi, Zul, Iffat, Muiz

Prediction : The Hornets would prevail against Joker Prodigy FC for a second time this season, unless Joker Prodigy could come up with something to change that.

Match 5: GMI Blackwings v Gracebandy! Co.
(8 PM - 10 PM)

As expected last week, GMI Blackwings has lost against the Rascals, even though they still put up quite a decent fight in that match. They are young and new, but they are also a team that has shown some vast improvements throughout the league. Previously, they have startled Gracebandy! Co. with a win during their last encounter. With their current performance, they might just repeat the magic they have shown and keep the pressure on Gracebandy!. But the departure of Alissa will definitely leave a huge impact on the players of GMI Blackwings. Nonetheless, this would a chance for them to show that they are a team of players who could play in any given situations.

Having a second victory against Joker Prodigy FC last week is definitely the drive that they have been craving for after suffering two consecutive defeats in previous weeks. With the joining of Joo Min and Kendrick from Bangi Rusty Blades to their current line-up back in the window transfer period, their current attacking line has improved quite well thus making them an even formidable opponent to fight against. In this week's match, they will definitely be hungry to settle some score with the Blackwings for their defeat during the first leg of this season. We will definitely be entertained with the clash between these two teams, which promises many surprises and excitement to come.

Players to watch (GMI Blackwings) : Zizie, Azizul

Players to watch (Gracebandy! Co.) : Gerard, Phillip, Mervin, Sheeda, Kendrick

Prediction : GMI Blackwing to have a second victory against Gracebandy! Co.
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Sunday, April 15, 2012

MATCHWEEK 13 (14/4/2012)

Joker Prodigy vs Gracebandy! Co (5-7)
The match preview predicted a very exciting match week, and it did not disappoint! The first game, between Joker Prodigy and Gracebandy! Co began with a bench penalty for each side with the call of incorrect equipment. Gracebandy penalized player, Joo Minn took just 22 seconds to score when he entered the rink, to open up the scoring. Khairul of Joker responded to level up the score, but from then on, the first period was Gracebandy’s for the taking. Philip bagged two and Kendrick another while Anis of Joker was benched for an incorrect hit.
            Khairul decided to take matters into his hands with three goals in the span of three minutes to equalize with Gracebandy. Sheeda managed to pull Gracebandy ahead before the end of the second period. In the third period, Joo Minn and Kevin extended Gracebandy’s slim lead while Megat looked to get a Joker comeback with a solo goal. But more than goals, the third period was filled with bench penalties; two for each side. And when Mervin received two minutes for incorrect pushing at the last five minutes of the game, Joker failed to capitalize and the result was as such.

Man of the Match
Joker Prodigy- Khairul: Clearly Joker’s best goalscorer of the day; provided Joker with a good chance of recovery.
Gracebandy! Co- Joo Minn: A constant threat during the game and didn’t let two bench penalties hamper him from leading his leading to victory!

Gang Bintang vs KLIUC Hornets (6-6)
            Certainly the game of the week, Gang Bintang was looking for a win to stay hot on Subang Rascal’s heels, while KLIUC Hornets was looking for an upset to climb the league table. What was to come was an anything but dismal draw!
            After a goalless five minutes, ‘ace-up-the-sleeve’ Juha pulled Hornets ahead. But Gang Bintang responded immediately with a clinical goal by Anwar after being fed by Jethro (who was looking to increase his assist tally!). Later in the period, Ainur was benched for lying play, but Hornets responded in the wrong way by Faizul getting booked five seconds later for incorrect equipment. Azmill had a great first period by making a string of spectacular saves to deny Bintang a lead.
            Taqi pulled Hornets ahead, but Bintang new-girl Aisyah would have none of it as she soon replied with a goal of her own, to level the score. Taqi scored a minute after that, not wanting to keep his head down. Khalid was soon benched for protesting (what else!) but when he re-emerged, he assisted Rizal who got a brace to put Bintang ahead for the first time in the game. Muiz managed to level the game late in the period, and from then on, Bintang had to play catch-up.
            The 23’s on both sides bagged two a piece with Iffat scoring twice while Hafidz pulled Bintang back every time. In the end, the game ended as a stalemate, and Gang Bintang were left wondering if they could’ve won the game if their first-choice custodian, Ilyaaz was in the goal-crease instead of the stand-in Bob.

Man of the Match
Gang Bintang- Bob: Did enough to earn his team at least a point, and constantly proves that he can be a respectable goalie.
KLIUC Hornets- Azmill: Kept Bintang at bay throughout the whole game and a fantastic show during the first period truly showed why he is touted to be the next national keeper.

GMI Blackwings vs Subang Rascals (3-18)
            This game was to see a lot of goals, and it was expected that Subang Rascals would walk away with an easy victory, but GMI Blackwings certainly didn’t sit down and let Rascals walk over them. Having said that, the first two periods belonged to Rascals, with seven goals on each period and absolutely no goals conceded. Apek was literally untested.
            Snake and Kamal scored a hat trick during the first two periods while Dennis bagged five and Harri netted a brace. Many would argue, however, that Rascals should’ve scored so much more to truly reflect their possession and the amount of opportunities they possessed.
            The third period was when things started stirring up. The Blackwing coaches truly did well in encouraging the team and they opened up their scoring within 7 seconds of the start. Harri, Kamal, Dennis and skipper Sjaiful got a goal in to extend their lead and dampen Blackwings’ spirit, but Arif of Blackwings managed to pull back two consolation goals late in the period. Blackwings truly got their game started too late and had no chance of retaining any points for this game as Rascals continued their goal glut.

Man of the Match
GMI Blackwings: Azizi: The goalkeeper showed in the third period that he has the determination to do anything, despite conceding in abundance in the first two periods.
Subang Rascals: Dennis: The centre dictated most of the game from top to bottom and managed to bag an astounding six goals.

GMI White Knights vs KLIUC Griffins (7-9)
            Certainly a contender for game of the week, GMI White Knights was looking to retain the 4th spot ahead of arch rivals KLIUC Griffins. However, the Griffins had another idea in mind, and almost immediately took the lead via Aqil. After almost half  a period, White Knight scored a brace in 20 seconds. Griffins replied with two goals of their own in 10 seconds! But White Knights managed to equalize before the end of the period.
            Griffins began the second period with flare, scoring 4 in a row with Muhammad and Humaidi involved in two goals each. Things got even worse for White Knights when the referees (Jethro and Snake) gave Shahir a 5-minute bench penalty for dangerous play. However, the skipper Aizuddin led his temporarily handicapped team to maintain no concession and even scored two in the process. Iwan of Griffins pulled on back for the away team before the second interval.
            White Knights hit the ground running in the third period with Amarul and Shahir inching the home team closer to Griffins score. But Iwan, as he did in the second period, had the final say when it came to goals, to extend Griffins lead with 14 minutes to go. In the last 10 minutes, though, Amir and Hanan received delayed bench penalties for too many players on the rink and repeated offences respectively. Unfortunately, White Knights again showed that they could perform better under pressure instead of at ease-scoring when they where a player down but not when they had an extra player on two separate occasions-even when they brought in an outfield player in exchange for their goalie in the last minute. It certainly was a valiant effort by White Knights, but proved to be ‘too little, too late’ as Griffins managed to hold onto their lead.

Man of the Match
GMI White Knights- Bard: Showed impressive tenacity to constantly press and chase down every ball, intelligently reading the play to find weakness. Reminded me of Zahir during his first season that impressed Dennis to recruit him to Subang Rascals.
KLIUC Griffins- Iwan: Lead a very strong offensive line that saw the winners score vital goals to claim the win.

Bangi Rusty Blade vs Salibandy! Co
            As predicted, Salibandy! Co managed to inch out a victory in a tightly contested match, despite Bangi Rusty Blade still feeling the pinch after the transfer window. Salibandy trying to catch up with the clear-cut leaders and hoping for them to slip up. They will be looking for a win against Subang Rascals, which is no easy task.

The top three teams retain their spots despite a minor hiccup by reigning champions Gang Bintang. KLIUC Griffins managed to usurp GMI White Knights for the fourth spot; clearly fighting hard to grab that 4th stop and a contention spot for the Super Cup. Despite falling down the pecking order of the standings, KLIUC Hornets are clearly not going to dwell on the past as they are still fighting for a much higher spot. Gracebandy! Co’s win leapfrogged them one spot up and they will be looking for a comfortable mid-table position to not repent for some of their bad performances before. Subang Rascals are on course to achieving the 300-goal target made by fellow Rascal Arizal. They have scored 221 goals in 12 games-averaging out at 18 goals a game-and are looking to capsize at least 5 out of the next 6 games to confirm their maiden title.
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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Selangor Floorball League 2011/2012: Matchweek 13 Preview

After a long week of work and rest, it is time for yet again another interesting and heart-throbbing matchweek of the SFL 2011/2012. We have come to the thirteenth week of the league and by looking at the standings so far, I might say that things are definitely just about to get even better and better. Most of the matches have become harder to predict the outcomes, and all of us might be surprised when the curtain of this season has been pulled down.

Match 1: Joker Prodigy FC v Gracebandy Co.
(12PM - 2PM)

As we might recall, the match between Joker Prodigy against Gang Bintang before the two weeks of the season holidays was an admirable match as Joker Prodigy players who turned up for that match have fought gallantly and managed to subdue Gang Bintang to only score 10 goals. Moving on to the last week's match when they were up against their arch-rival; Bangi Rusty Blades, they still managed to lessened the goals scored by the Rusty Blades from reaching a double digit despite having only six players (thankfully, this time that number did not includes their two goalies as well). With their upcoming match against Gracebandy Co., a revolution should be made among their players should they wish not to endure another loss against Gracebandy Co. They are a group that have once caused an uproar by defeating Bangi Rusty Blades, and they really need to work on that attitude and performance for the match against Gracebandy Co.

Even though they have given their best last week, but going up against the improved Gang Bintang has turned out to be too much to handle for the Gracebandy Co., as they loss with 16 - 3 on the scoreline. The most important for them to do right now is to get their on form back and try as hard as they can to win this battle against Joker Prodigy FC, who are also seem eager to  set their tracks back on this league. Again, a dire need for a proper coach is indeed crucial in times such as this. With players such as Philip, Gerard, Ros and Sheeda they just might be able to grasp this match in their hands, and not to mention their current goalie as well, who have been guarding the goalpost with tremendous effort and performance. Who knows? Lady Victory might once again smile upon them.

Players to watch (Joker Prodigy FC) : Amir, Erry, Wan, Naqi

Players to watch (Gracebandy Co.)   : Gerard, Philip, Sheeda, Ros, Mervin

Prediction: A tight match to be expected, but Gracebandy Co. might walk out as the winners.

Match 2: Gang Bintang v KLIUC Hornets
(2 PM - 4 PM)

With a spectacular performance shown by Gang Bintang on their previous encounter against  Gracebandy Co., one might say that they are definitely a team to be feared of. With great passes and team play performance, it could be their way of saying that they are still in for the top spot of the league. However, it is known to all that whenever Gang Bintang are going up against the Hornets, it would be one hell of an unpredictable match with the results were often  surprising. On their previous clash between the two, KLIUC Hornets was almost on the brink of victory until Gang Bintang managed to equalize the scoreline, thus ending the match with a draw. On this week's match however, mercy will absolutely not be given to KLIUC Hornets as Gang Bintang is now on a road to defend their title in this league.

Woed by yet another defeat last week against White Knights, KLIUC Hornets is now desperate to search for a victory in order for them to get into the top four rankings. Even though their match against GMI White Knights was considered 'worthy of a cup final' as the magnitude of the match added with the thundering cheer from the supporters has made the encounter a memorable match for the players of both teams, but apparently that alone is not enough for the Hornets to repeat their achievement of the last season. The entire team of KLIUC Hornets should work to their last breath in order for them to sustain Gang Bintang from walking away with yet another victory.

*rumors has it that KLIUC Hornets will be playing with a new additional member to their squad. Is it true?

Players to watch (Gang Bintang) : Khalid, Jethro, Bob, Hafidz, Afiq John, Ghaffur

Players to watch (KLIUC Hornets) : Azmill, Azim, Taqi, Muiz, Zul, Iffat

Prediction: Unless the Hornets could come up with a surprise under their sleeves, Gang Bintang would continue their winning streak for this leg of the season.

Match 3: Subang Rascal v GMI Blackwings
(4 PM - 6 PM)

As predicted, the Rascals has prevailed against KLIUC Griffins on their previous encounter last week with a very big margin on the scoreboard. With that, Subang Rascal has become an absolute formidable force thus having the league's trophy within their grasp. Against the lads from GMI Blackwings, we can be certain that this encounter will be totally different compared to their first clash back in February as Blackwings have proven they are not a team that should be taken lightly.

GMI Blackwings is a team that has shown strong will, determination and perseverance throughout the season. Looking on their last confrontation last week when they were up against Salibandy! Co., they have led the first period with 4 - 1. Unfortunately, they failed to maintain the lead when Salibandy! Co. retaliated with ferocious intensity and won the match by 5 - 8. To add up to their misery, they have to go up against one of the titan in this league that is Subang Rascals. Perhaps with their strong determination that they have constantly display in this league, they could somehow turn this encounter into an exciting and thrilling match this time.

Players to watch (Subang Rascal) : Kamal, Sjaiful, Dennis, Henrik, Snake, Dennis

Players to watch (GMI Blackwings) : Zizie, Ejal, Azizi

Prediction: Subang Rascal might have a tough time facing the lads of GMI Blackwings, nonetheless victory will be theirs to conquer.

Match 4: KLIUC Griffins v GMI White Knights
(6 PM - 8 PM)

The match between these two sides will definitely be the highlight of this week. With the Griffins eager to take back their spot on the top four ranking of the league, GMI White Knights would also be fighting with everything they have to maintain their current position after defeating KLIUC Hornets on the previous week. With only seven matches left on the league's fixture, the Griffins would be desperate to secure their place in the Super Cup. Improvements in terms of tactical play should be revised by the whole team as that is currently their main problem. As for the players, they are definitely growing and becoming better floorball players with promising future for each of them.

After their epic match against KLIUC Hornets last week, they will be playing with full-frontal to defend their position in the league currently. Famous for their fast paced game play and tenacious players, they might just have a better chance at winning the match this week. But again, experience among squad members of both teams will be crucial in order for them to top one another this second time. A reminder though, that White Knights will also be keen on vengeance against Griffins for their loss during their previous encounter. One thing that we can be sure of is that this clash will be filled with jaw dropping actions from both teams.

Players to watch (KLIUC Griffins) : Adi, Naufal, Mat, Medi, Amirul, Izwan, Aiz, Faisal

Players to watch (GMI White Knights) : Amai, Shahir, Bard, Penang

Prediction: A classic match between two rivals, but the one that shall stand might be Griffins. Though a draw would make things become even more interesting.

Match 5: Bangi Rusty Blades v Salibandy! Co.
(8 PM - 10 PM)

"The Green Army". It has been awhile since they were last called by that name. With a reviving win against Joker Prodigy FC last week, the Green Army will definitely be eager for more blood from their opponents. With new coaching from Mr. Suresh, they have been playing better and more effectively as a team than they ever did in this entire season during last week. What they have shown while playing against Joker Prodigy has reminded me why they were called The Green Army in the first place. With better and more organized both in their attacking and defensive lines, they will definitely demand for a retribution from Salibandy! Co., where they have loss against during their previous battle. Also, rumors has it that apparently there will be a surprise in their current line up during this week's match. We will all be eager to see what they have got to show to the league this week.

As for Salibandy! Co., they are doing a decent job in sustaining their current ranking in the league. With a formidable attacking and defensive line, down to the goalie, they are a team that has given quite a hard time for the titans; Subang Rascals and Gang Bintang in this season. Players such as Terence and Kel Sern will be an important piece for the team in order to win against the rising Rusty Blades. They could even perhaps repeat their victory against BRB for a  second time in this league.

Players to watch (Bangi Rusty Blades) : Faz, Malik, Ayish

Players to watch (Salibandy! Co.) : Alvin, Terence, Kel Sern, Song Sing

Prediction: Both teams will be having a hard time against one another, but Salibandy! Co. will prevail when the final whistle is blown.

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Selangor Floorball League 2011/2012: Matchweek 12 Preview

Finally! After a long and arduous two weeks without any league actions, SFL 2011/2012 returns with yet another exciting week and highly anticipated matches. We are hoping to see the rejuvenated players from all teams to give their best performance for another fun and happening week of SFL 2011/2012. And perhaps some drama.

Match 1: Gang Bintang v Gracebandy Co.
(12PM - 2PM)

With the new addition to their current squad during the controversial window transfer period; Afiq John and Mohd Hafidz, Gang Bintang has prevailed easily against Joker Prodigy FC who barely managed to appear with only six players of their team, and that includes their goalie as well. Perhaps with these new members of their team, Gang Bintang would have a chance to step up their bid to defend the title with improved team play, skills and power that their new players have to offer. Against Gracebandy Co., they should keep up and try to improve their performance in order to maintain their current position in the league and continue their winning streak for as long as possible.

As for Gracebandy Co., the results of their previous matches have been a topsy-turvy ride on the roller-coaster. After their last draw against BRB, their results have been going down the hill with losses against both Subang Rascals and their "sister" team Salibandy Co. But still Gracebandy Co. has shown a lot of potential and promises to offer for this league. They might even give Gang Bintang a hard time in this upcoming week.

Players to watch (Gang Bintang): Khalid, Jethro, Illyaz, Bob, Hafidz, Afiq John

Players to watch (Gracebandy Co.): Gerard, Philip, Sheeda, Mervin

Prediction: Gang Bintang to come out with victory against Gracebandy Co.

Match 2: Bangi Rusty Blade v Joker Prodigy FC
(2PM - 4PM)

With the departure of their founder and mentor, Hafidz and a few other players, Bangi Rusty Blade is expected to go through a very hard time throughout the remainder of this season. However, they have put up a decent performance when going up against GMI White Knights, albeit luck wasn't  on their side when BRB could only manage to grab a draw against them. Hopefully after the holidays, the new BRB under the leadership of Faz could rise up and redeem their honor against Joker Prodigy FC, in which they have lost against during their previous encounter. In addition, they have appointed national team manager, Suresh Subramaniam as their interim coach for the remaining of the season. One must expect to see better and improved team plays for this new Bangi Rusty Blade squad.

The team that has been in a total woe due to the lack of commitment from their players must muster up everything that they have in order to keep competing in this league. Joker Prodigy must ensure that they will never pull-out from a game ever again, as what happened when they were supposed to go up against KLIUC Griffins during matchweek 10 of this season. Players such as Erry, Amir, and Hazwan should call upon their team's discipline for this match and the upcoming ones. And this should be done immediately.

Players to watch (Bangi Rusty Blades) : Malik, Faz

Players to watch (Joker Prodigy): Ery, Amir, Hazwan

Prediction: Unless Joker Prodigy could come up with a surprise, Bangi Rusty Blade will have their revenge for their last encounter.

Match 3: KLIUC Griffins v Subang Rascals
(4PM - 6PM)

After a very disappointing tie against GMI Blackwings, now Griffins would have to defend against the ever invincible titans of this season, Subang Rascals. Against all odds, KLIUC Griffins should work thoroughly on their defense and play with their hearts out in order to play against the Rascals. Careless mistakes such as the one that had caused them the match against Blackwings should not be repeated. As a team that shows a lot of promise and potential, the Griffins could even give a hard time for the team that hasn't been defeated this season. But that is only if they could get back on form and show the same tenacity that they have earlier this season.

Subang Rascals, "the Mighty Rascals", nothing much could be said about this team, really. Except that they are absolutely on a roll in this season and seem to be almost omnipotent with the gravity of their performance in every matches that they have played. Against the improving Griffins, experienced players of their team should come up with something in order to sustain their tenacious opponent in this match. They might want to improve their record from their last clash against the Griffins, where they managed to score 14 goals during that match.

Players to watch (KLIUC Griffins): Adi, Naufal, Mat, Medi, Izwan, Aiz

Players to watch (Subang Rascals): Kamal, Sjaiful, Dennis, Henrik, Snake

Prediction: Subang Rascals to tighten their grip on the league's trophy for this season.

Match 4: GMI White Knights v KLIUC Hornets
(6PM - 8PM)

"The most energetic team in the league" is what they are well-known of. With swift and strong players, they are definitely one of the teams predicted to reach the top four position in the league by the end of this season. With most of their players able release shots from the center court, they are definitely a force to be reckoned with in this league, and most definitely will give a tough time for the Hornets. They would be desperate to grab a victory against KLIUC Hornets in order for them to sustain their current ranking in the league.

As for KLIUC Hornets, having suffered a defeat against Subang Rascals during matchweek 11 will urge them to come out as the victors in this second encounter against the White Knights. With the leaving of Afiq John to join Gang Bintang, the current players of KLIUC Hornets must step up with better team play quality to fill in the gap left by him. Perhaps with the new promising player; Zul, Hornets might still have a chance to compete in the Super Cup should they be able to turn the tides against GMI White Knights in this upcoming matchweek. That is to say, they are able to play effectively as a team against the hellbent White Knights who are also eager to seek another valuable two points for their team.

Players to watch (GMI White Knights): Amai, Shahir, Bard, Penang

Players to watch (KLIUC Hornets): Azim, Azmill, Taqi, Muiz, Yoyo, Dyla

Prediction: This is a tough one to decide, but the final whistle might just end with a victory for KLIUC Hornets.

Match 5: GMI Blackwings v Salibandy Co.
(8 PM - 10PM)

Considering their results so far in this season, GMI Blackwings has surprised teams such as Hornets and Griffins by bringing them down with a tie. With most of their players barely started joining floorball for the past few months, this team has a very bright future ahead of them should they continue their pace and keep improving from time to time. Based on their last performance against KLIUC Griffins which ended with a draw, GMI Blackwings has improved much since their last encounter against Salibandy Co., thus a very fierce match between both teams can be expected on this upcoming week. However, the setback could be the departure of their coach, Alissa Rode, who has returned to Singapore. She has lent many great advises to the young Blackwings. Now, it is up to Aizuddin Akmal, who has been in Blackwings' bench every now and then, to carry the coaching task.

After a triumph against Gracebandy Co. during the previous matchweek, Salibandy Co. would be eager to continue their on-form performance and with players such as Terence, Alvin, Kelson and Song Sing,  they should be able to have a second victory against GMI Blackwings. Added with their tremendous shooting ability, victory would be very close for them to grasp. Still, constant vigilance should be kept when going up against the fellows from GMI as they have improved splendidly in just a short period of time. What I can say is this is going to be one hell of a match.

Players to watch (GMI Blackwings): Zizie, Ejal, Azizi

Players to watch (Salibandy Co.): Alvin, Terence, Kelson, Song Sing

Prediction: A victory for Salibandy Co., but not without a decent retaliation from GMI Blackwings
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