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Friday, January 27, 2012

Selangor Floorball League 2011/2012 Matchweek 4 Preview

Selangor Floorball League 2011/2012 Matchweek 4 Preview

SFL 11/12 resumes back for another 3 pulsating and entertaining floorball matches.

28 January 2012

Match 1: Bangi Rusty Blade vs. Joker Prodigy (6pm-8pm)

Bangi Rusty Blade will go into this match as the heavy favourites with players firing from all cylinders as shown from their previous match against Hornets. BRB will stay true to their strength which is all round play and this will cause lots of problem for Joker to handle. Hafidz, Faz, and Ayish will again be the central point for the team and as expected will lead to team for another victory.

Joker Prodigy had shown a lot of guts and determination by drawing 5-5 against GMI Blackwings even though they only played with 4 outfield players all throughout the match. But this time they will need all the support needed as BRB is another level up from their previous opponents. Players like Amir Pandora and Ery need to step up and lead the charge for the team against a very determined BRB side.

Players to watch (Bangi Rusty Blade): Hafidz, Kendrick, Joo Min, Faz
Players to watch (Joker Prodigy): Amir Pandora, Ery

Prediction: A convincing win for Bangi Rusty Blade on the cards

Match 2: Gang Bintang vs Gracebandy (8pm-10pm)

The defending champions will be gunning for another win to keep pace with the current leader Subang Rascals. They will have their works cut out as they will face the struggling Gracebandy. Current SFL all-time high scorer, Khalid and current SFL all-time assist leader, Jet will again be the central point of the team aided by the ever dependable GB line-up. Gang Bintang is expected to continue their amazing run of form into this match and we could see a huge margin of victory is everything goes to plan.

Gracebandy are one of the few struggling team going into their third match. Glimpse of revival looks unlikely as they will be facing the defending champion Gang Bintang. Influential players like Phillip, Gerrard and Melvin will need to step on the plate and galvanised the team. They will have to be tight all around the court and treat the game as a cup tie in order to stop Gang Bintang from playing their usual game.

Players to watch (Gang Bintang): Khalid, Jethro, Rizal, Anwar, Gafur
Players to watch (Gracebandy): Phillip, Gerrard, Melvin, Sheeda

Prediction: Unless Gracebandy produce an inspiring performance, its business as usual for Gang Bintang with an easy win

Match 3: GMI Blackwings vs Salibandy Co! (10pm-12am)

GMI Blackwings will go into this game needing a crucial confidence building win against the more highly rated Salibandy Co!. This season will be a learning curve for the team but that does not mean they will be the whooping boys of the season. Each player from Blackwings need to step up and show what they are made of lead by players such as Zizie, Ejal and Azizi. With the correct tactics and correct attitude they could just spring a surprise in this game.

Salibandy Co! will be the bookies favourite to win this game but that count for nothing if they produce a lacklustre performance in this match against Blackwings. They will again rely on their fast game as their main arsenal of choice. Alvin and Terence will need to be on top form and carry the team forward as usual. The only worries might be the defense but if they defended collectively they be able to produce some sterling display of floorball.

Players to watch (GMI Blackwings): Zizie, Ejal, Azizi
Players to watch (Salibandy Co!): Alvin, Terence, Kelson, Song Sing

Prediction: A tight game on the cards with the result going Salibandy Co! in a narrow margin win

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