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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Selangor Floorball Ladies' League 2011 Week 2 Preview

After a successful launch of the new Selangor Floorball Ladies' League, we have seen one of the finest and competitive ladies matches in Selangor floorball history. As we enter week 2, one will only anticipate what these teams have in store for us.

FOXY BLIZZARDS VS tyttöbandy!Co (11PM-1PM)

Match 1 of week 2 sees Foxy Blizzards and tyttöbandy!Co trying to battle out and draw a closer margin to league leaders, Gang Bintang. Both teams had a dominant win over their fellow Selangor counterparts in week 1 despite losing to Gang Bintang and Penang respectively.

Foxy Blizzards came close to getting a draw against Gang Bintang in week 1 but were humbled at the final whistle is going all-out for the kill against tyttöbandy!Co. tyttöbandy!Co on the other hand, played stronger and much solid in their 2nd game against Her-ricanes will be hoping to continue their winning run.

Critics will be expecting a close encounter between these two teams, but it was predicted that tyttöbandy!Co may claim the valuable 3 points.


Her-ricanes did not have a successful week 1 encounter as they were overpowered badly by Penang and tyttöbandy!Co. One can only blame their understrength team in terms of numbers though their goalkeeper, Nadiana Najib was rather impressive in the two games. They are hoping to give a good fight to Gang Bintang in their 3rd game.

Gang Bintang, boosted by their championship winning management staffs, is hoping to see out this game with a win. They are hoping to continue the legacy of their men's team who has been the dominant force in Men's league for two seasons. With the players having rich field hockey skills and experience, they are more into possession-play instead of the goal-glutter style of the men's team. The win over Penang and Foxy Blizzards will give an extra confidence for Gang Bintang to extend the lead in the table.

Critics predict it will be a walk in the park for Gang Bintang in this game.
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