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Saturday, November 27, 2010

SFA Player Interview: Jethro Wong

Jethro (right) in a friendly match against Singapore ITE in June 2010
Player Factfile:

Name: Jethro Wong Siew Weng
Position: Centre/Forward
Grip: Right
D.O.B: 23 August 1990
Club(s): Gang Bintang (2009-present)
Salibandy!Co. (2008-2009)
Honours: Selangor Floorball League 2009 Winners

One of the well-known players in the SFL and everyone calls him "Jet". The cheeky, young Gang Bintang skipper, Jethro Wong shared his thoughts on the new season as well as his tough task in leading the defending champions to glory again. Hafidz, our SFA reporter managed to get him for an interview and here is what Jethro has to say.

Hafidz's Interview with Jethro
SFA: Hi Jethro, thank you for agreeing to have this interview with us.

Jethro: My pleasure, it is an honor to share my thoughts with you.

SFA: 8 teams this season, 14 weeks of games!!! What do you expect?

Jethro: It will definitely be challenging and intense ; both physically and mentally. This shows how SFL has improved within just a year. I would be expecting even more teams to participate in the near future. But in the meantime, I can’t wait for the upcoming season.

SFA: Playing at the new arena (Shah Alam), what is your opinion about this court?

Jethro: I played on this court few times before, the condition is about the same as our previous venue and it is a suitable place to host SFL 2010/2011. Plus, the large stands can allow us to invite many spectators to watch the matches as well ! (hints to all players)
Gang Bintang Championship Winning Squad 2009

SFA: Some rumors have been heard that you will go to Bangi Rusty Blade. Are you willing to move from Gang Bintang to join them?

Jethro: Well, I don’t have any intentions in moving to any clubs at the moment. I like Gang Bintang’s playing style and my teammates are really nice to me. And Khalid trusts me enough to hand me the captain’s armband despite spending only one season in the club. So, it is a great honor to be playing alongside him and the whole team.

SFA :What do you think about the league title? Which team will be a title contender?

Jethro: The upcoming season will be a fierce title race. Besides the BIG TWO (Gang Bintang and Subang Rascals), I can see Bangi Rusty Blade and Salibandy!Co. stepping up the challenge and are well-organized in their attacking/defensive plays. It would be a serious competition between these four clubs in competing for the title. Apart from them, the other teams might pull off some big surprise in important matches too. So, this will be an exciting edition that I’ll be looking forward to.

SFA: As a captain of Gang Bintang, your team is defending the title this coming season. Are they still going to try bringing imported players from others league to achieve this?

Jethro: At the moment, we are still sticking to most of the players from last season; both domestic and imported players. But I would say that our domestic players will perform better compared to last season after our exposure to the very first SFL. After all, you have to learn from experience.

SFA: There were some rumors that other teams in SFL will get their imported players, what do you think?

Jethro: It is good that teams are bringing in imported players to the league in order to raise competitiveness in achieving their ambition of winning the title. But I believe every team should focus on developing their domestic players and maintaining the balance of the team, and not relying heavily on imported players. Apart from that, I am glad and looking forward to greater challenges.

SFA: Your Ex Captain (Sjaiful) has transferred to your rival club Subang Rascals. What do you feel when you and other mates will play against him at SFL?

Jethro: No hard feelings towards him of course, he has expressed his desire to leave the club for a good cause and we respect his decision. After all, we are still friends. But playing against him would be one of the biggest challenges we will face as a team because he basically knows most of our plays and without any doubt in mind, he is a really good floorball player and I look up to him for that. So, he will be one of the threats when Gang Bintang meets Subang Rascals.

SFA: Last word from you to get preparing for SFL 2010/2011?

Jethro: Practice right makes perfect and play with a good attitude. =)

Interview by: Hafidz
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Friday, November 26, 2010

JACT Junior 2010

I know I am about 2 weeks late, but oh well, it is better late than never. (Haha!) JACT Junior 2010 was a blast 2 weeks ago (14 November 2010) and many of us have seen the passion and excitement these young participants have shown while they are playing floorball.

Special thanks to AMSA Sports who have been actively involved in the development of these young players and Selangor Floorball Association appreciates all the hardwork and effort given by AMSA and those who volunteered to help in this successful event.

A little introduction to this event: It was a 4-on-4 tournament comprises of 2 categories; Primary school and Secondary school. 7 minutes per half (two halves) and standard IFF rules applied (except for jerseys). It was held in our new homeground for Selangor Floorball League in the volleyball hall of Section 19, Shah Alam, and some SFA officials managed to find the place without getting lost. Good job guys ! (Haha.)

Suresh and the teams of
Secondary School Category
The tournament was displayed with tremendous performance by all participants and the crowd was cheering for every team during the tournament. There were many interesting and wonderful goals, slick dribbling skills etc. Those who have missed it, then you better not miss next year's edition !

On behalf of Selangor Floorball Association, I would like to thank Gilbert, person-in-charge of AMSA, AMSA Sports, and the rest of the organizing team for putting this tournament a grand success. SFA will be there to support AMSA Sports in whichever way that we could in the further development of the youth in Selangor floorball.

So, like I have mentioned above, those who have missed it this year, you better not miss it again next year !

Pictures and videos can be watched in the links provided below:

AMSA Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000871916729

Jethro's Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jethro23/sets/72157625399370334/

Participants Warming Up Before The Game -

Primary School Final (Part of it) -

Written by: Jethro Wong
Source: AMSA
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Sunday, November 21, 2010

SFL 2010/2011 Team Review - Gracebandy!Co.

Another newcomer in the Selangor Floorball League 2010/2011; Gracebandy!Co. is another breakthrough in Selangor floorball as the team is preparing for the league. Having the privilege to train with them for the past few months, it is no doubt that Gracebandy!Co. can pull off a big upset to one of the experienced teams in the league.

Gracebandy!Co. squad of 2010/2011
(part of them)
The club was established in 2009 and separating from Salibandy!Co., its parent club in SFL 2009. The club's main reason in going independent is to promote floorball in Subang Jaya, Shah Alam and USJ area. They first started off at a public futsal court in USJ as there were no other suitable places around. However, they have succeeded in securing the Volleyball Hall in Section 19 of Shah Alam which has also become the homeground of SFA for its major floorball events.

The name "Grace" in Gracebandy!Co. is because most players are from Grace Shah Alam, a church in the area, and they want to play floorball gracefully while Co. stands for action and "Christian Organization" is similar to Salibandy!Co. and Innebandy!Co. (Penang).

First floorball session at USJ in 2009
In mid-2010, AMSA Floorball had agreed to sponsor Gracebandy!Co. in its floorball equipment and jersey under floorball manufacturer, Blast. This proves to be a huge step for the club in its short period of establishment.

The club is led by their skipper, Philip, and they believed the club's primary goal is to becoming the best debutant in the upcoming league. A personal message from Gerard, the founder of Gracebandy!Co,

"We want to face the other teams in the league with courage and humility and respect for their passion in floorball. Wasn't easy for each team in the league as each had their own hurdles but finally the league is here and we wish them all the best in the league and their further promotion of the sport in Klang Valley."
- Gerard Ang, Gracebandy!Co. 

According to critic, Gracebandy!Co. consists of many talented players and the contribution from its experienced players will help the club to grow competitively. Their chances in the title contention are slimmer compared to the experienced teams, but they are expected to finish the season at the mid-table position.

Gracebandy!Co. will begin its debut in the league against KLIUC Hornets, the 4th placed team in SFL 2009, on Matchday 1 (18 December 2010).

Written by: Jethro Wong
Source: Gerard Ang
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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

SFL 2010/2011 Team Review - Salibandy!Co.

Salibandy means “floorball” in Finnish. and CO. means “Christ’s Organization”. Salibandy!Co. has been one of the most active clubs, not only in Selangor, but probably even in Malaysia. They have participated in tournaments held in Selangor and Penang for a number of years already. The 2nd runner-up of last season is our SFA “Team of the Week” as we count down to Selangor Floorball 2010/2011.

Founded by Malaysian international player, Deswyn Wan of Innebandy!Co.(Penang) in 2005. This club is an affiliation of Tunku Abdul Rahman College (TARC) Christian Fellowship as a part of their sports ministry.

The team is led by their skipper, Gan Kel Sern, who is known as a quick player by many players in Selangor. When asked about Salibandy!Co.’s objectives for this season, he said, “Our goal this year is to do our best in every game and play with good sportsmanship. Yes we need much improvement on the latter but we’ll try to get there as soon as possible.” He also hopes that Salibandy!Co. will be give other teams in the SFL a surprise, and a good surprise since the club has already started their training sessions for the league.

The club has recruited many young talented players and will be giving them the opportunity to play in the upcoming league. They believe in encouragement and opportunity, so everybody gets to play in Salibandy!Co.

According to critic, Salibandy!Co. has improved a lot in their tactical plays but still expect to see their defence to be much organized compared to the previous season. Salibandy!Co. is definitely one of the contenders for the SFL title.

Salibandy!Co. will face SFL new boys, GMI White Knights in their opening match on 18 December 2010.

Written by: Jethro Wong
Source: Gan Kel Sern
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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

SFL 2010/2011 Team Review - GMI White Knights

In the English dictionary, Knight (naɪt) simply means “A defender, champion, or zealous upholder of a cause or principle. A team who has no experienced players in the squad will begin their journey in Selangor floorball soon and could change the course of the game in years to come. GMI White Knights is one of the underdogs in the upcoming Selangor Floorball League (SFL) season and will be featured in this week’s Selangor Floorball Association team review.

GMI White Knights is a newly established team. They were established in late 2009 by Mohd. Hafidz.,one of the pioneers in introducing floorball within local institutions; KLIUC is one of his most successful developments.

GMI White Knights squad 2010/2011
The team is led by their skipper, Ridha Hafidz who has grown great interest in the sport and stepped up the challenge to lead his very first floorball team. According to Mohd. Hafidz, “GMI is a team who has a superb team spirit as well as very good in discipline.” He was impressed with the training and effort each GMI White Knights players give and is relieved that this young floorball team is taking up the challenge to face the experienced team in the upcoming SFL.

According to critic, GMI plays rough tactical plays; they are brave in challenging for possessions and well-organized in defence. They could bring surprises to the opposition in their counterattack and should not be underestimated by experienced teams in the upcoming SFL.

"SFL 2010/2011 - bring it on!"
This coming SFL will be GMI’s first official league and they are targeting to finish in the top 5 of the league. With some experiences in the previous tournaments, like the Pre-League 4 on 4 tournament at UM in July 2010, we believe they are matured in skills and tactical wise, and their target could be achievable as long as their mind is set towards it.

The Knights will face an uphill task in their season opener against Salibandy!Co., the 2nd runner-up in last season’s SFL.

Written by: Jethro Wong
Source: Mohd. Hafidz, Huzairyazlan John

*Click on pictures to enlarge
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