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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Recap of SFL 2009

As the new season is drawing closer, let us recap on the key highlights of last season. Picture tells a thousand words. (Click on picture to enlarge)

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

An Interview with Hafidz (Bangi Rusty Blade)

Name : Mohd. Hafidz Zainal Abidin

Position : Defender

Grip : Right

D.O.B : 15.10.1984

Club(s): Bangi Rusty Blade (2010-)
Z-Tec 8cers (loan - 2009)
KLIUC Griffins (2009-2010)

National Team: Malaysia (2008 -)

Recently, the editor of Selangor Floorball League managed to catch up with Hafidz, one of the most respectable players and founder of most of the clubs in the league, for an interview. We are inspired by his works in promoting floorball around the institutions in Selangor.

The editor's interview with Hafidz

SFL: Hi Hafidz, this is the first interview out of more to come that we will be conducting, as we want to know more about your opinion on the upcoming season.

Congratulations in pioneering and forming 4 out of 8 teams in the league, what is your secret driving force behind the successful establishments of these 4 clubs (KLIUC Hornets, Griffins, GMI White Knights, Bangi Rusty Blade) ?

Hafidz : Hi and thanks, actually I don’t have much secret in doing all this. I just “minimize the discussion and maximize the work”, and the key point here is, you should be honest with whatever you do.

SFL: With the season is just less than 2 months away, do you think all the teams participating in the Selangor Floorball League 2010 will be ready and fit for the intensive 14-week back-to-back challenge?

Hafidz: Comparing with the previous season, they have an experience on how to set up the team such as training and pre-season friendly match. Hopefully all the players will be mentally and physically ready.

SFL: Gang Bintang and Subang Rascals are always the favourites to challenge for the title, what advices can you give to the other 6 teams in posing threat to these two clubs ?

Hafidz: "Favourites" don’t mean they will win the league. With a good attitude and tactical, I’m sure all the other teams will do better if they have these elements. And I’m sure that teams such as Bangi Rusty Blade, KLIUC Hornets and Salibandy!Co. will also be the title contender and KLIUC Griffins, GMI White Knights and Gracebandy!Co. will give a good spirit against any opponents they meet. Especially GMI White Knights, I personally think that they are a team that have a very good discipline.

SFL: Your club, Bangi Rusty Blade, managed to hold the champions 7-7 in your first pre-season game, is it what you have expected or something that has surprised you? And why?

Hafidz: I don’t care with the result, what WE expected was just to give a good game with the superb tactical, discipline, and physical. All these things will be our objective of pre-season match by doing well in the league and win it.

SFL: With Sjaiful and Arizal have left Gang Bintang for Subang Rascals and KLIUC Hornets respectively, and both as we all agreed that they have been playing a key defensive role in the championship win last season, will it going to jeopardize their title defence? And why?

Hafidz: Big NO NO!!! To have a good team is not defined by the number of good players, but is to remain confident and discipline at all times. No surprise at all if they still can play well with the current disposal or adding up new players as long as they have good confidence and discipline.

SFL: KLIUC Hornets were the underdogs last season, in your opinion, which team will be the underdog for this coming season? And why?

Hafidz: I prefer all teams to be the underdog. It is because in the Selangor Floorball League, we develop to achieving a high level quality game.

SFL: Any predictions on how the league will end ?

Hafidz: I don’t talk about predictions. Thank you. I just want all teams to give their good performance.

SFL: Which player has impressed you the most so far, whether it is in the league or pre-season friendly? And why?

Hafidz: I've identified a lot of players that will have good potential in the future. I can’t name all of them here. But the main ones are Malik, Naqi, Hairee, Amir, Huzairyazlan (Bangi Rusty Blade), Anwar, Jethro, Song Sing, Shareena (Gang Bintang), Fazrullah and Ahmed (KLIUC Griffin), Taqi, Faiz, Azmill, Iffat , Azim, Muiz, Alea, Mira and Zuhri (KLIUC Hornets), Snake and Zahir (Subang Rascals) , Andy and Jonathan (Salibandy!Co.) , Ridha, Bard and Haris ( GMI White Knights) . This is because I’ve seen great determination in their eyes.

SFL: Apart from the league, what is your personal vision in the years to come for the sport in Selangor? Any objectives or goals that you have been aiming for?

Hafidz: My vision is to make SFL as The Best League in ASIA. And my objective is to set up all places and IPTA/IPTS have their own teams with a high level assistance by the others.

The editor of SFL would like to thank Hafidz for such a wonderful time. We would like to wish him and his team the best of luck in the upcoming league.

Interview done by Jethro
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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pre-Season Friendly (20 March 2010)

The 2nd series of pre-season friendly will be happening this weekend ! This time, GMI White Knights will take on Salibandy!Co., Gang Bintang to take on KLIUC Hornets, and Bangi Rusty Blade to take on Subang Rascals.

Here is a brief review on all teams:

GMI White Knights
  • Despite the defeat to KLIUC Selection two months ago, the critics believe that the club is progressing rather well than expected.
  • This time, they will be facing Salibandy!Co., a team that is more experienced compared to GMI.
  • Critics believe that GMI's chances of winning this game are rather slim, but we would also be expecting a great fight from them in this game.

  • Defeat to KLIUC Hornets 2 weeks ago is not a sweet return from a long break.
  • Critics were surprised that Salibandy!Co. did not show much fighting spirit during the game compared to what we have seen last season.
  • However, their offence has improved a lot and their attacking plays are getting faster.
  • But, they should really work on their defence as many of the Hornets' goals were textbook finishes.
  • Critics believe that Salibandy!Co. can pull a win over GMI easily.

Gang Bintang
  • The biggest upset in Selangor floorball history when Gang Bintang was held 7-7 to newcomers, Bangi Rusty Blade.
  • With most key players were not featured in the game against Bangi, Gang Bintang's defence has been rather sloppy compared to the much organized defence last season.
  • We should be seeing most of their key players return to action this weekend.
  • But one thing for sure, critics believe that Gang Bintang will not show any mercy to their KLIUC counterpart.
KLIUC Hornets
  • A team that will not give up until the end of the game, Hornets managed to pull back their rhythm in their game against Salibandy!Co. in the final period and end the game with a 10-6 win.
  • Reformed Hornets have improved a lot and many former Griffins players have contributed a lot to the win.
  • However, their defence has been rather scattered at some point in the game.
  • Critics believe that KLIUC Hornets have what it takes to cause Gang Bintang trouble.

Bangi Rusty Blade
  • They have defy the odds by holding Gang Bintang to a draw. And now, they will be facing the mighty Subang Rascals, a team that started off with just 4 outfield players and has to loan other players for a full squad against Gracebandy!Co. two weeks ago.
  • Bangi Rusty Blade has been causing too many troubles to Gang Bintang's defence and they have taken advantage over the Champions' sloppy defence.
  • However, they have to be cautious with Subang Rascals' fast-paced offences.
  • Critics believe that Bangi Rusty Blade will have a rather slimmer chance to repeat their miraculous encounter this weekend.

Subang Rascals
  • A team that everyone called "The Mighty Rascals". Despite starting off with fewer players two weeks ago, Rascals managed to give their opponents a hard time and thrashed them with a 11-6 scoreline.
  • Bearing the "Never Give Up" attitude, Rascals players are committed to fight till the end despite being handicapped in terms of number of players present.
  • Critics believe that Subang Rascals will pull a win over Bangi Rusty Blade this weekend.


GMI White Knights v Salibandy!Co. (1pm-3pm)

Gang Bintang v KLIUC Hornets (3pm-5pm)

Bangi Rusty Blade v Subang Rascals (5pm-7pm)
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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pre-Season Friendly: The Clash of the Titans !

Date: 6 March 2010
Time: 1pm-7pm
Venue: Sports Plaza, Section 13, PJ

The long-awaited series of pre-season friendlies are happening real soon ! Featuring one of the top teams in Selangor till the underdogs in the SFL 2010. Gang Bintang and Subang Rascals have been dubbed as one of the favourites in the upcoming league will be facing their two newly formed opponents in this weekend. Salibandy!Co. will be re-establishing their rivalry with KLIUC Hornets as they play each other this weekend. The list below is the team review for the upcoming friendly.

Gang Bintang
  • No doubt, they have been regarded as the goal-scoring machines and literal meaning of thrasher as they have thrashed their opponents throughout last season.
  • The invincibles of last season will be facing Bangi Rusty Blade, a new team for the upcoming league.
  • However, it has been told by insiders that they will be missing several key players for this game.

Subang Rascals
  • The other team that has been thrashing their way throughout last season despite losing out to their fiercest rivals, Gang Bintang.
  • It was expected as well that Rascals will be missing several key players for their match against Gracebandy!Co., another new outfit for the upcoming season.
  • But we will be able to see the regular Rascals squad which consists of Snake, Suresh, Dennis, Henrik and co.

  • Despite losing several key players at the start of last season, Salibandy!Co. managed to defy the odds and clinch a third-place finish.
  • But critics have told that Salibandy!Co. will not pull off a win if they do not organize their defence well against a reformed KLIUC Hornets this weekend.
  • The team achieved the worst defensive record last season as they have conceded 75 goals last season.

KLIUC Hornets
  • Reformed KLIUC Hornets will be expected to be a new threat to other teams in the upcoming season of SFL. With former Griffins' skipper, Muizzudin in the team, it is no doubt that Hornets will be stronger and meaner this time.
  • This match will serve as a replay of last season's final game where Hornets have lost to Salibandy!Co. and failed to clinch the third-place.
  • Hornets will surely seek revenge over that defeat last season.

  • The sister club of Salibandy!Co., Gracebandy!Co. consists of several players from last season's Salibandy!Co. squad.
  • According to insiders, Gracebandy!Co. is fairly new to the game and the "veteran" is Gerard who is the most experienced player in the sport.
  • Meeting their toughest opponent in their first game as an individual club, Gracebandy!Co. will have to strategize perfectly in order to match up with the fast-paced, skillful Subang Rascals players.

Bangi Rusty Blade
  • Another proud team managed by Hafidz, Bangi Rusty Blade consisted of several KLIUC players and Hafidz has a vision to make this team as one of the competitors for the title.
  • Has been dubbed by critics as one of the underdogs for the upcoming season, Bangi Rusty Blade will be facing last season's champions, Gang Bintang in a classic "David vs. Goliath" match.

Gracebandy!Co. vs. Subang Rascals (1pm-3pm)

Bangi Rusty Blade vs. Gang Bintang (3pm-5pm)

Salibandy!Co. vs. KLIUC Hornets (5pm-7pm)
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