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Friday, February 24, 2012

Selangor Floorball League 2011/2012 Matchweek 8 Preview

It has been a surprising season as teams in the bottom half of the table are producing surprising results and amazing comebacks in the previous fixture. There's no surprise by the top seeds, Subang Rascals and Gang Bintang as they are once again neck-in-neck in the title race while KLIUC Griffin and Salibandy!Co. are closely following behind at the end of Matchweek 7.

Match 1: Bangi Rusty Blade v. Subang Rascals (12pm-2pm)

One might wonder the poor start of Bangi Rusty Blade as they were predicted to be title contenders this season. They are less organized defensively and offensively compared to the previous season. Critics believed that the missing of Jun Wooi may be one of the factors behind Bangi Rusty Blade's poor performance as the defender was their main anchorman last season. Player/coach Mohd. Hafidz should rally his team if they want to grab a surprising win over Subang Rascals this weekend and escape the relegation zone comfortably.

Subang Rascals, as always, lethal on all-fronts and with current leading scorer, Kamal Affendy on a goalscoring hot streak. He is definitely the man-to-watch in this game. However, there's more to Subang Rascals besides Kamal Affendy. The team has scored more goals than any other teams in the league and I believe they are aiming to break their goalscoring record. My prediction of Subang Rascals at the end of the season will be at least 300 goals, judged based on their goalscoring statistics at the moment. However, Subang Rascals should not underestimate Bangi Rusty Blade in this game.

Players to watch (Bangi Rusty Blade) : Amir Zamri, Fazrullah Jaini, Mohd. Hafidz, Malik Rahim
Players to watch (Subang Rascals) : Kamal Affendy, Dennis Thulin, Sjaiful Anuar, Harri.

Predictions: Another stroll in the park for Subang Rascals.

Match 2: KLIUC Griffin v. KLIUC Hornets (2pm-4pm) *Match of the week*

I would have picked Bangi Rusty Blade v. Subang Rascals as the match of the week, but the KLIUC derby is highly anticipated in my books.

KLIUC Griffin has surprised everyone this season by being one of the top 4 in the league at the moment. As I was discussing with Mohd. Hafidz last week, the "rebranding" of KLIUC Griffin may have lifted the spirits of their players. As seen in the match against Gang Bintang, KLIUC Griffin did not give up and surprised the Champions by equalizing the scoreline before bowing out in a 4-8 defeat. The supporters of KLIUC Griffin are one of the factors behind too. I believed their "seventh" man has boosted the morale of the whole team. Nonetheless, they should not underestimate KLIUC Hornets as it is on papers that KLIUC Hornets may pull off with a surprise win.

KLIUC Hornets, the only strength that is consistent in every week is none other than their star goalkeeper, Azmill Hadzim. He has pulled off many big saves this season and has been touted as the future of Malaysian goalkeeper. Hornets' defence has been focused throughout the game, but on statistics, they concede most in the final period which always result in a defeat for them. This is one area they should focus on improving. And they should probably change their attacking style as it has been ineffective when the chance is provided for them.

Players to watch (KLIUC Griffin) : Amirul, Adi, Ahmad Naufal, Muhammad, Iwan
Players to watch (KLIUC Hornets) : Azmill Hadzim, Muizzudin, Taqiuddin, Azim

Prediction: A hard one to call on this match. This is probably a very tight match which could end up in a draw. But somehow I believe KLIUC Hornets may pull off a surprise win.

Match 3: Gang Bintang v. GMI Black Wings (4pm-6pm)

The reigning champions have been playing rather differently compared to last season. One might say the full potential of the team has not been reached as they are always hanging on a thread throughout the match. Moreover, everyone has seen Gang Bintang play under pressure especially when they are trailing as they have won from a comeback in most of the games this season. Last week, a spark of brilliance by one of the lethal offensive pairs in the league, Khalid and Jethro as both have been inspiring in turning a potentially horrific match into a sweet victory. They need to organize their defence and offence if they were to beat GMI Black Wings comfortably.

GMI Black Wings may be new to the sport, but their passion can be seen by everyone. Even though their playing style is kind of messy as expected from a new team, but against Gang Bintang, they need to play more organized and avoid conceding goals from defensive errors as most of the goals they concede last week were mostly from poor defending and miscommunication between the goalkeeper and defenders.

Players to watch (Gang Bintang) : Jethro, Khalid, Bob, Gaffur
Players to watch (GMI Black Wings) : Muhammad Asif, Mohd. Hazizi

Predictions: It is expected that Gang Bintang will pull off a comfortable win and add pressure to Subang Rascals quest for the title.

Match 4: GMI White Knights v. Gracebandy!Co. (6pm-8pm)

GMI White Knights has not been playing as well as expected from them as they managed to be held to a 6-6 draw especially when they are dominating Salibandy!Co. for the first two periods last week. GMI White Knights should take the opportunity to take shots instead of trying to walk the ball into the back of the net. Zaiff, the GMI White Knights goalkeeper, has been the only one trying to keep the ball out of the net. The defenders are not doing their part really well. They should start defending well and not fouling the opponents as seen last week.

Gracebandy!Co. pulled off a surprise win over KLIUC Hornets last week, will bring their winning spirit into this game. The player to watch was Roslizawati, one of the female players Gracebandy!Co. has brought in from ladies league champion, Gang Bintang Ladies. Her inspiring performance last week may be one of the winning factors for Gracebandy!Co. in this game, if they are including her in this match. Of course, there's more to Gracebandy!Co. than Ros, players like Sheeda, Philip and Gerard will have to step up their game if they were to overcome the fast players of GMI White Knights.

Players to watch (GMI White Knights) : Zaiff, Amai, Shahir
Players to watch (Gracebandy!Co.) : Ros, Sheeda, Philip, Gerard

Prediction: A tight encounter between the two teams. But I believe GMI White Knights may be able to return home with a winning smile.

Match 5: Salibandy!Co. v. Joker Prodigy FC (8pm-10pm)

Salibandy!Co. suffered a hiccup last week when they faced GMI White Knights. I guess lady luck was on their side as they managed to tie the result. The brilliance of in-form forward, Terence may be the scoring factor for Salibandy!Co. in this match as he is 3rd behind Kamal Affendy and Dennis Thulin in the Scoring Leaderboard. Salibandy!Co. may need to rally their team and not allow their opponents more space to run as this is one of their weakest area when most goals conceded are from free runs.

Joker Prodigy FC suffered a heavy defeat by Mighty Rascals last week and their defence was horrible despite scoring great goals against Subang Rascals. One might wonder if they can hold on to the speedy forwards of Salibandy!Co. The only consistent performer of Joker Prodigy FC is Amir Naqiuddin as he scored most of Joker's goals this season.

Players to watch (Salibandy!Co.) : Terence, Alvin Lee, Kel Sern, Song Sing, Jensen
Players to watch (Joker Prodigy FC) : Amir Naqiuddin, Ery, Fakhrul

Prediction: A comfortable win for Salibandy!Co.
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Friday, February 17, 2012

Selangor Floorball League 2011/2012: Matchweek 7 Preview

Match 1: KLIUC Hornets vs Gracebandy! Co. (12pm – 2pm)

Hornets got their first win of the season last week when they defeated Joker Prodigy 8-2. It was a well deserved win considering their much improved performance compared to when they first started the season. The on form Hornets players like Azmill, Taqi and John will continue to be central to Hornets play. Against Gracebandy!, Hornets will be expected to go on all out attack shut down the Gracebandy! attack early on. If they were to produce the same performance as last week, a second win is within reach.

Gracebandy! Co. was expected to win last week match but the end result was very much a disappointing one as they lost 4-5 against GMI Blackwings. The main reason for that was their play was not focused and their core player playing under par. If they do not attend to this problem, they will have a lot of hard time in their match against Hornets. Gerard, Philip need to rally their players and refocused them for this match. They will need to stay packed and play collectively in order to stop Hornets from playing and amount their own attack on their opponent.

Player to watch (KLIUC Hornets): Azmill, Taqi, John, Muiz, Azim

Player to watch (Gracebandy! Co.): Gerard, Philip, Mervin, Sheeda

Prediction: Hornets to continue their steady rise back in the league with a comfortable win

Match 2: Subang Rascals vs Joker Prodigy FC (2 PM – 4 PM)

Subang Rascals is currently unstoppable with 5 wins on the trot since the start of the league. Going against Joker Prodigy this week, nothing much than a win is expected from them. As usual players like Sjaiful, Snake, Kamal, Dennis and Suresh are expected to lead the team in this upcoming match. Their all round play is what makes them strong with no dependence on a singular player to deliver. The only problem that SR need to be wary with Joker is that Joker are known to fight back especially in the 3rd period. Therefore a more tighten display especially at the back are needed with the keeper department still being the weakest link and will gave Joker ample incentives to try and give it a go.

Joker Prodigy are pretty much the underdog team in the league but their display does not reflect that as they are a pretty decent side if all played to their strength. Even though they lost last week, but their game play is very much positive with a lot of forward movement, running and on goal shooting. But that is not enough and against Rascals they will need to tighten more their play. A compact defence is needed and they really need a leader in the court to dictate play and exert calmness among the players. This is where Ery, Amir Pandora,Amir Naqi and Hazwan experience truly needed and rally the team against the current leaders of the league.

Player to watch (Subang Rascals): Snake, Sjaiful, Kamal, Dennis, Henrick

Player to watch (Joker Prodigy FC): Amir Pandora, Ery, Hazwan, Amir Naqi

Prediction: A 6th win for the current leaders unless a miracle happen!

Match 3: Salibandy! Co. vs GMI White Knights (4 PM – 6 PM)

Salibandy! Co. lost their match last week against Rascals. Even though they had a more superior number of players against Rascals, they were easily outperformed by an ‘under strength’ Rascals last week. But what is worrying was the lack of fighting display coming from Salibandy! Against White Knights, they must not repeat the same kind of performance if they really want to win this match. Alvin, Terence, Ricky, Song Sing and others need to show their best against the struggling White Knights. Just that they need to be aware with the pace that White Knight posses which in any given day could punish any defence.

White Knights are on a slump currently. If things were based on last week performance when they lost to Gang Bintang, they will continue to struggle as well in this game. Full of running but they are lacking in terms of creativity and gameplay. It was not helped when they did not have any guidance from the bench. But for this game, they will need to buck up big time. They seriously need to be a team lead by Amai, Penang, Bard and Shahir. If they play to their strength, this could be an interesting matchup indeed.

Player to watch (Salibandy! Co.): Alvin, Terence, Song Sing, Joe

Player to watch (GMI White Knights): Amai, Penang, Bard, Shahir

Prediction: A tight match expected from both as both need the win to boost morale and position in the league. A tough call but the result will favour Salibandy! Co.

Match 4: KLIUC Griffin vs Gang Bintang (6 PM – 8 PM)

KLIUC Griffin is currently on sky high mood given their impressive run in the league. 4 wins out of 5 matches is something to be proud of. If compared to last season, no one expects Griffin to be performing like this now. They show it again last week by beating BRB 6-5. But for their next match will be against the defending champion Gang Bintang. Against GB, Griffin will need to be playing their best floorball game yet which is very doable. If they are able to stay compact in defending and attack with flair, Griffin can really match Gang Bintang stick to stick.

Gang Bintang showed last week that even with lack of players they still can play and perform. But their case was helped with the lacklustre play of White Knights last week that enables them to grab the win. With Khalid expected to play again in this game after missing the last two games, Gang Bintang will expect themselves to perform better. But against Griffin, they need to show much more pace and stop relying heavily with their traditional long ball plays as they had shown few times this season. Khalid, Jet and Rizal need to spread the ball around the court to counter that pace that Griffin possess.

Player to watch (KLIUC Griffin): Naufal, Izwan, Mat, Medi

Player to watch (Gang Bintang): Khalid, Jethro, Rizal, Anuar, Ilyaz

Prediction: A mouth watering match expected from both. But the return of Khalid might just make the difference with the final score favouring narrowly to Gang Bintang.

Match 5: Bangi Rusty Blade vs GMI Blackwings (8 PM – 10 PM)

Bangi Rusty Blade is definitely a team in crisis. 3 games losing streak from a highly favoured team is not good reading at all. But all rotten run must stop somewhere and this game can provide the awaited spark and revival they badly needed. But winning must not only be their sole mission in this game, they will also need to show the team spirit that had been missing since the start of the league. Hafidz, Faz, Ayish and others need to act as a team and play as a team. Against Blackwings, they just need to be playing their very best and a win is there for the taking.

GMI Blackwings gave a shocker last week by beating Gracebandy 5-4. Truly an amazing win and showed that Blackwings are there to stay in the league. But against a wounded team in the shape of BRB, they will need to be on their absolute best. They will need to play very tight and stay compact all the way in order to stop an expected wave of attacks coming from BRB. And if they are lucky enough they could launch their own kind of attack which could spring a surprise or two to the unconvincing BRB defence.

Player to watch (Bangi Rusty Blade): Hafidz, Faz, Joo Min, Andrian, Kendrick, Malik

Player to watch (GMI White Knights): Zizie, Azizul

Prediction: Redemption time for BRB. A morale boosting win for BRB

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Selangor Floorball League 2011/2012: Matchweek 6 Preview

SFL 11/12 return for another sizzling game of floorball action in matchweek 6

Match 1: Bangi Rusty Blade vs KLIUC Griffin (12pm-2pm)

Bangi Rusty Blade is definitely on crisis as they had only won 1 out of 4 games played. Tipped to be one of the main title challengers at the start of the season, their current position is very alarming indeed. Their last game wasn’t pretty either as Salibandy! Co’ convincingly defeated them 10-7. Their next match will be another tough one as they will face the high flying KLIUC Griffin. Hafidz, Faz and Ayish as the core for the team need to rally everyone and start to play as a team if they want to turn back their fortunes in their favour. Against Griffin they will need to play at their own tempo as Griffin play at a fast pace and if they follow Griffins style of play, BRB will be slaughtered all day. Their defence is quite horrendous currently and Hafidz as the team coach need to address that quickly. If not, Griffin will take full advantage of the weakness.

KLIUC Griffin has been the most improved team since the start of the season. This was evident during their previous match when they beat White Knights 4-3. They were behind for most of the game but through sheer guts and tenacity they manage to nick a win and shown that they are no pushovers for this season. With BRB they will continue to do that and this may cause trouble to BRB. Their never say die attitude is very admirable and should be followed by every team competing. Naufal, Tariq and several other players need to step up for this game as they had a rather quiet game previously and they owe a lot to their new players during the previous game. Griffin will be expected to try and really exploit BRB defence which is currently their weakest link but at the same time holding tight on their own defence.

Players to watch (Bangi Rusty Blade): Hafidz, Malik, Faz, Joo Min, Kendrick

Players to watch (Griffin): Naufal, Adi, Izwan, Mat

Prediction: A tough one to predict but if based solely on current form the win will side with Griffin in a very tightly contested game.

Match 2: Salibandy! Co. vs Subang Rascals (2PM-4PM)

Salibandy! Co. notched an impressive win against BRB last week. But against Subang Rascals it will be a whole new ball game for them. But then again Subang Rascals for this match will be without several key players and this means that a win for Salibandy! Co. is there for the taking if they play the tactics right. Alvin, Terence and the rest of the guys need to buck up and tighten up their play and attack Subang Rascals with purpose. Their defence need to be faster and be more aggressive than usual.

Subang Rascals as we all know is a team on a roll currently but that form might just be stopped by Salibandy! As said before, SR will be without several key players and this presents a huge opportunity for Salibandy! to nick an unexpected win against Rascals. But then again the prowess and ability of the rest of the Rascals player are not to be undermined. Players like Kamal, Dennis and others can still cause problems for Salibandy! as they are still a bunch of highly experienced player.

Players to watch (Salibandy! Co.): Alvin, Terence, Kelson, Joe, Ricky

Players to watch (Subang Rascals): Kamal, Dennis, Carlos

Prediction: Salibandy! Co. will give it a go against an under strength Subang Rascals. But SR is still filled with experience and not to be taken lightly. If Salibandy! play their tactics right and with the correct attitude, they will be the eventual victors in this match. A first defeat for Subang Rascals.

Match 3: Gang Bintang vs GMI White Knights (4PM – 6PM)

Gang Bintang almost suffered a shock loss to Hornets last week but due to some awful defending from Hornets had enabled GB to grab a draw with Hornets. Their mediocre performance was partly due to Khalid absence and lack of sharpness and pace from their forwards. A repeat of that show must not be repeated as their next opponent, GMI White Knight is another tough nutshell to crack. With reliable sources confirming that Khalid will still not be playing, it will open up a huge opportunity for White Knights to grab a shock win unless Jethro and co have other ideas in mind.

GMI White Knights were quite unfortunate to loss their match last week against Griffin as both teams were neck to neck the whole game. But they must quickly forget about the loss last week and concentrate fully for the game against the defending champion. As shown from previous matches, their pace is their greatest strength and they must utilise it fully in order to compete against Gang Bintang. They can take comfort however with GB lack of pace during their previous match and exploit it to the max.

Players to watch (Gang Bintang): Khalid, Jethro, Rizal, Anuar

Players to watch (GMI White Knights): Amai, Shahir, Penang, Bard

Prediction: A day for the underdogs perhaps? A shock win for GMI White Knights

Match 4: Joker Prodigy FC vs KLIUC Hornets

Joker Prodigy FC lost against Gracebandy! last week but their performance during 3rd period of the game was all inspiring. A replication of the 3rd period performance against Hornets will enable them to grab a win. But without Khalid guiding them again for this match they will find it hard to crack the improving Hornets. Joker need to play with their strength which is playing with flair and as the core of the team, Amir and Ery need to guide the rest of the fellows and push for victory. A word of caution though, Hornets are known for their counter attacking play thus Jokers defence need to bulk up and play collectively to counter any Hornets attack.

A draw against the defending champion was a needed tonic for KLIUC Hornets. Even though they could have won it, lack of focus and slacking defending at crucial point of the game had cost them a deserved win and had to settle for a draw. Nevertheless against Joker they will need to show the same hunger and passion showed last week against Joker. They will be near full strength for this game thus making no excuses for them to grab the elusive win they badly needed. But Joker are no pushovers. As shown previously, they had the ability to win against any team if they play it right. The experience of their core players like Taqi, Muiz, Azmill and John will be needed to guide them in this game as they will also be without their coach Sjaiful.

Players to watch (Joker Produgy FC): Amir Pandora, Ery, Hazwan

Players to watch (KLIUC Hornets): Taqi, Azmill, Muiz, Azim

Prediction: End to end stuff expected from both teams as both teams will go for the win. A narrow win will be expected at the end with Hornets taking the victory.

Match 5: GMI Blackwings vs Gracebandy! Co.

Blackwings will go into this game knowing they need to start producing results if they do not want to stay rooted at the bottom of the league until the end. They had shown some promises from previous match but they were only glimpse of it and never a lasting impression. Their task will not be easier as they will face Gracebandy! Co. who managed to grab a first win last week. Blackwings might have a chance against Gracebandy! if they can play as if this was their final. But to do that they will need to play their tactics right and instill a never say die attitude within themselves. If not, it will be another day to forget for Blackwings.

Gracebandy! Co. managed to chalk a first win of the season against Joker last week which is very impressive. But if they were to play as they did in the 3rd period against Blackwings, they might just be in trouble. Gerard and Phillips will again be in the spotlight for the team. But not to be outdone is Sheeda who had shown that she is on the same level as the Bros in the team. But against Blackwings they will need to be wary of the fast pace play that Blackwings employ as Blackwings player really do like to run and this will cause trouble for Gracebandy! A Gung Ho attitude might just be the way for Gracebandy! in order to get a 2nd win in the trot.

Players to watch (GMI Blackwings): Zizie, Azizul

Players to watch (Gracebandy! Co.): Gerard, Phillip, Mervin, Sheeda

Prediction: Even though it might e a day for the underdogs in this week SFL, but the same things will not happen to Blackwings. An expected win coming from Gracebandy! Co.

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Friday, February 3, 2012

Selangor Floorball League 2011/2012: Matchweek 5 Preview

SFL 2011/2012 returns for Matchday 5. Fun and excitement awaits!!!!

Match 1: Joker Prodigy FC vs Gracebandy! Co. (12pm-2pm)

Joker Prodigy FC produces one of the shockers of the season by beating BRB 9-8 last week. With Khalid as the new coach for Joker, They look more organised and played better floorball compared to before. Against a much improved Gracebandy! Co. They should continue from the way they had played previously as Gracebandy! Co. is no pushovers. But with players like Amir Pandora and Khairul Hazwan on top form, a second win on the trot is there for the taking.

Gracebandy! Co. gave a gallant fight last week against the defending champion Gang Bintang. Though they lost the match, they had shown pure determination and grit during the match. Against Joker, they will have to replicate again that spirit in order to win the match. Gerard and Phillip will again be the center point of the team and their performance will have a huge impact on the direction of the team during the match. The main talking point will be that this team do not have a coach. It has to be said, Gracebandy! Co. was outdone most of the time because they do not have a proper coach guiding them from the bench. Will they get their first win of the season or will the absence of a coach came back to haunt them at the end?

Players to watch (Joker Prodigy FC): Amir Pandora, Ery, Khairul Hazwan

Players to watch (Gracebandy! Co.): Gerard, Phillip, Mervin

Prediction: This match will be a tight one with both teams giving a go at each other. Individual mistakes will determine the outcome of the match. Joker Prodigy to continue their fine form and win the match

Match 2: Gang Bintang vs KLIUC Hornets (2pm-4pm)

Gang Bintang were made to sweat during the previous match though they had won it 8-3. Their next opponents, KLIUC Hornets will not be an easy opponent to them as well judging from previous encounters with Hornets. The experienced players of Gang Bintang will again be called to lead the line headed by Jethro, Rizal and Khalid. They will have to lead the new players of GB as they are not yet up to par with the current established player in GB. For this match, GB will need to play fast and tight at the back as Hornets are known for their fast counter attacking play.

KLIUC Hornets has been on a soul-searching mission for the past two weeks looking to bounce back after losing 3 matches on the trot since the opening match. Their task will not be an easy one as they will be facing the defending champion. Hornets will again be without their captain, Muiz for this game as he is still nursing a ligament injury but they will welcome back their Goalkeeper, Azmill for this match which will give Hornets a huge boost going into this game. Taqi, John and Azim will need to lead the team and bring the best out of them and more importantly to trust their coach, Sjaiful in his tactics and gameplay. They must play as a team from start to finish and eliminate any silly mistakes.

Players to watch (Gang Bintang): Khalid, Jethro, Rizal, Anuar

Players to watch (KLIUC Hornets): Taqi, John, Azmill, Azim

Prediction: A game for which Hornets will give a huge fight stick to stick but the experience of Gang Bintang will ensure the win is still on their side in a narrow margin win.

Match 3: Subang Rascals vs GMI Blackwings (4pm-6pm)

Subang Rascals is the team to beat currently in the league. In all their games they had managed to dominate every single inch of the court without much fuss and they will continue that against the GMI Blackwings. With Sjaiful, Hendrick, Dennis and Kamal all on top form, Rascals are almost unstoppable. The only thing that Rascals need to worry for this match is that Blackwings are a fast team thus they must ensure that their defence are tight to stop the attack from Blackwings. Their weakest link is still the goalkeeping department but if the defence play accordingly, the keeper might just keep a clean sheet for this match.

GMI Blackwings need to learn how to play real floorball quickly. Based on their last match, they were all over the place and if they continue to play like that against Rascals, the match might just be over even before the 1st period end. Their coach, John and Hafidz need to drill into all the players that anything is possible. With the correct attitude, pure determination, correct tactics and huge chunk of luck; they can actually give Rascals a run for their money. It’s time for all the players to step up and be counted and really announce their arrival in SFL during this match.

Players to watch (Subang Rascals): Sjaiful, Kamal, Henrik, Dennis, Snake

Players to watch (GMI Blackwings): Azizi, Epul, Zizie

Prediction: An easy win for Subang Rascals in a hugely one sided affair

Match 4: KLIUC Griffin vs GMI White Knights (6pm-8pm)

The game of the week as it pits 2 rivals, Griffin and White Knights. Griffin will go into this game with only one simple mission, to beat White Knight and cement their claim as serious challengers for the top 4 places. Going back to their last game, even though they lost the match but overall they have improved tremendously which is a worrying sign for White Knights. Against White Knights, Griffin will have to play fast and tight at the same time as White Knights are well known to knick goals out of nothing. Naufal, Tariq, Medi and the rest are well aware of the stipulation for this match. Win and they will elevate themselves as a team to the next level.

GMI White Knights go into this game after a moral boosting win against Hornets. On any given day, WK can give a lot of problems to a lot of team. Against Griffin, they need to be truly at their best. They must treat it as if this is their cup final. They will rely heavily on their fast play headed by Amai, Shahir and Bard. The tactics deployed by their coach Hafidz must me spot on. If not they will face a lot of problem facing Griffin.

Players to watch (KLIUC Griffin): Naufal, Adi, Tariq, Medi

Players to watch (GMI White Knights): Amai, Shahir, Bard, Penang

Prediction: End to end stuff expected from both sides as non want to lose this match. On paper both teams are almost equal on every count. A very close encounter with both teams going on the attack. Experience will be vital and White Knights will have the edge on that. A narrow win for White Knights.

Match 5: Bangi Rusty Blade vs Salibandy! Co.

Bangi Rusty Blade suffered a humiliating loss against Joker during their last match. Slack defending and loss of concentration were the main cause for their unexpected loss and they need to overcome that going into this match. Hafidz, Kendrick, Joo Min and Malik will again be the central point for the team. All round play is their strength and they need to stick with that against Salibandy! Co. They need to beef up their defence and not to repeat their horrendous defence display as shown in the loss to Joker.

Salibandy! Co. is going into this game with a lot of confidence after chalking up an impressive win against Blackwings. But BRB is no Blackwings. Salibandy! Co. will have to dig deep and pull out every single ounce of effort if they want to win against the more fancied BRB. If the core of the team play to their strength that includes Alvin, Terence, Ricky, Song Sing and others, a win is there for the taking. They will have to be discipline in attack and defence and to keep their shape all the time because BRB can punish them even with the slightest mistake. Their weakest link will be the goalkeeper thus beware of the long shots expected coming from BRB

Players to watch (Bangi Rusty Blade): Hafidz, Malik, Kendrick, Joo Min, Amir

Players to watch (Salibandy! Co.): Alvin, Terence, Joe, Kelson, Song Sing

Prediction: Another shock victory on the cards again perhaps? BRB will come blazing on all fronts but their unconvincing defending might just haunt them back with Salibandy! taking chances at every opportunity. Salibandy! to win this match at the death.

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Match Report: Gang Bintang vs Gracebandy! Co.









0 - 1




0 - 1

H17 Mohd Anuar (B2)

Incorrect distance


0 - 2





1 - 2




2 - 2




3 - 2





3 - 3




4 - 3




5 - 3




5 - 3

H13Qayyum (B2)

Too many players in rink


6 - 3




7 - 3




8 - 3



Shots on goal : P1 (10, 9); P2 (12, 9); P3 (15 , 6)

Match Commentary

The Match Preview made a forecast that this game will be one sided affair with Gang Bintang (GB) having a stroll in the park with the struggling Gracebandy! Co (Grace). How wrong was that!! Grace stepped into the rink absolutely with no fear. They were a determined lots playing with full confidence and organized themselves well in the court. Despite having much of the ball possession GB were not able to get any clear shot at goal with the Grace. Grace players displayed a very tight and disciplined defence. Grace players played with determination not to concede an early goal. Their success in holding up the GB players for up to 5 minutes of the early period draw applause from the spectator. At 5.26min #12Mervin made a clearance to the right of the rink passing the half line. This was “pushed” in by #3Philip towards the GB goal. Okay, from what was noticed, #3Philip can’t take a shot or he got quite a lousy shooting skill (hope I don’t get a defamation writ). Having saved some better shots earlier, GB goalie #11Illyaz let the ball slip pass his thighs. It was Grace who took the lead and draw cheers and applause from the spectators most of them are players of other team. GB don’t seem to be shaken up by the early goal they conceded. GB’s #15Rizal became more vociferous in commanding the team and GB continued to dominate the game. At 12.36min Grace got a free hit just in front of the GB’s goal post. At the same time GB’s #17Anuar got 2min bench penalty for incorrect distance. Guess who stepped up to take the free hit? #3 Philip!! I really thought he’s going to tap the ball to #5 Sheeda who was unmarked. In complete contrast, #3Philip flicked the ball over the GB wall for easy catch by #11Ilyaz. Grace were managed to get some shots at goal during the power play but they completely lack the tactical ability to punish GB duing the power play. GB was still having better possession of the ball with a man less. At 17.39min, #8Gerard got hold of a clearance from Grace goal somewhere in the middle of the court. He managed to make a drag shot with a quick turn. #8Gerard do surprise everyone once in a while with his shots. That was probably his best shot ever!! The ball zoomed to the left top corner of GB’s goal at actually got stuck there. It was definitely a super goal worth boasting here. Grace was leading by 2 goals against the defending champion. The spectators was awed by the Grace players performance. Other than Rascals, no other team has put GB in such pressure. The period ended with Grace players playing their heart out to stop every moves made by GB and they succeeded.

The second period started off with Grace coming out and determined not to concede any goal to the dominating GB. GB players made several shots at goal from the middle of the court. Credit also goes to Grace’s goalie #76Gilbert who made several instinctive safe and kept his clean sheet. #15Rizal appeared to be losing his cool with some of the tactical moves of his players and often heard screaming “Mamak! , Mamak!”. Can’t really say whom he was referring as the description fits quite a number of them. At 33.42 #8Khalid with his trademark dribbling managed to beat the Grace defenders and easily scored his first goal for the day. At 16.51 #8Khalid again overcome the Grace defence with his agility and speed to tie the game at 2 – 2. Both goals were scored by #8Khalid unassisted. Grace players seems to get tired and was not quick and aggressive as the earlier part of the game. GB after equaling the score appears to play more tactically and moved the ball well. At 37.21 #8Khalid made a decent cross in front of the Grace goal for the fast running #3Daeng connect to the ball and make a easy tap in. The period ended with GB taking the lead at 3 – 2.

The 3rd period started at much slower pace with GB holding the ball and trying to build up from the back. One wrong pass was made up only to be intercepted and cleared by a Grace player. #6Dorcus was fast enough to reach to the clearance and flicked towards GB’s goal from a short distance. #11Illyaz was least expecting the ball and missed it completely. Grace got back to tie the game at 3 – 3. The spectators couldn’t resist but applause and cheer the Grace players for their surprising challenge they are throwing at GB. Everyone was expecting the unexpected. Grace winning against GB!! Grace’s players inexperience really got into them there on. GB stepped up their game speed with fast running #3Daeng and #8Khalid outplaying the Grace line. GB’s scoring spree started with their 4th goal scored at 41.53min. Grace players tried their best to hold back GB’s assault but they grew tired too fast. Credit goes to #5Sheeda whom had been tirelessly running in defending and also creating goal scoring opportunity for Grace. The difference in the shots on goal explains it all. GB had 15 shots at goal compared to Grace’s 6 shots at goal. GB scored 4 more goals and won the game comfortably with a final score of 8 - 3. At the final whistle, Grace players looked dejected and worn out. GB on the other hand was happy that they survived another scary affair in the league.

CONCLUSION : Grace seriously need to get a proper coach to assist them in improving their skills, tactics and fitness level. Their determination and fighting spirit displayed in this game was awesome but that alone is not sufficient to win games. Floorball will be much more fun if you could win some games. As such effort need to but put in by the players to get a coach to guide them along. GB on the other hand is a team with loads of experience to name a few #8Khalid, #15Rizal, #11Illyaz, #6Jethro, #5Alissa & #7Aisyah. These are also players with good floorball skills. However the newer generation of their players are not up to their level. Some effort need to be put in to improve the level of their newer generation players. GB could perform much better if this imbalance is addressed.

Best Players : Khalid (GB) ; Gerard (Grace) (Wolud have picked Sheeda if not for the wonder goal by Gerard)

Referees : Gerrard, Phillip, Suresh

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