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Friday, January 4, 2013

Team Review: Gang Bintang

One of the best teams in Selangor. Gang Bintang has established its status after winning two consecutive league titles in 2009 and 2010/2011. Despite several setbacks last season, they are still one of the contenders for the title in the coming season. Having signed a couple of big names over the transfer windows, everyone must be wondering whether or not the players could gel as a team even more rather than relying on their star forward, Mohammad Khalid, to bang in the goals for the team.

Gang Bintang's playing style has been known for their long-ball passes and offensive play. But their defensive play is still questionable in recent seasons. Having several experienced players in the side have surely benefited the club to push further in greater heights.

The team captain, Jethro Wong, still believes Gang Bintang has what it takes to challenge for the title, but also warned his teammates not to underestimate other sides as many players have improved a lot in recent years. Starting the season with a game against KLIUC Hornets will be a tough one especially when Hornets had held the former champions twice with two draws.

Speaking of the team's new signings, this will be an exciting year for Gang Bintang as there are many young bloods in the team which is important, not only to the development of the players in Malaysia, but also to balance the team's chemistry. There are pros and cons in relying solely on senior players or young players, but if they can gel up well, then the team will be in for good run.

Prediction for Gang Bintang this coming league is a top-2 finish.

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