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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Premier Cup 2012: The Quarter Finals Preview

Welcome to the Premier Cup 2012: The Quarter Finals Preview! It has only been one week since the SFL 2011/2012 ended. There are some shocking results in the ranking table and unexpected turn of events that happened through out the league, and now it is time to kick in for some exciting Premier Cup actions!

1st Round: Bangi Rusty Blades V GMI Blackwings
(2 PM - 4 PM)

It was indeed a very close call for the Green Army, as they were very close to secure their place at the sixth spot of the league. They have played with their best, but unfortunately luck was not smiling upon them as all they could only tie down Gracebandy! Co. with a draw. This week, we can expect to see the players of the Rusty Blades to play with their hearts out in order to reach the semi-finals and meet the Hornets head on. For now, the players of this team might need to reevaluate their current team play in order for them to truly be a formidable team among others. With players such as Faz, Malik, Andy and Ayish, they might have what it takes to even become the champions of the Premier Cup.

Quite an impressive feat these lads have achieved, as they have managed to secure the ninth place last season despite being their first time playing in the league. As mentioned in the recap, they are a team that deserves respect as they never failed to put up a fight, be it against any teams in the league. Their hard work and passion is absolutely what every teams should take note of if we ever dreamed of raising the standards of this league. Their road to reach the finals won't be an easy one, as they will be going up against the blood thirsty Green Army who are eager to make up for their dismal draw last week against Gracebandy! Co.. Be as it may, this match will be a good platform for every players in this team to gain some experience before the upcoming season starts around the end of this year.

Players to watch (Bangi Rusty Blades): Faz, Malik, Ayish, Andy, Imran, Sasi

Players to watch (GMI Blackwings): Azizi, Hazizi, Asiff, Rezal

Predictions: Bangi Rusty Blades will win this quarter-final round and move on to the semi-finals to meet the Hornets.

2nd Round: Gracebandy! Co. V Joker Prodigy FC
(2 PM - 4 PM)

This team has put up a very great performance against the Rusty Blades last week, in which they have managed to tie down their opponents with a draw in a very tight match. With the likes Sheeda, Ros, Mervin and Kendrick spear heading their attacking force, they can become that must not be taken for granted by any teams. Through out this season, their form has been inconsistent as there were few unexpected victories and defeats, especially against the champions Subang Rascals where they have conceded more than 30 goals in both encounters. For this cup's quarter-finals, the Gracebandy! players should really get on their best forms as their opponents this time will not be easy to be taken down.

Through out the last season, Joker Prodigy was crippled by various problems, especially with  the lack of discipline among the players, which has seen pulled out from two matches during the league. After the joining of Ruben from Gang Bintang, they finally have the victories they have yearned for so long and became the morale booster for the remaining players through out the season. They still managed to put up a tremendous fight against the Griffins last week, where they were leading the match until the 2nd period. But due to the absence of their keeper who suffered an injury during the match against GMI White Knights, the Griffins finally found a loop hole in their defense and utilized it well to earn them a victory. This week, the players of Joker Prodigy should keep up the momentum that they had from that match and try their best to win in this quarter-finals in order to proceed to the semi-finals where they will be going up against KLIUC Griffins should they managed to secure a victory this week.

Players to watch (Gracebandy! Co.): Mervin, Gerard, Philip, Sheeda, Ros

Players to watch (Joker Prodigy FC): Khairul, Amir, Erry, Ruben, Naqi

Prediction: Gracebandy Co. will walk out with a victory and proceed to the semi-finals in a match against the Griffins. 

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Selangor Floorball League 2011/2012 Recap

As the Selangor Floorball League 2011/2012 season has come to an end, let us recap on what this surprising season has come about. This season has been an exciting yet surprising one compared to the previous two seasons. Many comeback victories, high-scoring games, nail biting encounters, upsets etc.

Well, that’s what we see based on the results. But what about internally? The management, team and match preparation, referees? I wouldn’t say anything critically, but I do want to say we can do better than this.

I’ll start with the controversial transfer window. The induction of the transfer window was based on an anonymous request and the league committee has come to an agreement to have a transfer window. But the outcome of the transfer window may have hurt some teams. Like Bangi Rusty Blade, they have 4 players transferring out within 24 hours. It may seem like a disadvantage. Due to this outcome, we have to think twice before allowing such ruling midway through the season. Yeah, it is interesting and exciting, if we compare it to international football season. But what good will it be if teams enter mishap? Lucky for Bangi Rusty Blade, they survived and fought back their pride in style.

What about the high-scoring league games? Subang Rascals have literally thrashed every single team this season with an impressive 334 goals! That’s 18.5 goals per game! Yeah, it’s nice to see them scoring in textbook perfection. But look at the bigger picture, has the standard of the game dropped? I wouldn’t say the players have deteriorate, in fact, individual skills have improved, but team play has not improved much. Or maybe, inconsistent. This is one area I believe everyone should look into seriously.

What about comeback victories? Many teams have done remarkable comebacks this season. Gang Bintang made many comebacks in the beginning of the season. Bangi Rusty Blade has done a remarkable comeback from a poor start till a satisfying league-placed finish. In fact, I put them as one of the favourites to win the Premier Cup alongside KLIUC Hornets. KLIUC Griffin has surprised many of their improvement from a last-placed finish last season till a 6th-placed finish this season. It was their commitment and passion as a team that inspires me most.

If you ask me which game is my favourite, I would say the GMI White Knights-KLIUC Hornets game. In that game, the crowd and players went ecstatic when the noise from both sides have lighten up the whole Rakan Muda complex. Both players show great promising runs to fight for their team's pride. Even though it was GMI White Knights who snatched a victory, the commitment shown by both sides has been a joy to watch.

Now, let’s talk about coaches. As we see this season, many teams have started employing sideline coaches except for Gang Bintang and Subang Rascals, whose players are the coaches. It has come in every team’s mind of the importance of coaches. National and Gang Bintang goalkeeper, Illyaz has given an inspiring speech on the importance of having a coach in the Selangor Floorball Association facebook and I believe that has triggered every team managers to have a coach. Well, I must say, this has a positive effect on the team play with experienced international players like Sjaiful, Khalid, Illyaz etc. all share their experience and induct it to the team strategies.

How about the new teams? GMI Blackwings have some impressive games despite their lack of experience. In the game I’ve played against them, where only 6 showed up. I believe they are a team who deserves more respect as they did not give up and fought till the end. Yeah, it might be nice for some teams to try and score more when they are understrength, but it is important, especially in a team sport, that we have to respect our opponents. Same goes to Joker Prodigy FC, despite having two walkovers, and their players’ commitment may seem questionable, I believe we should respect them for trying to gather the players, and they played with 6 players on many occasions, to come and put up a competitive match.

Now, let’s go to individual talents. We have seen the brilliance of Kamal Affendy, Dennis Thulin and many others who have been really impressive in a match. Terence of Salibandy!Co. was impressive as well with his great stick handling. But my two favourite picks go to Azmill Hadzim (KLIUC Hornets) and Alvin Lee (Salibandy!Co.). It has been a joy to watch when these two played. Azmill Hadzim, besides his infamous kick on the post which fractured his ankle, he has been really impressive this season. I might say Hornets’ form depends largely on him. If he plays well, then they play well. During a discussion with Juha Nevalainen, who surprised everyone and played for Hornets against Gang Bintang, he complimented Azmill and said he is on the right track to becoming a great goalkeeper. One of the key point of Azmill’s performances was his confidence in his hands. Maybe it has been a routine for him, but his ability in shot stopping has been remarkable and there’s always room for improvement. As for Alvin, I believe he is the backbone of Salibandy!Co. From my observation, he is the one who leads and influence the team plays at most times. I’m not saying their captain, Daniel Phang, is not doing a good job, but Alvin has been the most hardworking player in the team and have been an influencer of the team since the start of the first season.

Overall, this season might be a success, but we have many rooms of improvement. Entering our 3rd season already, we still have problems with time management, organization etc. I believe it is the job of everyone to put in efforts to help out whichever way they can because we are still developing the sport in the nation. And it is the responsibility of everyone to help improve the association and move it forward.

So long till Selangor Floorball League 2012/2013, twas' a good season and it is goodbye for now.

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Selangor Floorball League 2011/2012: Final Matchweek

It has truly been a wonderful time in this league for all players of all teams. Some teams have achieved what others never thought they could and push themselves over the limit to become one of the Greats. This week will mark the end of SFL 2011/2012. So far, the rankings table has been much of a topsy-turvy roller coaster ride with the seats for the second and fourth spot are yet to be decided until this week. One thing for sure is that we might be having a plate full of surprises to end this season with an epic closing.

Match 1: Bangi Rusty Blade v Gracebandy! Co.
(12 PM - 2 PM)

It must be painful for them to lose in the hands of their former mentor, but they should proud of what they have achieved so far after the departure of Hafidz to Gang Bintang. It was even better when they put up one hell of fight against Gang Bintang last week, where both teams were attacking an all fronts despite the Green Army was defeated in that match. Most of their players have shown some very good improvements, and with a little more effort, they could regain their former glory as the Big Four in the league. This week, the Green Army will definitely be blood- thirsting for some victory against Gracebandy! Co., As a victory is indeed what they need to recover from their previous encounter against Gracebandy! Co. which ended with a draw. Perhaps with a tighter play in their center, they could have a grip of this match within their grasp and have a revenge on Gracebandy! in this final week.

They have suffered a grave defeat at the hands of the uncrowned champions; Subang Rascals. Now, the lads really need to work on their form and recollect what they have done when they were going against the Griffins previously. If manage to do that, they might be to have one more victory to add into their records for this season. However, to do so would require all players of this team should give their full commitment for this final match, or else they would have to suffer another defeat this week.

Players to watch (Bangi Rusty Blades): Malik, Faz, Andy, Imran

Players to watch (Gracebandy! Co.): Gerard, Philip, Mervin, Joo Min

Prediction: The Green Army will end their campaign with a victory against Gracebandy! Co. 

Match 2: Salibandy! Co. v KLIUC Hornets
(2 PM - 4 PM)

Salibandy! Co. has shown some spectacular performance throughout this entire campaign and has definitely earned them a spot to be in the prestigious Super Cup. The entire team has never failed to display improvements ever since the beginning of this season. It is not impossible for these chaps to become the champions of the league in the upcoming seasons. As alluring the thought might be, they will first have to first their rivals for this week; the Hornets and try to win against them for a redemption due to their defeat in the first leg of this season. Seeing how the Salibandy! chaps are playing right now, who knows they might even top off Gang Bintang and become the runner ups for this season. Interesting indeed, don't you think?

The Hornets have once again wowed the entire audience with their thunderous performance during their match against the Blackwings last week. They have dominated the entire first period and half into the second period. However, they failed to continue their dominance over the Blackwings as their opponents seem to finally able to sustain the oncoming attacks from the Hornets. This is a matter that should be taken seriously by the entire team of the Hornets as their final match against Salibandy! this week would become an epitome of their momentum for the next season. Not to forget, these chaps still might have the chance to play in the Super Cup if they could still pull this match off somehow with a victory.

Players to watch (Salibandy! Co.): Kelson, Daniel, Terence, Jiri, Alvin, Ricky

Players to watch (KLIUC Hornets): Azim, Dyla, Yoyo, Norman, Iffat, Halim

Prediction: Salibandy! Co. will walk out with a victory and be eager to see whether they could be the runner ups for this campaign.

Match 3: Subang Rascals v Gang Bintang
(4 PM - 6 PM)

This is it. The most long awaited clash between the two arch-rivals; Subang Rascals and Gang Bintang. This battle would finally decide which of these two teams are the best. In one hand, the Rascals have kept their record clean without any losses, meaning that they have unofficially become the new champions of SFL. Despite that fact, I would be betting that the players of these team would be very eager to meet their nemesis and settle some score with the two times former champions once and for all. The Rascals will be playing hard on all fronts to sustain their opponents and try to do what they always did in every game; absolute dominance of ball control. One way or another, this is definitely the highlight match for this week.

The former champions have endured a bad campaign this season. As this week would mark the end of SFL 2011/2012, they too, would be playing with using everything they have under their sleeves to ensure that they would not have to suffer another defeat at the hands of their arch-nemesis; Subang Rascals. While they have played a very heart-throbbing match against the Green Army last week, the Rascals too have been showing an absolute control over Gracebandy! Co.. For this week, all players of Gang Bintang should participate in this epic clash of the titans. A decisive between these two must absolutely can't be missed at all!

Players to watch (Subang Rascals): Sjaiful, Hendrik, Dennis, Snake, Harri

Players to watch (Gang Bintang): Khalid, Jethro, Hafidz, John, Anuar

Prediction: Subang Rascal to become the champion of SFL with a clean sheet on their records for this season.

Match 4: The GMI Derby( White Knights v Blackwings)
(4 PM - 6 PM)

White Knights has once again proven to be a formidable team as they won against a very tight match against the improving Joker Prodigy FC. But these White Knight lads have a lot more to learn before they could truly become a feared force in the league, as even though they were outnumbering the Joker Prodigy with a full team of three lines in their line up, they still could not shake off their opponents who were playing with only two players on the bench with a bigger margin in the scoreline. This week, they will be going up against their brother team; the Blackwings in the local GMI derby. With this being the final week of the league, they can't afford to lose against the Blackwings.

Even though they lose to the Hornets last week, their performance in the third period of the game was very admirable as they managed to hold the tally of attacks from the Hornets and even managed to score three goals in the third period. They too, are a team capable of amazing feats and this week would decide which of the GMI teams are the best. Perhaps they could surprise everyone this week with a victory against the White Knights. However it may be, a clash between these two is not one to be missed.

Players to watch (White Knights): Amai, Bard, Haidar, Shahir, Zul

Players to watch (Blackwings): Azizi, Hazizi, Asiff, Rezal

Prediction: White Knights to overcome the Blackwings in this GMI derby.

Match 5: KLIUC Griffins v Joker Prodigy FC
(8 PM - 10 PM)

The Griffins have started their campaign by surprising everyone with their improved performance compared to their last season. However, these past few weeks have seen that the Griffins could not find the much needed spark for their team to overcome their opponents. Serious review should be made by them and try to fix whatever problems that have been bugging them, as they were forced to pay the price with a few defeats in the previous weeks. As they will be going up against Joker Prodigy this week, they should not take things for granted as the Joker Prodigy might be able to surprise them with a boisterous performance to win against the Griffins. This is indeed a crucial time for the Griffins as how they perform this week would set the tone of their entire squad for the upcoming season.

Joker Prodigy FC is now on the verge of becoming a fearsome team, especially with the joining of Ruben from Gang Bintang. Their past few matches have seen that they are capable of achieving great things and should not be undermined by their opponents, no matter who they might be. They would be eager to have a victory against the Griffins on this weekend as a consolation prize for their team. They might be coming back for more next season. Who knows? All we can do is hope for the best for these lads.

Players to watch (KLIUC Griffins): Adi, Naufal, Medi, Izwan, Aqil

Players to watch (Joker Prodigy FC): Ruben, Khairul, Amir, Erry, Naqi

Prediction: The Griffins will have their long awaited victory this week.

*A reminder for all players. Please stay after your match is done for the price giving ceremony. Your cooperation in making this event a success is highly appreciated.

*It has been a great honour to be writing for the SFL. We wish every teams the best and hope to see you around for an even more exciting season next year. Cheers!
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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Selangor Floorball League 2011/2012: Matchweek 18

Last week has seen most of the predictions became true, with the exception of the KLIUC Derby between the Griffins and the Hornets, which ended with a draw. Now, we are only left with another two weeks in the fixtures. Ironically, the hottest seat right now is not the top spot, which the Rascals has already confirmed with their victory against the Green Army last week. But rather, it is the fourth seat that has become the most sought after position currently, and this week we will see whether there will be any jumbling ups in the ranking table.

Match 1: Bangi Rusty Blades v Gang Bintang
(12 PM - 2 PM)

Even though they have lost against Subang Rascals during last week, they did not back down without a very admirable performance which has caused them to subdue the Rascal's goals to only nine goals. Perhaps even though they are almost equal to the Rascals when it came down to the size of the players, they still could not manage to overcome the 'psychological pressure' emitted by the Rascals. Which is done by almost every team who are up against the new champions in every week. This week, the Green Army will be going up against the former champions; Gang Bintang. Will they be able to fight the current team of their founder, Hafidz? We will see that whether or not the Green Army has what it takes to prove that they can and have become a better team even without having Hafidz as one of their squad members. This match would definitely be the highlight match for this week.

It seems that Gang Bintang has recovered from their previous defeats by defeating GMI Blackwings during last week's match. Now, they are focusing everything to defend their current seat in the league as Salibandy! Co. is trailing closely behind them. They have shown a very good performance last week and hopefully they would continue doing so this week as they are up against the notorious Green Army, who this time will be eager to prove themselves worthy to their founder's team this weekend. With the likes of Khalid, Hafidz, and John who are able to play in very tight situations, they might be able to tame the Green Army this week and continue what's left of their campaign before next week's final showdown against their arch rival; Subang Rascals.

Players to watch (Bangi Rusty Blades): Andy, Malik, Faz, Ayish, Imran

Players to watch (Gang Bintang): Khalid, Jethro, Anuar, Hafidz, Afiq John

Prediction:  Gang Bintang to walk out with another victory this week.

Match 2: KLIUC Griffins v Salibandy! Co.
(2 PM - 4 PM)

The Griffins has only managed to tie down the Hornets with a draw last week, making things even more complicated for who's going to have the final seat for the Super Cup. Even though the Griffins has shown quite a plausible performance against the Hornets last week, they should really revise back their tactical play as their lob tactic has been proven not to be their strongest card right now. Instead, they should focus more in strengthening their center and defensive line and utilize their best strength; the speed and tenacity of their attacking force as they will be up against the fearsome Salibandy! Co.. No players of the Griffins should be slacking off this weekend if they are still eager to fight in the Super Cup when the season ends next week.

Salibandy! Co. has once again continue with their on-form performance as they have ended their clash with Joker Prodigy FC last week victoriously. They are a very formidable team in terms of their players' skills and shooting prowess. This week, they will be going up against the Griffins, and they will be eager to defeat them for the second time in this season's campaign. Players who have been showing excellent performance through out this season such as Kelson, Terence, Ricky and Song Sing should be able to rally their whole squad to defend against the incoming attack from the Griffins. Plus, their new player Jiri has shown very some good potential and he might even have more to offer for this match to come.

Players to watch (KLIUC Griffins): Adi, Naufal, Aqil, Humaidi, Izwan

Players to watch (Salibandy! Co.): Song Sing, Kelson, Daniel, Alvin, Terence, Ricky

Prediction: Salibandy! Co. to pile up their victory tally with a win against the Griffins on this weekend.

Match 3: Gracebandy! Co. v Subang Rascals
(4 PM-6 PM)

It was a frustrating week for the Gracebandy! Co. as they were defeated by the White Knights in a very tight match between the two teams. It might be that lack of support for the forwards that has caused them the valuable two points that they needed right now. Luck once again did not side with them. For this weekend, they will be facing the uncrowned champions of this season; Subang Rascals. The only thing that these lads of Gracebandy! could do is to fully commit themselves in order to sustain the incoming onslaught that the Rascals would surely smite upon them. Given their previous record against the Rascals, they truly have to work extra hard or else they would to suffer another big loss against the titans. A word of advise; do not succumb too deeply into the mental pressure given by the Rascals as it has proven to only making things worse for the opposing team.

They are now only left with the goal of keeping their record clean from any losses this season. Even though they might be having a little bit of hard time against the Green Army last week, they have once again proved to the league that they are indeed worthy champions of this season, and perhaps even for the seasons to come. They have had a very great run during this campaign and they would be pleased to search for another vast victory against the Gracebandy! Co. With players who can play in any given situations and almost every single one of their squad members able to release shots from any points in the court, they would be  very lethal adversaries for the lads of Gracebandy!, especially during this crucial time of this season.

Players to watch (Gracebandy! Co.): Joo Min, Mervin, Gerard, Philip

Players to watch (Subang Rascals): Sjaiful, Dennis, Harri, Hendrik, Mikko

Prediction: Subang Rascals to continue their unstoppable onslaught with a victory against Gracebandy! Co. this week.

Match 4: Joker Prodigy FC v GMI White Knights
(6 PM - 8 PM)

Joker Prodigy FC have once again shown a boisterous performance against Salibandy! Co. last weekend even though they lost the match by a close margin. The players of this team has shown improvements from their last two matches so far and we would really hoping to see them to continue with their current conditions until the very end of this campaign. This week, they will be facing ferocious White Knights who are eager to keep their current seat until this season ends. Players of Joker Prodigy FC should really polish back their tactical play and personal skills as they are a very good team to begin with and they should fight for themselves not to end up being at the bottom of the rankings for this season.

Their victory against Gracebandy! Co. last weekend is definitely what they need to cure themselves from suffering a defeat against the Rascals. Right now, the White Knights are doing well to defend their current seat and to be one of the contender for the long awaited Super Cup. With some new additions to their current line up, they now have more reasons for their opposing teams to fear them. It is with their high tempo tactical play and the spirit shown by the whole team that could make them to be considered as one of the 'Titans' in the SFL. With the match against Joker Prodigy FC this weekend, they will have a chance to prove that they are the strongest to come from Bangi.

Players to watch (Joker Prodigy FC): Ruben, Khairul, Hazwan, Amir, Erry

Players to watch (GMI White Knights): Amai, Bard, Haidar, Shahir, Zul

Prediction: The White Knights will further defend their current seat with a win against Joker Prodigy FC this weekend.

Match 5: KLIUC Hornets v GMI Blackwings
(8 PM-10 PM)

The Hornets are now the team with the most draws in the league, with another count was added last week when they tie down the Griffins in the KLIUC Derby. The Hornets have yet to show their true potential despite the fact that this season is coming to a close soon. The players have shown some improvements when it comes to their team play, but they still have much to do in order to become one of the formidable team in this league. This weekend, the Hornets will be looking forward to redeem themselves from their previous encounter, where they were almost defeated by the Blackwings, but eventually the final whistle was blown before the Blackwings could score what could be the 'punishment goal' to the Hornets due to their lack of awareness of the fast counter-attacks coming from the GMI chaps. Good ball posession might be the key for them to add another count to their victory tally this week.

These chaps have also shown very admirable performance when they were going up against the team of their mentor; Alissa. They still managed to score 5 goals despite having not more than seven players on the team, and that alone is a plausible feat coming from these lads. This week, they too would be eager to play against their rival; the Hornets in a decisive match that would possibly shake the ranking charts to its very foundation. A thunderous team, this is, and a hard match is absolutely what they will give to the Hornets from their previous encounter during the first leg of the campaign.

Players to watch (KLIUC Hornets): Azim, Halim, Farah, Dyla, Yoyo, Norman

Players to watch (GMI Blackwings): Azizi, Asif, Rezal

Prediction: A thunderous clash is to be expected between both teams, but victory will go to Hornets when the final whistle is blown.

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Matchweek 17 report

Salibandy!Co vs Joker Prodigy (6-4)

There was only one way to bounce back from a thrilling Labour Day, and that was another match week full of hot fixture, and surprising results! The day begun with 2nd Place contenders Salibandy!Co against the bottom-of-the-barrel Joker Prodigy. But the Jokers were not going to come into the game with their heads down and wanted to maintain the momentum they had ever since winning the bottom scrap with rivals GMI Blackwings. The match began with Anis serving a 2-minute penalty for Joker with the call of incorrect equipment. Salibandy did not take advantage, and 10 minutes later, their new signing, Jiri received a benching of his own for incorrect distance. He could be forgiven as he wasn’t quite familiar with the rules. But what was truly shocking was that no goal were scored (or conceded!) in the first period, leaving both teams going into their break in a deadlock.
            Joker began the second period by being denied by the framework several times along with an alert Serb (forgive the pun). Salibandy took the lead in the 6th minute and tripled it in the next two, thanks to Terence, Jiri, and Ricky. Joker replied quickly through Khairul, but Jiri was clearly working hard to exorcise that ‘Incorrect Distance Demon’ from the first period as he netted another to make a brace as the second period came to a conclusion.
            Naqi began the final period by providing Joker with a glimmer of chance to knock down the Titans of UTAR, and Ruben followed through, making the score 4-3. But Sali grabbed two more with Alvin and Colin hitting the mark. Khairul pulled one late in the game for Joker, but the game had already effectively been won, as Salibandy kept possession tidily.

Man of the Match
Salibandy!Co- Jiri: Made his debut (correct me if I’m wrong) and what a debut that was, scoring two and assisting one to make his family proud.
Joker Prodigy- Khairul: This time, Ruben did not get the spotlight as he had a very lackluster afternoon. Instead, Khairul did well to organize Joker’s attacks, grabbing a brace and assist to his name.
Bangi Rusty Blade vs Subang Rascals (2-9)

            Definitely an interesting game to watch, as Bangi Rusty Blade were one a three-win trot and were looking to extend that run to maintain their place in the top 4, but faced a stern test at the helm of Subang Rascals, who were inviting long-time absentees Aki, Kamal, and Zahir back into the team. The ‘Men in White’ started the game with Snake in the goal crease, for only the first period. Hendrik managed to pull Rascals ahead first, but some sloppy defending saw Dany of the Green Army penetrate and round the goal to level the game. Skipper Sjaiful gave Rascals the lead again before Dennis slammed it home by the end of the first period. However, BRB were looking very threatening and their tight defense could potentially lead to Rascals not scoring double figures for only the second time in the season (first being against Gang Bintang).
            Rascals didn’t want to think of that as they scored immediately through Sjaiful, earning him his ‘Expert Marksman Patch’ for incredible accuracy. BRB immediately inhibited their opponents lead with a team goal courtesy of Apit. Kamal and Mikko ‘Stone Cold’ netted for the already champions.
            The third period was the lowest scoring one, with Rascals scoring all three. The first was a solo effort by Snake. The second was by Hendrik a minute after a set piece. BRB captain Faz argued that the referee made the wrong call, and when the goal was scored, Faz blew his top and accused the referee of biasness. He was booked for Protesting, and was certainly lucky neither referees were carrying a card, as a match penalty or a personal penalty may have been in order.

Man of the Match
Bangi Rusty Blade- Sashi: At the heart of defense for BRB and contributed to such a low concession of goals.
Subang Rascals- Hendrik: Scored two and created one for Rascals and outmuscled every obstacle he faced.

KLIUC Griffins vs KLIUC Hornets (4-4)

            Another low-scoring game, with both sides playing with the framework often, lest we forget how the custodians of both sides protecting their sides from conceding. Ariff Halim took his side to the lead, with Taqi doubling that lead before Humaidi grabbed on for the ‘Black and Yellow.
            Naufal equalized for the Griffins after the break, and Aqil helped himself to a goal to take KLIUC Griffins in the lead for the first time in the game. The second period belonged to Griffins. The third was probably the most eventful, with quick-footed Azim scoring for KLIUC Hornets to tie the game once more. Hornets took the lead once more through the one of the ‘Little Orange Man’, Norman, but Amirul would have none of it as he pulled Griffins back into the game. Soon, Muiz was penalized for apparently pushing a Griffin who held possession, but he may have tripped and carelessly clipped his opponent. Griffin did not take the initiative to take the lead through their only advantage throughout the game, and it ended in a stalemate. A roller-coaster of a game saw the derby end on a high-note, though, as both teams accepted their result with a smile on their face.

Man of the Match
KLIUC Griffins- Humaidi: He was the driving force of many of KLIUC Griffins attacks and was unlucky that many calls went against him.
KLIUC Hornets- Azmill: Kept the Griffins at bay with a string of spectacular saves and proves yet again why he is touted to be a contender of Malaysia’s custodian job.

Gang Bintang vs GMI Blackwings (24-5)

            Gang Bintang was looking to maintain their position in the table, and what an easy way to do so for one more week; they took on GMI Blackwings. But the world shook as Blackwings took the advance after just 30 seconds through captain Hazizi. Gang Bintang didn’t stutter as Khalid netted immediately. After that, it took a while for anything to happen, but Khalid scored another thanks to John. Jethro got himself on the score sheet as well, along with John, Na’im and Alissa. Khalid even managed to complete his hat trick within the first period to shut the critics up about his recent form. Gang Bintang dominated the first period and were looking to improve on the highest scoring game of the season, against Gracebandy (16-3) in early April.
            In the second period, Na’im (3), Khalid (4), Jethro (2), Alissa, Anwar, and Hafidz all got goals in throughout the second period, with Amirul pulling on back for Blackwings. Gang Bintang’s scoring form certainly took a stride from their last game. John started the third period, with another transfer player, Hafidz finding the net. Amirul was still working hard for Blackwings, and scored another past Bob. Na’im got another, clearly he had a good day in the office. Rezal and Hazizi attempted to restore the pride of Blackwings, but Naim just bagged another before John rapped up the day.

Man of the Match
Gang Bintang- Khalid AND Na’im: This one was definitely a tough call. Two of the day’s top-scorers tallied up 15 goals for GB, with Khalid etching out just one more than his teammate. But as a defender, to score that much is amazing, so it’s a joint-choice.
GMI Blackwings- Hazizi: Hazizi is one of the players his teammates look up to, and gets the respect he deserves without demanding it. He is resilient, strong, and technical. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see other teams vying to buy his this summer.

GMI White Knights vs Gracebandy!Co (8-4)

            Gracebandy!Co had a great game last week and were looking to continue their stretch of good form, but a formidable opponent stood in the way in the form of GMI White Knights. But within 1 second(!), the White Knight Haidar was penalized for incorrect distance. Kevinder and Joo Minn pulled Gracebandy ahead. Joo Minn looks to be another very enterprising buy during the mid-season transfer window. At the end of the first period, the ‘Big Man’ Mervin was penalized for an incorrect hit.
            It took 8 minutes in the second period for a defense to breach, with Wilson pulling Gracebandy further into the lead, but White Knights weren’t going to sit down and let their opponents run the show; the needed a win to maintain their valued fourth spot. They began fighting back, and previously booked Haidar kicked off the comeback. Gracebandy responded badly with Kevinder protesting and being benched. White Knights took full advantage, and through their captain, Aizuddin, leveled the game. After that, it was the GMI White Knights show. Bard and Haidar inflicted further damage in Gracebandy’s hope.
            Aizuddin scored again at the start of the final period, followed by teammate Amarol. White Knights had a four-goal advantage with 10 minutes to go, and were well on their way to secure their seventh win of the season. The stuttering Gracebandy pulled one back thanks to the hardworking Joo Minn, but it proved to be too little, too late, Aizuddin completed his hat trick within 10 seconds. Afiq received bench time for high stick, but that changed little as White Knights stood firmly at their fourth spot. One has to think if Gracebandy were so easily susceptible to complacency early in the game that could’ve led to them slipping their lead away.

Man of the Match
GMI White Knights- Aizuddin: The captain showed why his team has faith in him, with a hat trick and a classy display.
Gracebandy!Co- Joo Minn: Did well bombarding forward, and if he had more support, could’ve gotten a few more behind Azizul.


Salibandy!Co grabbed a gritty win as Joker Prodigy must be commended for playing as though they themselves were competing for the third spot. A few more good games for Joker will see them go into the Premier Cup with great spirit. A convincing run in the cup might be what they need after a dismal season if they are looking to stay in the league and fight more determinedly next time round. Bangi Rusty Blade certainly wanting the fourth spot, and proved to be very tough competitors for the already crowned champions. Subang Rascals, however, will be disappointed with such a low-scoring win, but the return of vital players will see them going into the last stretch of games with full force. The KLIUC Derby had two teams that wanted the same thing, the fourth spot, but a draw was all that was scraped out of the game, and it is unlikely that GMI White Knights will lose their next two games, against bottom teams Joker Prodigy and GMI Blackwings. The game between White Knights and Gracebandy!Co had very high stakes for one club while little for the other. If White Knights had lost, they would’ve dropped down to 7th place due to goal difference, as they have a far inferior one compared to the others that are vying for the fourth spot. Gang Bintang had a great game and will be looking to win the next two games to hold onto their second spot, but may find it tough against the likes of BRB and the Rascals. On a lighter note, Rascals will be looking to achieve the 300-goal mark set by teammate Arizal, and will hope to score at least 16 in the next game to achieve such a bench-mark.

#Fun fact: Salibandy!Co can make up an entire line of outfield players who wear glasses, with Alvin, Terence, Kel Sern and several others.
#Na’im of Gang Bintang may possibly have scored the most number of goals by a defender in one game (6) with Khalid possibly scoring the most for any player in one game (7). But statistics only refer to the 2011/2012 season of the Selangor Floorball League.

Have a good day! Viva la S’gor Floorball!
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Friday, May 4, 2012

Selangor Floorball League 2011/2012: Matchweek 17

It has been an exhilarating week, with some very big changes in the league's table and also some shocking results during the Labour Day matchweek. Now, let's gear up for even more excitement with Matchweek 17! We are down to three remaining matches left, but still there is no way to tell what will happen in the end of this campaign.

Match 1: Salibandy! Co. v Joker Prodigy FC
(12PM - 2 PM)

History was again tempered in the records of SFL when the lads of Salibandy! fought the now-wounded Gang Bintang and won with a margin of six goals in the scoreline. They played very well and even managed to suppress Gang Bintang throughout the entire game. The players have absolutely been in their best forms and will be eager to keep their records clean until this season ends. But their foe for this week; Joker Prodigy FC are not to be taken lightly as they have shown an excellent performance last week. Saying this, Salibandy! Co. must prepare for whatever onslaught that they might face this weekend.

Their result last week was definitely came to everyone as a total jolt of surprise as they too have won the match with a big margin on the scoreboard. With a new player who migrated from Gang Bintang; Ruben, that was definitely the kick-start that the lads of Joker Prodigy FC needed to get their head back in the game. Against the on-form Salibandy!, they must keep constant vigilance as the incoming attacks from Salibandy! has proven to be absolutely lethal on all fronts. Whatever the result might be, the Joker Prodigy will definitely be giving Salibandy! Co. a hard match to play with. That is if they could manage to sustain their performance level from last week.

Players to watch (Salibandy! Co.): Alvin, Terence, Ricky, Daniel, Kelson

Players to watch (Joker Prodigy FC): Amir, Erry, Khairul, Ruben, Hazwan

Prediction: A tight match between the two sides, but in the end Salibandy! Co. would continue their dominance for their campaign with a victory within their grasp.

Match 2: Bangi Rusty Blades v Subang Rascals
(2 PM - 4 PM)

The Green Army has been showing great improvements as they have won their clash against    Hornets last week. They have been playing with great tenacity and now drawing close to retain the top four positions in this season. However, their campaign will be stumbling upon a great barricade as they will be going up against the yet to be crowned champions; Subang Rascals. If they could play this well, we might be having another surprise for this season. Who knows?

Subang Rascals has been showing great performance throughout this season's campaign, and they just need one more victory to confirm their place on the throne of SFL 2011/2012. Indeed, they have earned their title. But we are still hoping that they will keep serving us with even more spectacular performances for the remaining matches to come. Against Bangi Rusty Blades, they might be needing more physical power than ever as soldiers of the Green Army are well known for their physical advantage among all the teams in SFL, with the exception of few other teams of course. However it may be, an intense clash between these two can be expected on this weekend.

Players to watch (Bangi Rusty Blades): Andy, Malik, Faz, Ayish

Players to watch (Subang Rascals): Harri, Hendrik, Gan, Sjaiful, Dennis

Prediction: The Green Army might be tamed by the Rascals this week with the victory going for the Rascals.

Match 3: KLIUC Griffins v KLIUC Hornets
(4 PM - 6 PM)

The most anticipated match for this week; the KLIUC derby between the Griffins and the Hornets! 

For the Griffins, it has been quite dismal for them as they have lost three consecutive matches during previous weeks. Especially during Labour Day where victory was almost within their grasp, but only to be denied when Gracebandy! managed to surprise them with a retaliation of their own, causing the Griffins to lost yet another two valuable points. Surely, they will be looking forward to have their final clash for this season against the Hornets to avenge their defeat during the first leg of the season. Perhaps they could pull this off if they could just work on their defensive line, as the same problem has caused them too many matches that they should have won in the first place.

The Hornets are in for a trouble this weekend as their goalie, Azmill might not be around for this important match against the Griffins. That would mean trouble for the Hornets and they must double their effort in order to protect their goalpost from being breached by the Griffins. The players have shown good performance during their previous match against Gracebandy! last week. However, size does matter when it comes to certain aspects as that was the main cause of their defeat against Bangi Rusty Blades. All players of the Hornets should give their 100% commitment for this game if they still wish to regain back their position from last season; the fourth place.

Players to watch (KLIUC Griffins): Humaidi, Adi, Naufal, Izwan, Muhammad, Amirul

Players to watch (KLIUC Hornets): Azim, Farah, Yoyo, Dyla, Halim, Iffat

Predictions: The Griffins would have their revenge in this derby against the Hornets with a victory.

Match 4: Gang Bintang v GMI Blackwings
(6 PM - 8 PM)

The former champions are now in a verge of collapsing as they have lost their third match for this season. The missing of their first goalie, Ilyaz surely leaves a deep mark within their team as it has caused them dearly last week against Salibandy!, in which they were defeated with a margin of six points on the score line. The players should all rise up and reform their team back in order to battle against GMI Blackwings, as the lads are not to be undermined given their vast improvement despite this being their first season. One thing for sure, Gang Bintang will be playing with all out to redeem their honor from the defeats they have endured previously.

GMI Blackwings was shocked last week when they were going up against an improved Joker Prodigy FC and lost by 6-11. The players should be credited for showing such admirable performance even with only six players available including their goalie. Azizi, who has topped a hat-trick against Joker Prodigy and has shown consistency in most the games he had participated in will be a very valuable player if he could maintain his performance even when it is off season. In this week, they should keep up with their high spirited display of performance and try as best as they could to sustain the raging Bintang who will be glutting for a victory this week.

Players to watch (Gang Bintang): Hafidz, Khalid, Jethro, Daeng, Qayyum

Players to watch (GMI Blackwings): Azizi, Asif

Prediction: Gang Bintang to win this clash against GMI Blackwings.

Match 5: GMI White Knights v Gracebandy! Co.
(8 PM - 10 PM)

Credits should be given to their coach; Hafidz as his tactical instructions has worked last week when the White Knights chaps were going up against Subang Rascals as they managed to subdue the Rascals from scoring more than twenty goals despite having only six players on the field and without their first choice keeper, Penang. In this week, most of their players will be back from their holidays and will be eager to make up for their loss last week by playing with their hearts out to ensure a victory against Gracebandy! Co.

Gracebandy! Co. has surprised everyone with their sudden rise last week when they were left by the Griffins with four goals ahead of them. However, with sheer guts and superb performance by the players, they have managed to pull back Gracebandy! which has given them a victory against the Griffins. This week, they should keep up the same performance they have shown in the second and third period when they were up against Griffins, as the White Knights is absolutely a force to be reckon with in this league. Players such as Gerard, Mervin, Phillip and Sheeda should rally their team's morale in order to win against the lethal White Knights.

Players to watch (GMI White Knights): Amai, Penang, Shahir, Bard

Players to watch (Gracebandy! Co.): Edmond, Philip, Gerard, Mervin, Sheeda

Prediction: The White Knights to remind the entire league of their tenacious team play with a victory against Gracebandy! Co.
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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Matchweek 15 & 16 (Labour Day)

MATCHWEEK 15 (28TH April, 2012)
KLIUC Hornets managed to overpower the ever-improving Gracebandy!Co. (7-3)

Subang Rascals managed to conquer the game against Joker Prodigy, as the naturally would do with all the usual suspects in free-scoring mode. However, the score line, as great as may seem, did not reflect the dominance of the ‘Men In White’. (25-1)

Salibandy! Co dominated much of the possession in their game, looking a lot more organized with their experience getting them the win in what was to have been a tightly contested game against then-fourth placed GMI White Knight. (11-3)

KLIUC Griffins has been very impressive this campaign, closely vying for the fourth spot, but Gang Bintang managed to unravel them and portray their dominance in a naturally competitive game. (4-9)

Bangi Rusty Blade wanted to continue their great form after thumping Griffins last week, but encountered a tough, high-spirited game from GMI Blackwings. In the end, BRB’s technical advantage and experience managed to irk out the win they sought for. (4-3)

The only noticeable change from the table came from KLIUC Griffins, who edged closer to the fourth spot that they possessed earlier in the season. Bangi Rusty Blade was also closing in with a respectable berth.

MATCHWEEK 16 (1ST May, 2012)

Salibandy!Co vs Gang Bintang (11-5)

            Labour Day was filled with exciting clashes, and even more surprising results, and the day started off with the top-of-the-table clash between the reigning champions Gang Bintang and currently 3rd place Salibandy!Co. The first ten minutes of the game, however, was extremely dismal, with no goals or clear chances on either. At most, Salibandy seemed threatening. 11 minutes in, Ricky of Salibandy received a 2-minutes bench penalty for playing the ball with his hand. Gang Bintang failed to capitalize on their advantage and when Ricky returned, he opened up the scoring. Not long after, Salibandy centre Alvin extended his team’s lead to conclude the first quarter.

            The second period also belonged to Salibandy, and they returned on all fronts. Salibandy’s top scorer, Terence bagged a brace in a matter of seconds in the 5th minute. Hafidz managed to pull one back for Bintang, but another brace from Salibandy was to follow, as Alvin scored two more to complete his hat trick before the break. In between Alvin’s goals, Ainur Na’im received 2 minutes on the bench for high stick.

            Hafidz opened up the third period, keeping his side’s fight alive. But Daniel and Alvin responded to give Salibandy a six-goal difference. Khalid finally got his name on the score sheet after being assisted by, who else other than Hafidz who completed his hat trick unassisted soon after. Terence then scored his second brace of the day, (both assisted by Alvin) bringing goal tally of the day to four, equaling Alvin at that time. Gaffur scored a consolation goal before Alvin rapped up the game with a solo goal, inching out as the top scorer and the man-of-the-match. Jethro and Khalid were relentless throughout the game, but were lackluster and could not break out of a crowded mid-section. This was one of the reasons for Bintang’s downfall.

Man of the Match
Salibandy! Co- Alvin: Scored five and assisted two. Spearheaded Salibandy’s attacks and was at the heart of all their movements.        
Gang Bintang- Hafidz: Definitely the best buy of the season, the forward bagged a hat trick and provided the cutting edge that Gang Bintang was missing.


            Just like the preceding game, it took half a period for the teams to break the deadlock. It seems to be a trend for the teams to read their opponents, poking and probing to find a weakness. It worked well for Bangi Rusty Blade, who managed to score two in the first period through Faz and Andy. Hornets managed to pull one back late in the period through Farah as incentive to build on.

            BRB scored very early on in the next period courtesy of the Ninja, Malik. Nearly midway through the second period, BRB was penalized for having too many players on the rink, an amateur technical offence which seemed to have been caused because goal scorer Malik failed to retreat to his team’s bench when they were called to change. Hornets failed to take advantage, but once BRB returned to full strength, Taqi scored through one of his trademark drag shots. Arif was penalized for repeated offences after that.

            BRB ended the game effectively in the final period by scoring two goals to extend their lead thanks to Paan and Faiz.

Man of the Match
Bangi Rusty Blade- Andy: Defended well to keep the Hornets at bay, and even got a goal to his name. Possibly one of the top scoring defenders this season.
KLIUC Hornets- Muiz: His vision was great and he spearheaded most of Hornets attacks which seemed to resemble a power play formation. Unlucky to see his wasteful teammates lose possession so easily.


What seemed to have been a potentially exciting game turned out to be a completely one-sided affair as GMI White Knights showed up with only five outfield players, and a makeshift goaltender. Subang Rascals immediately took the initiative to play an all-out power play style as the White Knights ‘parked the bus’ in front of their goal. Subang Rascals patiently played their game of finding openings to shoot and getting their forwards to draw the opponents out by steering and screening. Rascals managed to bag five goals in the first period, thanks to Gan, Suresh, Dennis(2) and Hendrik, who also put a couple of assists in.

            The second period was Harri’s as he got his hat trick and two assists. Gan and Dennis completed their hat trick while Hendrik added to his tally. More notably though, White Knights were counter-attacking, and their first shot on goal in the game atoned to their first goal, through the legs of Apek, and crushing Rascals hopes for a first clean sheet. Another counter attack by White Knights saw Rascals steal the ball and score through Snake.

            The third period was for Rascals, with Hendrik completing his hat trick, while Snake and Suresh added to their tally. Skipper Sjaiful sniped a slap shot into the corner, thanks to another opening.

Man of the Match
Subang Rascals- Harri: Tough call to make. Dennis, Harri and Gan scored four while Hendrik had a hat trick and Suresh and Snake a brace, so show how Suabng Rascals are not too reliant on one player. But by statistics, the Man of the Match is Harri, with three assists to add to his four goals.
GMI White Knights- Shahir: Led all White Knights counters and had a good spirit for the entire game.


            GMI Blackwings began the game well, scoring within a minute thanks to Azizi, Blackwings clearly wanted to gain points in any way they could. But from then on, it was the Joker Prodigy show. Ruben seemed to be doing wonders with Joker as he scored a hat trick within the first period and Kharul getting a goal in for Joker to end the period 4-1.

The second period was filled with goals and bench penalties for both sides. Joker began the period by scoring immediately, thanks to Fakhrul, and clearly wanted to put the demons to rest, at least for one game, as they wanted to go on a scoring spree. Fakhrul then received a bench penalty for incorrect hit. Blackwings responded badly as they could not breach Joker’s temporary 4-men line and instead Hazizi received a bench penalty of his own for obstruction. Amir was penalized for repeated offences while Hazizi received his second bench penalty for heading the ball. Both teams were getting goals, with Joker constantly in the lead; the closest Blackwings got to tying to score was two goals behind Joker. But Joker were in the driving seat as they have been for most of the game, as Fakhrul completed his hat trick in the third period and Joker managed to record their second win in their debut season.

Man of the Match
Joker Prodigy- Ruben: Scored four goals to get a good lead for Joker and then played as a defender to protect the lead.
GMI Blackwings- Azizi: Scored a hat trick and proved to be a thorn by Joker’s side.


            Certainly one of the contenders of Match of the Week, KLIUC Griffin began this game with flair, building a strong lead, but what was to follow was certainly not expected by many. The first period saw Griffin take the lead with two goals from Humaidi and one from long-term absentee Warith.

            Griffins began the second period confidently, with a goal coming from Iwan, but after that was when Gracebandy!Co began their incredible comeback. Sheeda pulled one back for Gracebandy before Warith was penalized for incorrect distance. A Kendrick brace sandwiched a goal for Griffin by Humaidi.

            The third period began with Sheeda and a brace from Joo Minn, which effectively turned the tide of the game to Gracebandy, before skipper Philip scored the last goal of the game to give his team the lead. Three players were penalized and that concluded the game.

Man of the Match
Gracebandy!Co- Edmond- The make-shift goaltender did a splendid job keeping Griffin at bay.
KLIUC Griffin- Humaidi- The only hat trick hero of the game, and providing necessary cutting edge; Griffin’s biggest threat.


The first saw little change in the positions of the teams in the table, but Labour Day proved to be a pivotal moment in the season, with many players unable to make it and four out of the five games proved to be upsets. Salibandy!Co recorded a very important win, which may take them to the second place if things go their way in the following weeks. Gang Bintang’s loss was certainly their worst in the team’s professional history. That game certainly proved to be the Match of the Week, as a power shift may take place, and Gang Bintang licking their wounds as they need to consider their goalkeeping options. Ilyaaz is certainly top-notch, and Bob is commendable, but they might need to find another goaltender for a permanent basis. Bangi Rusty Blade’s win proves to be the most important moment on the day, as they leapfrogged three spots to fill up the fourth spot and finally get their named bolded in the league table. GMI White Knights and KLIUC Griffins have been vying for that fourth spot for almost the entire season, and might just witness BRB take the spot away if BRB can bring back good results from their final three games. However, that may seem tough as they as due to play Subang Rascals and Gang Bintang. GMI Blackwings and Joker Prodigy have little chance of rising in the table, so that game against each other was important to boost the pride of both debuting teams. Gracebandy!Co is hoping to be the surprise team that could fight for the 4th spot.

#On an interesting note, five teams played with a goal tender that isn’t their first choice, which is a season high.
#The game between Joker Prodigy and GMI Blackwings witnessed both teams playing with only one line, and at times, playing with only for outfield players, to rest a player. 
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