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Saturday, February 26, 2011

SFL 2010/2011 Match Day 8 Preview 27th February 2011

Match Day 8 will be played on Saturday the 27th of February at the Rakan Muda Complex in Puchong. Match Day 8 marks the beginning of Round 2 in SFL 2010/ 2011.

Match Day 7 saw some great matches being played here in the Selangor Floorball League 2010/2011. The Green Army showed that they are not backing from the title challenge as they came back from behind to silence Salibandy!Co. Gracebandy!Co. resisted the Griffins passion and threw water on their fire. The Rascals dished our some cruel lessons for the White Knights as well as breaking records along the way. Bintang proved themselves to be worthy champions grabbing a win against the Hornets even when the odds are down, definitely the trademark of a champion. Hornets on the other hand deserve special mention here as they stretch the champions literally to the end of their wits!

Sun, 27th February 2011


(10.00am – 12.00pm)

Referees: Hafiz & Jethro

KLIUC Hornets played extremely well against the current champions last weekend. They almost got away with a win but Bintang would just not let that happen. Hornets have grown from strength to strength since the season started. As a team, Hornets have shown resistance and dish out some impressive play-ups and defended really well. Hornets are now surely eyeing the top four positions in the league and could be the surprise team of the season. They would do well to grab another victory against Gracebandy!Co. to kick start the second league.

Gracebandy!Co. have only so far manage to beat the two cellar teams in the league and definitely struggled against stronger oppositions. As a team Gracebandy!Co. need to be more organize especially in their defence. Their goalkeeper is fast improving but his defence is just woeful at times. They would do well to get a coach to actually guide and organize them through these games. Offensively, they have been superb, breaking often into fast counter-attacking moves although they could be clinical in their finishing. With all that said, Gracebandy!Co. is definitely a team for the future and with more practice and guidance they will succeed eventually.


KLIUC Hornets to win comfortably.

Players to watch (KLIUC Hornets): Taqiuddin, Azim, Muizuddin, Nura Dyla, Paez & Azmill.

Players to watch (Gracebandy!Co.): Philip, Gerard, Anton & Joo Min.

Game 2- KLIUC Griffin vs. Gang Bintang

(12.00pm - 2.00pm)

Referees: Alvin & Terence

KLIUC Griffins played whole-heartedly against their opponents but that was just not enough. There is a lot of practice and match experience needed in this team before they can actually win any games at all this season. Will Griffins ever get a win? They could if they organize their defence, work on their individual techniques and team tactics. In goal, they have a gem of a goalkeeper, but they might lose him next season if they do not improve together. Against Bintang this weekend, they look set to receive more slaughtering.

Gang Bintang almost choked last weekend but some impressive individual plays saw them grabbing a win, minutes before the game ended. What Bintang faced last weekend was an emphatic display of tactical floorball shown by Hornets. They defended as a team, closed the Bintang players quickly and attacked quickly when they get the break. Bintang would do well to include some system into their game. The last game would have surely shown them that individual flair might not be enough to win some games. Captain Jethro deserves a mention here as he managed to cool down his hot-headed players and stop them from getting sent off and focus on getting the win. His job has probably just begun as the onus will be on him to set the system in the team and against Griffins it would be a good day to start.


Gang Bintang would be too strong for their opponents. Expect a big scoreline in favour of the defending champions.

Players to watch (KLIUC Griffins): Naufal, Amirul & Adi.

Players to watch (Gang Bintang): Lada, Anuar, Jethro, Gafur, Rizal & Ilyaz.

Game 3 – Salibandy!Co. vs. GMI White Knights

(2.00pm – 4.00pm)

Referees: Suresh & Jethro

Salibandy!Co. have been promising this season but only in glimpses. They have yet to really perform to their full potential. Their defence has been letting in goals, more than their offence could score thus losing critical games such as the two goal lead thrown away against the Green Army last weekend. The need to strengthen their defence has been reiterated many times but they have yet to response to that call. Against White Knights though, Salibandy!Co. looks set for a comfortable win.

GMI White Knights would want to leave memories of their last game far behind. They were obviously overwhelmed by the Rascals. White Knights though have improved since joining the Selangor Floorball Association this season. Technically, their players would need to catch up fast. Tactically, they are in general organized. With their speed and passion for the games, the White Knights could pose a threat to their oppositions but they would have to deal with the Salibandy!Co. attacks. The key to winning here is to organize their defence and shut Salibandy!Co. out while grabbing the chances on the other end.


Salibandy!Co. to win this game comfortably.

Players to watch (Salibandy!Co.) : Alvin Lee Jin Aun, Ravi & Daniel Phang

Players to watch (GMI White Knights): Ridha, Amai, Bard, Shahir & Zaiff.

Match of the week!

Game 4 – Bangi Rusty Blade vs. Subang Rascals

(4.00 pm – 6.00 pm)

Referees: Muiz & Taqi

Bangi Rusty Blade has been blowing hot and cold. Losing uncharacteristically against the Hornets dampen their title charge. Their strength lies in their team spirit and solidarity as a team but there lies also their weakness as individual players tends to lose cool and control often enough bringing the whole team down with them. The Green Army has good and experienced players in their side, good enough to match any team in the league but perhaps their confidence level is milder compared to the Rascals and Bintang players. To overcome the Rascals, the Green Army would have to play and fight as a team as they can be sure that the Rascals is seeking revenge for the shock defeat during Round One.

Subang Rascals have been riding on the high side since the loss to Gang Bintang. Seemingly, only the defending champion has the ability to beat the Rascals, especially so with their whole line of Singapore imports. Against the Green Army, the Rascals would be out for revenge. And the Green Army might be facing the wrath of the mighty Rascals who have been scoring freely and breaking teams down without mercy. The Rascals the Green Army is facing is definitely a different side from the one they beat in December 2010. Now the Rascals have been playing week-in and week-out, displaying quick, organized play-ups with a solid defence. The Rascals are definitely ready and waiting.


Subang Rascals to get their revenge in this very close game.

Players to watch (Bangi Rusty Blade): Hafidz, Jun Hui, Faz & John.

Players to watch (Subang Rascals): Dennis, Gan, Calle, Carlos, Henrik, Sjaiful & Harry.

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Friday, February 18, 2011

SFL 2010/2011 Match Day 7 Preview 19th February 2011

Match Day 7 will be played on Saturday the 19th of February at the Rakan Muda Complex in Puchong. Match Day 7 also marks the end of Round 1 in SFL 2010/ 2011.
Match Day 6 saw the top 3 teams Gang Bintang, Subang Rascals and Bangi Rusty Blades winning in style against their oppositions. In the derby encounter, KLIUC Hornets proved too strong for KLIUC Griffins.

Sat, 19th February 2011
Game 1 – Salibandy!Co. vs. Bangi Rusty Blades
(2.00pm – 4.00pm)
Referees: Jethro and Gerard
Salibandy!Co. was well beaten in the last game against Rascals even when they outnumbered the Rascals by more than half. Salibandy!Co. would have to do better both defensively and offensively if they wish to take anything away from this game. Their strength lies in their quick counter-attacking play however they have yet to show consistency since the league began. With a fast-improving goalkeeper and ever-reliable forwards, Salibandy!Co. need to sort out their defence if they are looking to improve this season.
Bangi Rusty Blade easily swept aside the White Knights in their last game. Similar to Salibandy!Co., they have yet to show any consistency that is required of a championship winning team. Their lose against Hornets has made them look vulnerable and if they want to win this against a resilient Salibandy!Co. side they would have to play with determination and discipline. It would do them great if they show more systematic build-up approach than mere push and run.
Bangi Rusty Blade to triumph in this encounter.
Players to watch (Salibandy!Co.) : Alvin Lee Jin Aun, Ravi and Daniel Phang
Players to watch (Bangi Rusty Blade): Hafidz, Jun Hui, Faz and John.

Game 2: Gracebandy!Co. vs. KLIUC Griffin
(4.00pm - 6.00pm)
Referees: Alvin and Terence
Gracebandy!Co. showed great determination and grit against Gang Bintang in their last game but it was not enough as the defending champions tore them apart. However, putting in 6 goals past the defending champions is in fact a commendable effort. Gracebandy!Co. has showed maturity in play but would need a more organize system especially at the back. Some of the goals let in were too easy for their opponents. Perhaps their senior players could guide the younger ones and push the team forward.
KLIUC Griffin has yet won any game however under coach Ilyaz, they showed glimpses of promising plays. They have a very good goalkeeper and quite a strong defence however they tend to lose too much possession while moving forward making them vulnerable against the more experienced teams in the league. Griffins have to really play their heart in this one if they want to grab their first win of the season.
Gracebandy!Co. to emerge victorious.
Players to watch (Gracebandy!Co.): Philip, Gerard, Anton and Joo Min.
Players to watch (KLIUC Griffins): Naufal, Amirul and Adi.

Game 3 – GMI White Knights vs. Subang Rascals
(6.00pm – 8.00pm)
Referees: Taqi and Faz
GMI White Knights were tore apart by the Green Army last weekend and face an even steeper challenge this weekend as they face second place Subang Rascals. The White Knights would need to strengthen their defence and play more as a team rather than individually which often leaves tem wide open for a swift counter-attacking play. They would do well to limit the Rascals from scoring freely.
Subang Rascals have been improving as a team by each game. Their build-up plays and play-ups have been stretching their opponents apart. Their more experience players have been instrumental in the team’s performance. Even when down in numbers, Rascals have shown that with a more tactical approach they can face any team in the league.
Subang Rascals to add misery to the White Knights.
Players to watch (GMI White Knights): Ridha, Amai, Bard, Shahir and Zaiff.
Players to watch (Subang Rascals): Dennis, Gan, Calle, Carlos, Henrik, Sjaiful and Harry.

Match of the week!
Game 4 – Gang Bintang vs. KLIUC Hornets
(8.00 pm – 10.00 pm)
Referees: Suresh and Sjaiful
Gang Bintang has been unstoppable upfront scoring goals after goals and with current top-scorer Khalid, Gang Bintang looks set to be defending their title again this season. However, their defence have been woeful, letting in soft goals and allowing the team to be pressured many times in the league. As long as Khalid and company keep scoring more than they concede, they should be victorious in this one. They should though, work on their defence and shut out opponents once and for all to achieve that supremacy in many championship teams.
KLIUC Hornets have been improving by the week and got a scalp of the Green Army which would be their most impressive job this season. Hornets however, lack that self-belief and would do well to play to their strength than worrying about their opponents. Their captain, Muiz, have been their most consistent player besides Azim who gets the regular goals for Hornets. With a much-reliable goalkeeper in Azmill, Hornets could achieve greater glory if they work together as a team and dish out the tactical floorball they have been portraying the last few games.
Gang Bintang to carry on their winning style.
Players to watch (Gang Bintang): Lada, Anuar, Jethro, Gafur, Rizal and Illyaz.
Players to watch (KLIUC Hornets): Taqiuddin, Azim, Muizuddin, Nura Dyla, Paez and Azmill.
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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Selangor Floorball League 2010/2011: Matchday 6 Summary

Matchday 6 gave us yet another cracking games and making the league even more interesting as we draw closer to the end of the first half of season.

Game 1: GMI White Knights 1 - 10 Bangi Rusty Blade

Bangi Rusty Blade proved to be too strong for GMI White Knights as they comfortably won the game with a 10 - 1 scoreline.

With Jun Wooi back in the defensive line, it was seen that the Green Army's offensive plays were well-supported by the defence. Also the likes of Malik, Hafidz and Faz were on their form for this match, it was without a doubt that Bangi Rusty Blade had yet again clinched another victory to keep up in the title race.

GMI White Knights, on the other hand, did not play rather well as their coach, Hafidz was playing for the opposing team. Without the guidance of their coach, it was seen that they were rather unorganized but played well despite their forwards were out of target throughout the match.

In the end, Bangi Rusty Blade went on to another comfortable victory.

Goalscorers (GMI White Knights):
Aizuddin Akmal (1)

Goalscorers (Bangi Rusty Blade):
Malik Rahim (3), Hafidz (2), Fazrullah (2), Amir Zamri (1), Hadi "Kecik" (1), Amir (1)

Best Player (GMI White Knights): Zaiff
Best Player (Bangi Rusty Blade): Hafidz (2 goals, 1 assist)

Game 2: Gracebandy!Co. 6 - 17 Gang Bintang

It seems like the Champions have shown no signs on slowing down in retaining the title this season as they crushed Gracebandy!Co. in a 17-6 victory.

Gang Bintang welcomed Khalid back into the starting line-up as he notched an astounding 11 points (9+2) in this game to set a high standard in both the league table and the scoring leaderboard. Gang Bintang had a rather shaky defence in this game but managed to hit back at the Gracebandy!Co. defence in their counterattacks.

Gracebandy!Co. managed to pull the goal margin closer in a few occasions but could not keep up with the Gang Bintang players' fast-pace attacking floorball. Edmond Wong, the Gracebandy!Co. keeper pulled off a couple of big saves to prevent the champions from extending the lead. Andrian was a big influencer as he was featured in most Gracebandy!Co. attacking plays.

In the end, Gang Bintang remain their 100% record in the league and sitting comfortably atop the league table.

Goalscorers (Gracebandy!Co.):
Edwin (2), Andrian (2), Dorcus (1), Anton (1)

Goalscorers (Gang Bintang):
Khalid (9), Rizal (5), Lada (2), Kama "Bob" (1)

Best Player (Gracebandy!Co.): Andrian (2 goals, 1 assist)
Best Player (Gang Bintang): Khalid (9 goals, 2 assists)

Game 3: KLIUC Griffin 2 - 6 KLIUC Hornets.

The KLIUC derby was one of the most exciting matches in Selangor floorball history. But it was KLIUC Hornets who triumphed in this much-anticipated game.

KLIUC Griffin has been improving week after week and this was yet another encouraging performance from the minnows. Aditiya has been superb in every game; stopping any shots and preventing them from going into the back of the net. While Muhammad has been scoring consistently for Griffin. They came close to a draw during the last game against GMI, but this time they faced a much better KLIUC side.

KLIUC Hornets, on the other hand, have their in-form forward, Azim who has been scoring for the team in almost every game. Besides, their captain, Muizzudin has also been scoring consistently in every game.

In the end, KLIUC Hornets stayed intact with the leaders and eyeing for the top spots in the league.

Goalscorers (KLIUC Griffin):
Muhammad (1), Aqil (1)

Goalscorers (KLIUC Hornets):
Azim (3), Muizzudin (2), Jaharih (1)

Best Player (KLIUC Griffin): Aditiya
Best Player (KLIUC Hornets): Azim (3 goals)

Game 4: Salibandy!Co. 2 - 15 Subang Rascals

Salibandy!Co. failed to keep up in the title race once again as they were beaten badly by the mighty Subang Rascals.

Salibandy!Co. was in their full squad once again but Rascals proved to be too strong for them. Terence of Salibandy!Co. has been helping the team scoring goals and thus being watched tightly by the Rascals' defence. However, he managed to steal two goals from Subang Rascals and giving the team the consolation goals.

Subang Rascals sent a much-depleted squad and brought in their 3rd goalkeeper for this match. Subang Rascals' skipper, Sjaiful Anuar was in the best form of the season as he once again inspired the team into victory. Another player to be noted was Arizal as he notched his first hat trick for Rascals.

In the end, Subang Rascals were back into their goalscoring style and keeping up with Gang Bintang in the league table.

Goalscorers (Salibandy!Co.):
Terence (2)

Goalscorers (Subang Rascals):
Sjaiful (3), Arizal (3), Harri (2), Suresh (2), Alea (1), Carlos (1), Gan Bing Hock (1)

Best Player (Salibandy!Co.): Terence (2 goals)
Best Player (Subang Rascals): Sjaiful (3 goals, 2 assists)
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Thursday, February 10, 2011

SFL 2010/2011 Match Day 6 Preview 12th February 2011

Match Day 6 will be played on Saturday the 12th of February at the Rakan Muda Complex in Puchong.

Match Day 5 was full of action, with players getting more passionate as we draw closer to the end of Round 1 in SFL 2010/ 2011. The highlight of Match Day 5 was undoubtedly the shock defeat brought upon the Green Army by Hornets. After the Chinese New Year break, the league is set to resume and teams are ready to battle for their positions before the end of the round.

Sat, 12th February 2011
Game 1 – Bangi Rusty Blades vs. GMI White Knights
(2.00pm – 4.00pm)
Referees: Jethro and Gerard
Bangi Rusty Blade would want to win this match to make up for the loss points against Hornets. The lost might have done them more good than harm coming quite early in the season. Perhaps, after the loss, the Green Army will be more focus and discipline and strive to be a team with much more consistency. Jun Wooi, Hafiz, Termin, Faz and John have been very much the strong backbone of the team and the rest of the players would do well to learn and improve together as a team.
GMI White Knights will look at the Hornets' success and might want to use that as an inspiration to cause yet another heart breaking upset for the Green Army. Nothing is impossible in a game of floorball but alas the hill might just be too steep for the White Knights to climb. The White Knights should look to strengthen their defence rather than going on an all out attack which could leave plenty of room to be exploited by the more senior players in the Green Army.
Bangi Rusty Blade to get back to their winning ways.
Players to watch (Bangi Rusty Blade): Hafidz, Jun Wooi, Faz and John.
Players to watch (GMI White Knights): Ridha, Amai, Bard, Shahir and Zaiff.

Game 2: Gracebandy!Co. vs. Gang Bintang
(4.00pm - 6.00pm)
Referees: Faz and Arizal
Gracebandy!Co. will do well to keep the Gang Bintang attacks at bay. They have to certainly tighten their defence and watch out for the quick one-two passes between Khalid and Rizal which have been the cause for many goals scored between the two of them. Gracebandy!Co. conceded 14 in the last game, and the first thing on their mind would be not to allow Gang Bintang to match that number.
Gang Bintang have shown to be worthy champions winning games week after week despite missing their key players. Rizal has been an inspiring figure in the team, leading the team when it is most needed. His tactical awareness and ability to coach and play in a team has been the recipe for success for Gang Bintang so far this season. It will take something special for them to actually lose a game in the league.
Gang Bintang to win big.
Players to watch (Gracebandy!Co.): Philip, Gerard, Anton and Joo Min.
Players to watch (Gang Bintang): Lada, Anuar, Jethro, Gafur, Rizal and Illyaz.

Match of the week!
Game 3 – KLIUC Griffins vs. KLIUC Hornets
(6.00pm – 8.00pm)
Referees: Suresh and Sjaiful
KLIUC Griffins are still looking for their first win in the league this season. They have shown improvement under coach Hafiz and recently appointed coach Ilyaz who would want them to achieve more than they have in the last games. Griffins might have a plan to turn the table against the Hornets in this exciting derby. However, they would have to stop the fast-forwards in the Hornets team who, on their better days could prove to be deadly.
KLIUC Hornets have caused the upset of the season notching a win against rivals Bangi Rusty Blade. The win might be the boost needed to inject some confidence in their players and perhaps making the team realise that they are indeed capable of performing at a higher level. The Hornets would do well to use this game as an opportunity to gel into a sound counter-attacking team.
The Hornets to win this derby encounter.
Players to watch (KLIUC Griffins): Naufal, Amirul and Adi.
Players to watch (KLIUC Hornets): Taqiuddin, Azim, Muizuddin, Nura Dyla, Paez and Azmill.

Game 4 – Subang Rascals vs. Salibandy!Co.
(8.00 pm – 10.00 am)
Referees: Taqi and Muiz
Subang Rascals put 14 goals past Gracebandy!Co. in their last game and would want to match or better that feat in this game. However, the Rascals are set to miss some key players in this game leaving only a handful on the bench. It would be interesting if the under-strength and out-numbered Rascals can get away with another win here.
Salibandy!Co. have proven over time that they are not to be taken for granted. With several key players who can win the game for them, Salibandy!Co. have managed to win 3 out of their 5 games. The 2 losses however indicates that Salibandy!Co. do have their weakness and they would do well to tighten their defence against the more experience and skilful Rascals.
Subang Rascals to keep the pressure on the leaders, Gang Bintang.
Players to watch (Subang Rascals): Dennis, Gan, Calle, Carlos, Henrik, Sjaiful and Harry.
Players to watch (Salibandy!Co.) : Alvin Lee Jin Aun, Ravi and Daniel Phang

Good luck to all!
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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Selangor Floorball League 2010/2011: Matchday 5 Summary

Matchday 5 saw a couple of surprises with slim victory as well as a couple of thrashing done by the usual two teams.

Game 1: GMI White Knights 3 - 2 KLIUC Griffin 
( 0 - 0 , 1 - 0 , 2 - 1 )

GMI White Knights claimed their 2nd victory in the league as they narrowly defeated KLIUC Griffin, who has yet to claim a single victory in the league so far. A last-minute blunder has cost KLIUC Griffin a point in one of the most exciting matches in Selangor Floorball League history.

Bakthiar Kamal Ariff scored a hat trick as he helped the team secure a last-gasp victory over their opponent. Zaiff did many good saves to help GMI White Knights stay in the lead throughout the match, despite the lead were equalized with just less than 2 minutes in the final period. GMI's defence was rather sloppy in this match as they gave several good opportunities to KLIUC Griffin to close the gap.

The most impressive player for KLIUC Griffin is Aditiya Nugraha. As he pulled off many big saves to keep the gap as close as possible. However, a last minute blunder has surely gave him the nightmare of a lifetime. But, he was surely credited for pulling the defence together and also his performance was remarkable. Besides, KLIUC Griffin was improving week after week as they nearly secured their first point this season as they managed to equalise with just 2 minutes left on the clock.

In the end, GMI White Knights claimed a slender win and they are still giving surprises to many teams in the league so far.

Goalscorers (GMI White Knights):
Bakhtiar Kamal Ariff (3)

Goalscorers (KLIUC Griffin):
Medi (1), Hanan (1)

Best Player (GMI White Knights): Bakhtiar Kamal Ariff (3 goals)
Best Player (KLIUC Griffin): Aditiya Nugraha

Game 2: Gang Bintang 8 - 2 Salibandy!Co. ( 3 - 0 , 1 - 2 , 4 - 0 )

The defending champions remain the only team who is unbeaten this season as they humbled Salibandy!Co. and extended their lead in the league table. A much depleted Gang Bintang squad for this match is still too strong for Salibandy!Co. as the champions showed they are the team to beat this season.

Rizal Razman was credited in this victory as he managed the team's offensive and defensive lines and inspired the team into their 5th consecutive victory by scoring 4 goals. According to him during the first intermission, this is by far Gang Bintang's best performance in the league despite missing their key player, Khalid in the first and second period. And thus, proving the Champions is not a one-man team. Illyaz was also at the best form ever as he pulled off many great saves to keep the lead alive.

Salibandy!Co., on the other hand, has their goalkeeper, Errol helping the team to keep up to the challenge and he made many crucial saves to prevent the Champions from extending their lead. His performance was praised by Gang Bintang including their skipper, Jethro Wong. Salibandy!Co. came close to defeating the Champions as they closed the gap from 3 goals to a goal difference through Alvin Lee and Terence Thong during the first 10 minutes of the second period.

Gang Bintang stayed in a comfortable lead and seems unstoppable as they extended their lead to 4 points at the end of Matchday 5.

Goalscorers (Gang Bintang):
Rizal (4), Anita (2), Bob (1), Gafur (1)

Goalscorers (Salibandy!Co.):
Alvin Lee (1), Terence (1)

Best Player (Gang Bintang): Rizal Razman (4 goals)
Best Player (Salibandy!Co.): Errol Cheong

Game 3: Subang Rascals 14 - 2 Gracebandy!Co. ( 5 - 1 , 4 - 1 , 5 - 0 )

Subang Rascals is back to their usual winning style as they thrashed Gracebandy!Co. 14 - 2 and is now placed 2nd in the league table.

Another inspiring performance by skipper, Sjaiful Anuar, has helped Subang Rascals to claim another comfortable victory. He scored 6 goals in this game with a couple of great build-up play that has made this match as one of the most entertaining matches in the league. Suzanne, the Subang Rascals keeper, was unstoppable in this match as she has made it hard for Gracebandy!Co. players to put the ball into the back of the net.

Edmond Wong, the Gracebandy!Co. keeper was praised by Subang Rascals' player/coach, Dennis Thulin as he pulled off many big saves from many Rascals' shots that came flying from all cylinders. He was credited for his performance despite conceding the most goals in Gracebandy!Co.'s biggest defeat in their club history.

Subang Rascals went to 2nd place at the end of Matchday 5 and it seems like they are back on track in hunting for the title.

Goalscorers (Subang Rascals):
Sjaiful (6), Henrik (3), Dennis (2), Kamal (2), Calle (1)

Goalscorers (Gracebandy!Co.):
Andrian (1), Gerard (1)

Best Player (Subang Rascals): Sjaiful Anuar (6 goals, 1 assist)
Best Player (Gracebandy!Co.): Edmond Wong

Game 4: Bangi Rusty Blade 3 - 4 KLIUC Hornets ( 0 - 3 , 1 - 0 , 1 - 1 )

The final game of Matchday 5 saw the biggest upset and surprise in Selangor floorball history. KLIUC Hornets stunned Bangi Rusty Blade as they claimed a memorable victory over the Green Army. Dubbed by the two match referees as "The Craziest Match ever", this match saw great competition between the two teams as well as many controversial decisions and fouls by both side.

The most impressive player for KLIUC Hornets was Azim, as he scored two goals which were good enough for the team to keep their hopes of winning alive. Besides, Azmill Hadzim, the KLIUC Hornets' goalkeeper, was at the best form ever, as he made many remarkable saves to keep the team in the lead.

Bangi Rusty Blade's goalkeeper, Apex, was given his first full-match appearance as he filled in their primary goalkeeper, John, for this match. He also made many great saves to keep the team in contention for a victory. His performance was credited as KLIUC Hornets' players were having a tough time in extending their lead.

In the end, KLIUC Hornets triumphed over Bangi Rusty Blade and thus making them still in the lead for the top two position and 4 points behind league leaders and reigning champions, Gang Bintang.

Goalscorers (Bangi Rusty Blade):
Amir Naqiuddin (2), Fazrullah (1)

Goalscorers (KLIUC Hornets):
Azim (2), Muizzudin (1), Arif (1)

Best Player (Bangi Rusty Blade): Apex
Best Player (KLIUC Hornets): Azim (2 goals)

Quick Fact: Gang Bintang became the first team to score 150 goals in Selangor Floorball League history.
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