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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Selangor Floorball Association Meeting

Hi again folks. There will be a meeting to discuss upcoming activities/agendas for 2012/2013 session. Here are the details:

Date     : 3rd November 2012
Venue  : Rakan Muda, Puchong (meeting room)
Time     : 2 PM

The following names must be present during the meeting     :
  • ·         Hafidz
  • ·         Suresh
  • ·         Khalid
  • ·         Sjaiful
  • ·         Gerard
  • ·         Alvin
  • ·         Shareena
  • ·         Muiz
  • ·         Ariff

These are the names for the representatives for each club (attendance is compulsory)          :
·         Gang Bintang (Men’s and Women’s Teams) – Jethro
·         Subang Rascals – Satyan
·         Salibandy – Ricky
·         Gracebandy - Philip
·         Hornets – Azmill
·         Griffins – Naufal
·         Bangi Rusty Blades – Faz
·         Blackwings – Al
·         White Knights – Shahir
·         New Clubs – Amai
·         Joker Prodigy – Amir Naqi
·         Tyttobandy – Dorcus
·         Foxy Blizzard – Nura Dyla
·         Herricanes – Zalvina

The topics that will be discussed throughout the meeting are            :
·         Upcoming leagues for both men and women divisions
·         Reorganization of the SFA
·         Club reorganizations (disbandment, new club formations, etc.)

All the names stated above are compulsory to attend to this meeting. Should you are unable to do so, please send another person as your representative at the meeting. Please refrain from bringing any unnecessary, “distractions” to the meeting.

Your cooperation will be highly appreciated in making this meeting a success. Hope to see you there!
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Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Merdeka Cup

What's up folks? It has been awhile since the end of the Selangor Floorball ended a few months ago. There were some friendly matches held during the off-season, but frankly speaking, they do not manage to fill the huge gap felt by most of the players during this period. But worry no longer ladies and gentlemen, as we now present to you; the Merdeka Cup! The long-awaited decisive battle between the two states; Selangor and Penang. Whoever comes out from this match as the winner will determine which of these two teams are the stronger-side among them. One thing for sure, no one would be eager to lose to their opponents at the end of the day. A very thrilling match this will turn to be!


Penang State Team V Selangor State Team (Ladies)

Penang State Team V Selangor State Team (Men)
2 – 5 PM

5 – 8 PM

Penang State Team V Selangor State Team (Ladies)

Penang State Team V Selangor State Team (Men)
10 AM – 1 PM

1 – 4 PM


We are hoping to see everyone in the floorball community to come and give your support so that the Merdeka Cup could be a success.

See you guys there!

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