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Friday, December 18, 2009

Floorball Friendly: KL Bintang vs. Malaysia

With the League has ended, Floorball friendlies are going on around Malaysia. This weekend, the infamous KL Bintang team will be playing against the Malaysian national team. KL Bintang mainly consist of players from the Selangor Floorball League and it will be only be formed for friendly matches.

Here is the list of past results when the team faced Malaysia:

KL Bintang 4-7 Malaysia (December 2008)

KL Bintang 4-6 Malaysia (November 2009)

So, they will be playing for the third time against the national squad tomorrow. Catch them live at Sports Plaza, Section 13. =)
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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Final Matchday Results !

KLIUC Hornets 1 - 7 Salibandy!Co.

Gang Bintang 10 - 3 Subang Rascals
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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Matchday 6 Summary

Game 16: Gang Bintang v. KLIUC Hornets

Gang Bintang11 - 1KLIUC Hornets
Lada 6'
Khalid 20', 38', 48'
Sjaiful 21', 57'
Farhan 34'
Arizal 38', 60'
Rizal 39', 54'

Zahir Fikri 32'
43Total Shots33
23Shots on Target11
53%Shots Accuracy33%

Gang Bintang continued their dominance in the league as they thrashed KLIUC Hornets 11-1. It was a very exciting match as both sides have several chances in overtaking one another in the scoreline.

Sjaiful, the skipper of Gang Bintang, was an inspiration to the team as he scored and assisted few of Gang Bintang’s goals. Despite a missed penalty, he has shown a true fighting spirit and lifted up the team’s morale.

Another player to be credited was John, the goalkeeper of Hornets. He was in a sensational form as he saved many superb shots from Gang Bintang and kept the scoreline alive despite several defensive errors that conceded the goals. However, his performance was surely world-class. Zahir Fikri managed to score a consolation goal for Hornets and stopped Illyaz's hopes to get a clean sheet.

Overally, Gang Bintang controlled most of the game in terms of ball possessions. But Hornets persevered and avoided conceding even more goals and their performance deserved some credits. The game was very fairly played.

Game 17: Salibandy!Co. v. Gang Bintang

Salibandy!Co.4 - 18Gang Bintang
Alvin L. 29', 31', 33', 52' Sjaiful 1', 34', 46', 49', 56', 60'
Rizal 2', 44', 50'
Arizal 2', 37'
Gafur 8', 33', 55'
Khalid 14', 42'
Kenny 36', 48'

30Total Shots92
16Shots on Target46
53%Shots Accuracy50%

Gang Bintang cruised to another goal-fest as they thrashed Salibandy!Co. 18-4. The match was pretty one-sided in the first period, but in the second period, the table turned quickly as Salibandy!Co. netted in 3 goals and posted some threats to Gang Bintang. But however, Gang Bintang picked their rhythm back and keeps their dominance and hopes for the title alive.

Gang Bintang scored 3 goals in the space of 2 minutes into the first period and another two goals few minutes later and making it one-sided just in the first period itself.

Captain Sjaiful inspired the team to victory once again as he was involved in many vital Gang Bintang attacks; he scored 6 goals and assisted two goals. Khalid was among the six Gang Bintang scorers in the game. There were 3 hat trick heroes for Gang Bintang in this game; Sjaiful, Rizal and Gafur.

Another player to be credited was Alvin Lee. As he single-handedly scored all 4 goals for Salibandy!Co. His hat trick was a wake up call to Gang Bintang in their sloppy defence in the 2nd period.

Overall, Gang Bintang dominated the whole game despite several defensive errors. Salibandy!Co. played well in posting threats to their opponents. The game was played fairly with several bench penalties.

Game 18: KLIUC Griffin v. KLIUC Hornets

KLIUC Hornets3 - 1KLIUC Griffin
Amir Zamri 18'
Fazrullah 19'
Khairul 34'

Kesavan 39'
38Total Shots36
17Shots on Target15
45%Shots Accuracy42%

KLIUC Hornets clinched their first win in the league as they grabbed a comfortable 3-1 win over their derby rivals, KLIUC Griffin. The win has kept their hopes for the 3rd place in the League alive.

The match was pretty tight as both posted several close range chances. But the keepers were superb as they saved many vital shots.

Amir Zamri, Fazrullah and Khairul were the scorers for Hornets and their goals were important for Hornets’ conquest for the 3rd spot. The Hornets’ defence was very well-organized throughout the game as they made it hard for Griffins to penetrate into the heart of the defence.

Griffins’ defence was well-organized too but several defensive errors have allowed their opponents to take advantage over it. Kesavan managed to score a goal to keep Griffins’ hopes for equalizer alive in the 2nd period.

Overall, the match was well played with few bench penalties. Hornets are the deserving team for the victory.
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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Matchday 6 Results

Gang Bintang 11-1 KLIUC Hornets

Salibandy!Co. 4-18 Gang Bintang

KLIUC Griffin 1-3 KLIUC Hornets
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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Matchday 5 Summary

Game 13: KLIUC Griffin v. Salibandy!Co.

KLIUC Griffin

G/CNo.Players' NameG/CNo.Players' Name
C 4 MuizzudinC23Tong Jun Jiat Ricky
G 1 Azmill G 1 Danush Ram
6 Muhammad Faiz G 55 Aw Ying Ying
10 Iffat 28 Alvin Lee Jin Aun
11 Abdul Malik 26 Wong Choy Ling
14 Farhan 77 Daniel Phang
23 Zuhri 7 Andrian
30 Syed 32 Gan Kel Sern
54 Amir 21 Jonathan Low
55 Hafidz 88 Kenny Chan
66 Afiq 29 Lee Kuan Piaw
77 Muhammad Afiq 3 Terence
88 Mohd. Faiz 12 Ng Kar Yee
7 Taqiuddin 8 Gerard
24 Kesavan
16 Zalvina

Match Statistics
KLIUC Griffin3 - 6Salibandy!Co.
Iffat 19'
Taqiuddin 44'
Hafidz 53'
Kel Sern 26'
Terence 28', 35', 60'
Andrian 44'
Hafidz 56' (OG)

44Total Shots41
25Shots on Target32
57%Shots Accuracy78%

Salibandy!Co. cruised to their 2nd win of the season after defeating their arch-rivals, KLIUC Griffin. The win has secured them the 3rd place in the League. A very good achievement for them because Gang Bintang and Subang Rascals have secured the top spot.

The match was a bit tight in the 1st period but Iffat of Griffins has put the home side a 1 goal lead after a goalless encounter in the first 17 minutes. Both sides deserve credits as they displayed a magnificent performance.

However, 5 minutes into the 2nd period, Kel Sern scored the vital equalizer for Salibandy!Co. after a great follow-up by Kuan Piaw.

But the spotlight will be on Terence of Salibandy!Co. as he scored an amazing hat trick against Griffins. The other scorer for Salibandy!Co. was Andrian.

Hafidz, the coach of Griffins, showed amazing leadership and led by example and scored for Griffins, nevertheless, a miscommunication in the defence and Hafidz accidentally scored an own goal. Taqiuddin was another Griffins’ player who is on a scoring form as he added his name into the scoresheet once again.

Both sides’ keepers showed a tremendous performance as they made many vital saves and making it hard for their opponents to score.

Overall, both sides played well despite several bench penalties given and Salibandy!Co. deserved those precious 2 points.

Game 14: Subang Rascals v. KLIUC Hornets

Subang Rascals

KLIUC Hornets
G/CNo.Players' NameG/CNo.Players' Name
C2SnakeC7Zahir Fikri
G 30 Suzanne G 1 John
3 Henrik G 77 Nadiana
4 Suresh 26 Ikmal
5 Gan Bing Hock 22 Noralea
7 Dennis 17 Amir
8 Shawn 9 Eizzat
9 Matthew 76 Norman
10 Connor 8 Khairul Hazwan
12 Vicki 71 Fazrullah
78 Carlos 69 Naqiuddin
3 Fitri
18 Zulfadli Azim
14 Syamil
23 Faiz
11 Shafiqa

Match Statistics

Subang Rascals14 - 1KLIUC Hornets
Henrik 2', 5', 30', 57'
Suresh 2'
Dennis 7', 23', 28', 39'
Vicki 15', 42', 51'
Carlos 40'
Connor 49'

Zulfadli 29'
104Total Shots38
40Shots on Target12
38%Shots Accuracy32%

Subang Rascals extended their lead in the table once again after another goal-fest against KLIUC Hornets. They have beaten their KLIUC counterparts the same scoreline on the day these two first met few weeks ago, 14-1. The dominance showed that Subang Rascals means business in conquering the League title as Gang Bintang still has 2 games in hand.

Dennis and Carlos have given a positive effect to the team as they clinched 5 points (4 goals, 1 assist) and 4 points (1 goal, 3 assists) respectively. Credits also to Rascals’ defence as skipper, Snake did a tremendous job in organizing his team’s defence.

Henrik was on a goal-scoring form once again as he scored 4 goals out of Rascals’ 14 in the game. Suzanne did a superb job in saving many vital shots from Hornets despite conceding a goal. One of the remarkable incidents was a superb throw through the centre court from her following a save and Carlos scored from it.

Vicki is another player who clinched a hat trick in this game and one of her best performances in the League.

However, Hornets played well in this game too. Top scorer of the team, Zulfadli did not disappoint his team as he managed to give Hornets hope in the 2nd period and scored against Suzanne.

Goalkeepers, John and Nadiana, also did a great job in preventing the many shots from Rascals. Without them, it would have been even more goals for Rascals.

Overall, this game was played fairly as there were no bench penalties given to both sides. But Rascals is far too strong for the visitors.

Game 15: Gang Bintang v. KLIUC Griffin

Gang Bintang

KLIUC Griffin
G/CNo.Players' NameG/CNo.Players' Name
G 1 Illyaz G 1 Azmill
12 Jethro 6 Muhammad Faiz
31 Song 10 Iffat
8 Ain 11 Abdul Malik
7 Shareena 14 Farhan
6 Raziq 23 Zuhri
4 Kama 30 Syed
21 Farhan 54 Amir
10 Jiwa 55 Hafidz
3 Lada 66 Afiq
36 Anwar 77 Muhammad Afiq
77 Rizal 88 Mohd. Faiz
55 Tasha 7 Taqiuddin
24 Kesavan

Match Statistics

Gang Bintang4 - 2KLIUC Griffin
Lada 5', 21'
Rizal 39'
Sjaiful 60'

Hafidz 27'
Taqiuddin 28'
28Total Shots22
13Shots on Target15
46%Shots Accuracy68%

Gang Bintang continued their dominance in the League as they extended their unbeaten run against KLIUC Griffins after a comfortable 4-2 scoreline. Without top scorer, Mohammad Khalid, and other key players on the side, Gang Bintang struggled through the game but their persevering spirit to snatch the victory has awarded them a win over their KLIUC counterparts.

KLIUC Griffin has given their opponents a hard time as Gang Bintang was not on their usual scoring streak in the game. Their defence was very well-played and organized; credits to skipper, Muizzudin for his great leadership and leading the team into a superb defensive play.

Gang Bintang played rather defensively in this game as they did not play much attacking plays. However, skipper, Sjaiful Anuar has led his team by example and he was involved in many vital offensive and defensive plays. Lada was the star for Gang Bintang as he put the home team in the lead twice despite the 2nd goal from him was cancelled out by Hafidz and Taqiuddin in the 2nd period.

Sjaiful and Rizal managed to put Gang Bintang back into comfortable position as both scored against Griffin.

Griffins’ keeper, Azmill Hadzim was on the primetime of his performance as he saved most of Gang Bintang’s shots. His amazing display was entertaining to the crowd as everyone was cheering for him.

Overall, this game was played fairly despite 4 bench penalties given. Gang Bintang is now trailing behind the leaders, Subang Rascals, by two points.
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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Matchday 5 Results

KLIUC Griffin 3 - 6 Salibandy!Co.

Subang Rascals 14 - 1 KLIUC Hornets

Gang Bintang 4 - 2 KLIUC Griffin
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Monday, November 23, 2009

Matchday 4 Summary

Game 10: Subang Rascals v. Salibandy!Co.

Subang Rascals

G/CNo.Players' NameG/CNo.Players' Name
C4SureshC23Tong Jun Kiat Ricky
G 30 Suzanne G 1 Danush Ram
12 Vicky G 55 Aw Ying Ying
10 Connor 28 Alvin Lee Jin Aun
5 Bing Hock 26 Wong Choy Ling
81 Sasitheran 77 Daniel Phang
2 Snake 49 Arnan Koh
78 Carlos 25 Karen Phang
6 Mikko 29 Lee Kuan Piaw
19 Kari 3 Terence
7 Dennis 7 Andrian
9 Matthew 88 Kenny Chan
8 Shawn 9 Errol Cheng
20 Rai 21 Jonathan Low
3 Henrik 5 Tiah Wen Lin
87 Philip
13 Ooi Joo Min
10 Kendrick
42 David Lim
19 Sherwin Mah

Match Statistics
Subang Rascals18 - 3Salibandy!Co.

Bing Hock 6', 59'

Carlos 7', 7', 11', 35',

52', 55', 59', 60'

Vicky 22'

Snake 23'

Dennis 24', 28', 34',

36', 37', 51'

Daniel Phang 41'

Alvin L. 53', 60'

29Total Shots15
27Shots on Target12
93%Shots Accuracy80%

Subang Rascals cruised to their 5th win of the season after edging Salibandy!Co. easily with an 18-3 scoreline. It proved to be a great recovery after they have suffered their first loss to Gang Bintang. Salibandy!Co. on the other hand, despite their first win against KLIUC Griffins two weeks ago, seems to be out of control over their defence as they were punished hard by many Rascals offensive runs.

1st period:

Rascals without several key players, they started the game with just 8 players but they welcomed Carlos back into the line-up. And Carlos, missed the game against Gang Bintang, was on his top form in this game, scored a hat trick in just 10 minutes with the two tremendous strikes in the 6th minute and the third in the 10th minute; credits also to Dennis as he assisted Carlos’ first goal.

Bing Hock scored
Rascals first goal in just 5 minutes into the period.

Salibandy!Co. played well in this period. They played defensively throughout the period. Goalkeeper, Danush made a remarkable save with his leg from a close-ranged Dennis’ shot during the period which became the highlights of the match.

*Subang Rascals 4-0 Salibandy!Co.*

2nd period:

The 2nd period was a goal-fest.
Subang Rascals had some serious tactical planning during the intermission and it worked perfectly in this period.

It was not long till spectators saw the first goal as Vicky scored a goal following a defensive error by
Salibandy!Co. players. Snake grabbed his first goal of the season as he netted in Rascals’ 6th of the game following an impressive pass by Dennis.

Dennis, who is chasing the players’ list leader, Khalid of Gang Bintang, has made taking over the leadership board as his main objective in this game. As a result, he netted 5 impressive goals in this period and making him the new leader of the leadership board at that point of time.

Connor has been a helping hand in assisting his teammates this period as he assisted both Dennis and Carlos’ goals. Snake and Vicky were the other two who assisted both Dennis’ goals in the 13th and 16th minute.

But, Connor was given a two-minute bench penalty for allegedly hitting the opponent’s stick incorrectly
(code 201).

As the period ended and went into the intermission,
Salibandy!Co. skipper, Ricky Tong must really plan something well in order to stop Rascals from firing more goals and get his team back into the game.

*Subang Rascals 12-0 Salibandy!Co.*

3rd period:

Salibandy!Co. trailed
Rascals 12 goals as they entered the 3rd period. The match has been rather intensive in the 3rd period. With both sides played very well.

But it was the visitors who drew the crowd into attention as Daniel Phang managed to score following a great pass by Alvin L. and showing some signs of a comeback from Salibandy!Co.

However, there were many unprofessional fouls in this period as 4 players from
Salibandy!Co. were given two-minutes bench penalty for committing an offence of incorrect hit.
The first two penalties gave
Rascals a huge opportunity to extend their lead over the visitors as they scored two goals. The scorers were Carlos and Dennis; with Carlos assisting Dennis’ goal.

On the other hand,
Salibandy!Co. showed some fighting spirit as well as Terence made a vital pass to allow Alvin L. to score from the follow-up; making the scoreline 2-14.

Nevertheless, Suresh played an all-important role in this game and pushed forward from the defence and assisted Carlos’ 6th goal of the game in the 14th minute.
Rascals then made the scoreline even more one-sided as Carlos added two more goals into the score sheet; Bing Hock also added another one. Dennis and Vicky both assisted the goals with Dennis assisted two.

Alvin L. managed to score another consolation goal for
Salibandy!Co. after a great Jonathan pass in the offensive run.

The match ended Subang Rascals 18-3 Salibandy!Co.

Game 11: KLIUC Hornets v. Gang Bintang

KLIUC Hornets

Gang Bintang
G/CNo.Players' NameG/CNo.Players' Name
C7Mohd. Zahir FikriC2Sjaiful
G 1 Huzairyazlan G 18 Bob (Wei Zhen)
G 77 Nadiana Najib 26 Khalid
18 Zulfadli Azim 12 Jethro
21 Muhammad Haniff Johari 8 Ain
3 Mohd. Fitri 80 Arizal
17 Amir Zamri 17 Dahlia
22 Noralea binti Adzhar 4 Kama
23 Jaharin Abain 31 Song
26 Muhd. Ikmal Shah 71 Farhan
14 Mohd. Syamil Afiq 6 Raziq
2 Aishah Jamaludin 55 Tasha
10 Fadhullah Abd. Razab 3 Lada
24 Ahmed 30 Edwin
36 Anwar
28 Gafur
7 Shareena
77 Rizal
10 Jiwa

Match Statistics
KLIUC Hornets2 - 10Gang Bintang

Amir Zamri 8'

Bob [Wei Zhen] 49' (OG)

Khalid 6', 45', 53', 60'

Arizal 10'

Anwar 26'

Rizal 38'

Jethro 49'

Ain 55'

Sjaiful 58' (P)

39Total Shots59
25Shots on Target21
64%Shots Accuracy36%

Gang Bintang managed to level the leadership table as they were trailing behind on goal differences at this point of the game. A comfortable 10-2 win over Hornets making them still invincible in the League and their unbeaten run was extended to 4-games. KLIUC Hornets has also been remarkable in this game as they have given their opponents hard to break their defence. Gang Bintang started this game without their first choice goalkeeper, Illyaz. Bob made his debut for the team and was given an important task.

1st period:

The first period was rather tight as both sides were well-levelled. Khalid scored
Gang Bintang’s first goal of the game in the 6th minute. But that lead has been cancelled out two minutes later as Amir Zamri pulled the trigger and scored the equalizer; a very important equalizer for Hornets.

However, Arizal managed to put his team back into the lead following a great strike from the centre and the ball went into the back of the net.

At the 19th minute, Muhd. Ikmal was given a two-minute bench penalty for heading the ball.

*KLIUC Hornets 1-2 Gang Bintang*

2nd period:

The second period was an interesting period.
Gang Bintang found back their rhythm as they posted many dangerous strikes to their opponent.

In the 5th minute,
Anwar extended their lead following many combinations of passes before seeing the end result of it.

KLIUC Hornets has been playing rather defensively in this game but they also made several impressive offensive runs against the
Gang Bintang defence. But Bob was on his form and he made many vital saves in the period.

Jethro of Gang Bintang made two blunders in the game as he fired two close-ranged shots way over the crossbar.

Rizal managed to score Gang Bintang’s 4th goal of the game following a great pass by Khalid.

Before the end of the period, Jaharin of
Hornets was given a two-minute bench penalty for lifting his stick high.

*KLIUC Hornets 1-4 Gang Bintang*

3rd period:

Gang Bintang went on full-press in their offensive and defensive runs and they made it hard for
Hornets’ players to create any chances.

However, 3 minutes into the period, one of
Gang Bintang’s players allegedly stepped into the goalkeeper’s box and the referee has no chance but to give a penalty to Hornets. Zulfadli Azim stepped forward to the penalty but his shot went to no-mans land as it flew wide from the post.

Gang Bintang then responded several minutes later and
Khalid scored his 2nd goal of the game after an impressive run.

Hornets managed to pull one back despite a great save by Bob in the first attempt and he accidentally kicked the ball into the back of his own net after the ball bounced off his hands.

Luck went back to
Gang Bintang’s side as there were miscommunications in the Hornets’ defence and Jethro did not disappoint his team this time as his shot flew past the Hornets’ keeper, Huzairyazlan and went into the top left corner; his first goal of the season.

Khalid then scored his 3rd of the game following a great throw by
Bob after a save. Ain then extended the team’s lead and she scored her first goal of the season after a scrambled Hornets’ defence and the ball squeezed past the goalkeeper and went into the back of the net.

In the 17th minute,
Hornets then gave a penalty to Gang Bintang as one of their defenders stepped into the goalkeeper’s box and handled the ball. Sjaiful, the skipper of Gang Bintang, stepped forward confidently and took it well. His first goal of the season and Gang Bintang’s 9th of the game.

Khalid then concluded the scoreline right before the final whistle and made it 10-2.

The match ended
KLIUC Hornets 2-10 Gang Bintang.

Game 12: KLIUC Griffin v. Subang Rascals

KLIUC Griffin

Subang Rascals
G/CNo.Players' NameG/CNo.Players' Name
C4Muizzudin 4Suresh
G 1 Azmill Hadzim G 30 Suzanne
7 Putri 12 Vicky
10 Iffat 10 Connor
11 Abdul Malik 5 Bing Hock
14 Farhan 81 Sasitheran
23 Zuhri C 2 Snake
28 Rashdan 78 Carlos
30 Syed 6 Mikko
54 Amir 19 Kari
55 Hafidz 7 Dennis
66 Afiq 9 Matthew
88 Mohd. Faiz 8 Shawn
99 Taqiuddin 20 Rai
18 Saiful 3 Henrik
8 Syarifuddin
24 Kesavan
6 Muhammad Faiz
16 Zalvina
77 Muhammad Afiq

Match Statistics

KLIUC Griffin1 - 6Subang Rascals

Abdul Malik 46'

Dennis 9'

Bing Hock 19'

Henrik 43', 49'

Vicky 44'

Suresh 52'

25Total Shots42
10Shots on Target27
40%Shots Accuracy64%

Subang Rascals cruised past Griffins with a 6-1 scoreline but this match was rather tight. Rascals extended their lead in the leadership by two points over Gang Bintang after this game. Griffins, however, suffered their fourth defeat of the season. But they put on a great fight in this game and preventing Rascals from making another comfortable win. Rascals secured the top-two playoff spots to the Champions’ League after this victory.

1st period:

The first period was really intense. Both sides played well, but it was
Azmill Hadzim, the goalkeeper of Griffins, who made the headlines in this game. He has played tremendously well and saving many vital shots from Rascals.

However, Dennis then received a pass from Vicky in the 9th minute and he hit a solid shot and the ball went into the back of the net.

Two minutes before the end of first period, Hock then scored his first of the game followed by a great pass from Matthew.

It is all to play for at the end of first period as
Rascals went into the intermission with a two-goal cushion.

*KLIUC Griffin 0-2 Subang Rascals*

2nd period:

The match began to heat up in the 2nd period. With both sides want to triumph over the other, both sides were rather balanced in the 2nd period as it was goalless at the end of 2nd period.

However, there were several bench penalties given in the period. First was Shawn of
Rascals, as he repeated too many offences despite the referee’s warning against him (code 217). A minute later, Suresh was the 2nd player to be sent to the bench as he made the incorrect distance foul following a Griffins’ free hit (code 211). Finally, Hafidz was the last player to be sent to the bench for incorrect pushing (code 207).

The highlights of the period would most definitely be a missed penalty shot by Dennis.
Griffins’ defender accidentally stepped into the goalkeeper’s box and the referee gave a penalty to Rascals. Dennis took the penalty confidently but his shot flew high and went over the bar.

*KLIUC Griffin 0-2 Subang Rascals*

3rd period:

Both sides did some changes during the intermission and their style of play was rather different compared to the previous two periods.

But it was
Rascals who made the breakthrough first as Henrik scored his first goal of the game after a great pass by Bing Hock. Vicky then extended Rascals’ lead after a superb Connor pass and she sent the ball into the back of the net.

Griffins managed to pull one goal back as Abdul Malik scored a vital goal for the home team.

Few minutes later, Henrik added his name into the scoresheet once again after a great solo effort. Suresh concluded the scoreline in the 12th minute after a great set-up by Carlos.

Griffins was given a chance to pull the gap closer as the referee gave Griffins a penalty after a defensive mistake by Rascals. But Taqiuddin missed the penalty and a great block by Rascals’ keeper, Suzanne.

There are several players who were sent to the bench penalty in this period.
Dennis of Rascals was sent to the bench twice with the same offences on both occasions as he incorrectly hit on the opponent’s stick. 3 Griffins players were sent to the bench; they are Abdul Malik, Muizzudin and Iffat. Abdul Malik incorrectly hit on the opponent’s stick, Muizzudin was sent to the bench for protesting against the ref’s decision and Iffat allegedly pushed the opponent in an encounter.

The match ended
KLIUC Griffin 1-6 Subang Rascals.
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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Matchday 4 Results

Subang Rascals 18-3 Salibandy!Co.

KLIUC Hornets 2-10 Gang Bintang

KLIUC Griffin 1-6 Subang Rascals
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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Updated League Schedule


G 10 Subang Rascals v. Salibandy!Co. (12.15PM)

G 11 Hornets v. Gang Bintang (2.30 PM)

G 12 Griffin v. Subang Rascals (4.45 PM)


G 13 Griffin v. Salibandy!Co. (12.15 PM)

G 14 Subang Rascals v. Hornets (2.30PM)

G 15 Gang Bintang v. Griffin (4.45 PM)


G 16 Gang Bintang v. Hornets (10.00 AM)

G 17 Salibandy!Co. v. Gang Bintang (2.30 PM)

G 18 Griffin v. Hornets (4.45 PM)


G 19 Hornets v. Salibandy!Co. (12.15 PM)

G 20 Rascals v. Gang Bintang (2.45 PM)

4.45 PM - Prize Giving; Selangor State Team Nomination & Celebration (attendance is compulsory)
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