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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Selangor Floorball League 2011/2012: Matchweek 2 Preview

After 2 very long and strenuous week of rest, SFL 2011/2012 resume back for Matchweek No. 2. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Matchweek 2 which was supposed to commence on the 1st January 2012 had to be postponed a day to 2nd January 2012.

2nd January 2012

Match 1: Bangi Rusty Blade vs. KLIUC Hornets (2pm-4pm)

Both team suffered defeats in their respective matches during matchweek 1. Both team will definitely be looking for their first win of the season with both team will be expected to come out in full force for this match.

Hornets as expected loss their first match against Subang Rascals and they have to thank their keeper Azmill for making countless of saves and deny Rascals even bigger win margin. But for this match Hornets will have to make do without their influential keeper as Azmill is sideline for at least 3 weeks because of leg injury. Hornets will have to dig deep with their captain Muizzuddin and experienced centre Taqi needed to step up their game and lead the team by example. They will have to tighten their defence well against a very determine BRB side.

SFL 11/12 witnesses one of the early shock of the season as Bangi Rusty Blade suffered a shocking 5-6 loss against GMI White Knights. This will certainly serves as a wake up call to BRB and they will go into this match with a revenge mission in mind as Hornets manage to beat BRB on both matches last season which evidently dented BRB hopes of fighting for the SFL title last season. BRB will continue to rely heavily on the vast experience of Hafidz to lead the team to victory. With Kendrick, Joo Min, Faz and Amir expected to play in this match, BRB are a wounded tiger ready to pounce on its next prey.

Players to watch (Bangi Rusty Blade): Hafidz, Kendrick, Joo Min, Faz
Players to watch (KLIUC Hornets): Muiz, Taqi, John

Prediction: A very close encounter between both teams with Bangi Rusty Blade coming out top in the end as the absence of Azmill for Hornets will haunt them dearly.

Match 2: Salibandy!Co. vs Gang Bintang (4pm-6pm)

This will be the first match of the season for Salibandy!Co. They will have to be at their best almost immediately as they are coming up against the defending champions Gang Bintang. Salibandy!Co will have to rely on the experience of Alvin and Terence to break up the Gang Bintang attack and they will need to play at a fast pace in order to match Gang Bintang stick by stick.

Gang Bintang as expected started brilliantly in their first match of the season when they defeated Joker Prodigy 7-1. Khalid and their inspirational skipper Jethro will again be the central point for the team against Salibandy!Co. With goalkeeper Ilyaz expected to play, Gang Bintang look solid from back to front.

Players to watch (Salibandy!Co.): Alvin, Terence, Kelson, Song Sing
Players to watch (Gang Bintang): Jethro, Khalid, Rizal, Anwar, Gafur

Prediction: A second win for Gang Bintang with Salibandy!Co. lack of match fitness costing them

Match 3: Subang Rascals vs GMI White Knights (6pm-8pm)

Subang Rascals started with a bang during matchweek 1 as they slaughtered Hornets for a 19-4 win. Rascals would certainly want to continue the astounding form that they had shown against GMI White Knights. Their skipper Sjaiful, Dennis and Kamal will certainly be the main focal point of the Rascals attack for which GMI would be wary off. Rascals goalkeeper Azahari will need to keep a very close watch against the fast paced GMI team as they can certainly spring surprises at any given opportunity as they had shown against BRB.

GMI White Knights has certainly shown their capability after they managed to win against Bangi Rusty Blade. They fast play and movement shown by the GMI players has certainly paid its dividends. But facing Subang Rascals, GMI will need to defend well and surprise Rascals with their counter attacking game. Their ever impressive goalkeeper, Penang will need to be on extra alert all throughout the game and they need to show a very high team spirit in order to achieve any kind of result in this game. If not it might just be one way traffic.

Players to watch (Subang Rascals): Sjaiful, Dennis, Snake, Henrik
Players to watch (GMI White Knights): Amai, Shahir, Penang

Prediction: Subang Rascals to continue their impressive form with a comfortable win against GMI White Knights

Match 4: Gracebandy vs KLIUC Griffin (8pm-10pm)

Gracebandy had lost several key players during the off season as Joo Min, Kendrick and Adrian had joined Bangi Rusty Blade. Nevertheless Gracebandy is still full of talented and inspirational players lead by their experienced players like Gerrard and Melvin. As this will be the first game of the season for Gracebandy, they will need to be wary off the fast game that Griffin is playing this season. They will have to really tighten their defence in order to break the Griffins attack.

Griffin tasted their first ever victory in SFL when they defeated GMI Black Wings 9-3. It has certainly became a major moral booster for Griffins as they will definitely be hungry for more wins in the league. Naufal has lead the team through example and his high spirited display had a positive impact amongst the Griffin players. With other players like Tariq, Medi and Adi hitting top form plus a great team spirit within the camp, Griffin has certainly become a force to be reckon in the league.

Players to watch (Gracebandy): Gerrard, Melvin
Players to watch (KLIUC Griffin): Naufal, Adi, Tariq, Medi

Prediction: KLIUC Griffin to continue their winnings ways with a close margin win against Gracebandy

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Selangor Floorball League 2011/2012: Matchweek 1 Preview

After 7 months of break, the new season of Selangor Floorball League 2011/2012 begins. Clubs have been preparing during the pre-season through friendlies and tours and the preparation for the League is said to be overwhelming and fruitful for all clubs. With the new installation of the SFL Super Cup and Premier Cup at stake for qualifications, all clubs will surely be challenging not only for the SFL title, but also for a Cup win.

18 December 2011

Match 1: Subang Rascals v. KLIUC Hornets (4pm-6pm)

Last season's runners-up will begin their campaign against KLIUC Hornets, who will be seeking a top 4 finish this season. Rascals have always been a tougher draw for Hornets as the experience of the Rascals squad is plentiful. Hornets will have to rely on their goalkeeper, Azmill Hadzim to keep the scoreline closer to challenge the fast-paced Subang Rascals players.

Subang Rascals will most probably be starting their new signing, Apek Azahari, who signed from Bangi Rusty Blade during the transfer window, and he will be the man who Rascals will be relying on between the two posts after their no.1 goalkeeper, Susanne Olovsson is still injured.

Players to Watch (Subang Rascals): Sjaiful Anuar, Dennis Thulin, Snake, Henrik Nieminen
Players to Watch (KLIUC Hornets): Muizzudin, Taqiuddin, Azmill Hadzim

Prediction: An easy win for Subang Rascals.

Match 2: Joker Prodigy FC v. Gang Bintang (8pm-10pm)

Reigning champions, Gang Bintang will begin their title defending campaign against a new SFL club, Joker Prodigy FC, formed by former players of Bangi Rusty Blade. Gang Bintang has been well-known for their offensive plays and comeback wins last season, is hoping to start off the season in style.

With several influential players like Khalid, Jethro and Rizal, it is without a doubt the Champions will be one of the favourites to winning the title this season.

Joker Prodigy FC, on the other hand, has been rather mysterious in their club's preparation for the League as they only made their debut in pre-season friendly last month against KLIUC Griffin. Led by Ery, it is expected that Joker Prodigy FC might be in for a mid-table finish this season.

Players to Watch (Joker Prodigiy FC): Ery, Naqi
Players to Watch (Gang Bintang): Jethro, Khalid, Rizal, Anwar, Gafur

Prediction: A tough test for Joker Prodigy FC as critics think it will be a comfortable win for the defending Champions.

19 December 2011

Match 3: GMI Black Wings v. KLIUC Griffin

The 3rd match of Matchweek 1 sees newly-established GMI Black Wings face last season's bottom-placed KLIUC Griffin. A classic David-Goliath match as experience plays a big part in this match.

GMI Black Wings is a feeder club of GMI White Knights and it is formed with new players who have never been on a competitive floorball match before. They are looking into making a promising start to the season and finish the season at a respective position.

KLIUC Griffin, on the other hand, will be shrugging off their disappointing campaign last season and looking into improving the squad for the coming season. With 3 new experienced signings in the squad, it is without a doubt that KLIUC Griffin will be challenging for a top-half table finish this season. Media prediction suggests that KLIUC Griffin might have the chance to make it to the Premier Cup. Banking on the leadership of Ahmad Naufal and in-form goalkeeper, Adi Nugraha, we will have to see if KLIUC Griffin has what it takes to dent their competitors' chances in the league.

Players to Watch (GMI Black Wings): Azizul
Players to Watch (KLIUC Griffin): Adi, Naufal, Medi

Prediction: A possible nail-biter but KLIUC Griffin will see off their first win in the league since 2009.

Match 4: Bangi Rusty Blade v. GMI White Knights

The final match of matchweek 1 sees last season's 3rd-placed Bangi Rusty Blade face GMI White Knights. Bangi Rusty Blade is the only club who has been busy in the transfer window with at least 6 signings for the coming season. Losing their influential defender, Jun Wooi, is a major blow to their squad.

New signings like Joo Minn, Kendrick and Andrian will definitely boost the squad as they bid for the title this season to match the likes of Gang Bintang and Subang Rascals. Complacency may be the key issue to some of their disappointments last season, but critics believe this season will be an exciting year for them.

GMI White Knights has wow-ed many spectators and players last season with their commitment and passion for the sport. Despite being the new club last season, they finished remarkably well and have given several teams a hard time in some matches. With the likes of Shahir, Amai, and Zaiff, GMI White Knights will be hoping to start off their campaign by a surprise win.

Players to Watch (Bangi Rusty Blade): Hafidz, Joo Minn, Andrian
Players to Watch (GMI White Knights): Zaiff, Shahir, Amai, Bard

Prediction: A close encounter but Bangi Rusty Blade will see off a win.
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