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Monday, December 24, 2012

Selangor Floorball Association: Meeting Updates

Selangor Floorball Association

A meeting between club representatives and the President of SFA; Mr. Mohd Hafidz Zainalabidin has taken place on December 24th, 2012. Among the matters discussed during the meeting were:

Men's League
  • There will only be 10 teams competing in the upcoming Selangor Floorball League (SFL).
  • Charis Angel has decided pull out from the upcoming SFL due to unavoidable reasons.
  • Both GMI teams; the White Knights and Black Wings will be merged as one team.
  • The teams that will be competing for the SFL 2012/2013 season are as following:

Subang Rascals
Gang Bintang
Salibandy Co.
GMI White Knights
Bangi Rusty Blade
Gracebandy Co.
Red Phoenix

Mix League

  • After much discussion with Mr. Hafidz, it has been decided that the women's league will be turned into a mix league instead (though it will still be dominated by women players)
  • This is too help some of the teams in the women's league who have been having lack of players issue.
  • The number of men players that are allowed to join each women's team is 10.
  • However, only 4 players (men) will be allowed to play for the team within a match.
  • The teams that will be competing for the mix league are as following:
Gang Bintang
Foxy Blizzard

Premier Cup (New Format)

  • All teams in the Men's League will be competing for the Premier Cup
  • The cup will be held during the league itself.
  • More updates regarding the premier Cup will be informed as soon as possible.
Super Cup (New Format)

  • Only 8 teams can qualify for the Super Cup, consisting of the top 7 teams in the league and a development team consisting of players from each club within the SFL.
  • Teams will divided into two groups; A and B.
  • The Super Cup will commence by the end of the season.

Any updates regarding the league shall be informed soon. Thank you.

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