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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Match Week 4: Preview

Hello again and welcome to the SFL 2014 season match preview! As the curtain of the SFL 2014 is closing fast, much can be anticipated from the participating teams so far. This week, we will be having some very ferocious matches on our plates, and as the race to be the champion goes on, no one seems to have a comfortable spot as the leader of the table!


(1:00 PM - 3:00 PM)

Without the presence of their coach, Mr Hafidz, the lads of Red Phoenix seem to be having a hard time last week in their match against GMI White Knghts, as they were forced to double their efforts in order to keep the bombardment from the White Knights at bay, albeit they came out as the winners in last week's match. Perhaps with the return of their coach this week, they will show what they have shown during their match against Gang Bintang and ZAP Floorball and finally put the defending champions; Subang Rascal on their knees.

As for the Rascals, their previous victory last week against Salibandy! Co. was not a victory won easily as they were forced to struggle in order to keep their winning streak at hand. This week, however, they will be facing a team that is both disciplined and committed in their bid to become the champion of SFL. 

Who will come out as the winner in this clash; the rising Red Phoenix or the mighty Subang Rascal? Be sure to come early to watch this epic battle between these two formidable teams!


(3:00 PM - 5:00 PM)

Despite being the under-dog team, GMI White Knights has put on a very exciting match against Red Phoenix last week. They were able to defend their goal with only six concedes against a more aggressive side and managed to equal their score until the end of the second period. This team has shown a lot of progress and they have been constantly surprising us with their undying will and determination to fight against any team in the league. This week, however, they will be facing the former champions, Gang Bintang, who will not let this game away from them easily.

Gang Bintang, on the other hand, has suffered a massive defeat last week against ZAP Floorball Club, despite the good effort that they have shown to defend their goal last week, and they are now more determined than ever to get their team back into the game. Perhaps we can expect something different from Gang Bintang this week as they will be hellbent in the hunt for their first victory of the season.

Will the White Knights surprise us yet again this week, or will Gang Bintang finally have their first victory on their plate? Be sure to watch their game at the Rakan Muda Sports Complex, Puchong this Saturday!



(5:00 PM - 7:00 PM)

Salibandy!Co is well known for their fine game and precise tactics through out the SFL. Despite their loss against Subang Rascal last week, they were able to put up a good fight against the Rascals and managed to minimized the gap between them to only one point difference. Kudos to the lads of Salibandy!Co! This week however, they will be facing ZAP Floorball Club, who will be eager to keep winning again.

With their last week's rampage against Gang Bintang, ZAP will be more focused then ever to go against one of the title contenders of this season; Salibandy!Co. They have shown an admirable performance last week when they won with a clean sheet. However things will be a bit different this week as Salibandy! will not back out without putting up one hell of a fight.

We can all expect to see a fierce match between Salibandy!Co and ZAP Floorball Club this Saturday! So make sure you won't miss to see this epic match!

Stay tuned as we will bring you more latest updates regarding the SFL 2014!


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