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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Match Day 2

By golly what a shocker match day 1 produced last week. Some results were just blatantly staggering as Gang Bintang unexpectedly failed to secure a win in their first match and ZAP putting up an incredible fight against defending Champions, Subang Rascals! I’m pretty sure we all await what’s in store this week with the first match of the day being a very promising one.

Gang Bintang vs Salibandy!Co
Gang Bintang picked up their first defeat last week, one that was truly unexpected with Red Phoenix overcoming the former champions 9-2 – that’s a significant amount. Just to paint a clearer picture on Gang Bintang’s match last week, they were the first team this season to be penalized for having less than 9 players (including a fully equipped goalie) before match time thus, starting the match with two less players. On top of that, Mohd Khalid was also missed in the Gang Bintang squad – his absence provided Red Phoenix the boost to pick up their first victory of the season. That being said, let’s not take all the credit from Red Phoenix – we’ll touch on their gameplay soon.

Salibandy!Co however, got off to a winning start by rising aloft GMI White Knights 7-1. Although far from their best form that instilled fear in a number of teams last season, Salibandy!Co managed to put in the goals during moments in which they controlled the game. They would clearly need to raise the bar much higher if they are to compete with a hungry Gang Bintang this weekend – no doubt about that.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is our match of the week. So block your time from 1.00pm – 3.00pm this Saturday at Rakan Muda Sports Complex for what could be, the most exciting match of the season yet.

ZAP vs Red Phoenix
Although we don’t know much about ZAP yet, one thing we know for sure – they are not to be taken lightly. Their first match was a tough fixture, against the mighty Subang Rascals in which they were narrowly defeated, 3-5. Now if you have been keeping abreast with the Selangor Floorball League since it first began, you would be familiar with the menace of Subang Rascals as they briskly swept teams aside with (more often than not) a double digit goal margin. To be able to stand against such daunting force was certainly no mean feat, our kudos to ZAP for their fantastic effort.

Albeit you may think ZAP may bag this match with ease, please recall that their opponents were outstanding last week against Gang Bintang, grabbing their first win of the season in style. Red Phoenix. They clearly weren’t kidding when they told us that they had been training during the off-season and my, did it show last week. Although I wasn’t there to witness it first-hand, I was briefed by a number of spectators whom marveled at the passing and precision of Red Phoenix.

This is definitely a match not to be missed. Red Phoenix were red-hot last week, but could they repeat their performance against a more resourced team whom have fenced off the mighty giants? Join us for this mouth-watering encounter from 3.00pm – 5.00pm.

Subang Rascals vs GMI White Knights
It wasn’t the best start for the defending champions but, a win is a win. The Rascals have been renowned in Penang and Sabah for their ruthless scoring-for-fun capabilities, tearing teams apart with precise and efficient passes, coupled with quick movement into empty spaces. But looking at the match results last weekend, could this be the end of their era? Has their weaknesses been exposed?

GMI White Knights had some wonderful play last week against Salibandy!Co, but their opponents got away most of the time thanks to their keeper skipper, Colin Gan. Most of the White Knights have only one season of experience thus far and with a number of new faces joining the ranks, it makes this team the youngest (in terms of experience) in the league. Albeit they lost 1-7, please do not be deceived as the score line clearly did not depict the full story of the match. From what was observed from the sidelines, these players not only have pace, they are also beginning to work together, fusing their stick work with teamwork which resulted in quite a number of really good scoring chances last weekend.

However, will they be able to overcome the might of Subang Rascals on this platform? We find out from 5.00pm – 7.00pm at Rakan Muda Sports Complex, Puchong.


If you desire to know more about the sport, here’s an open invitation to you to come experience the game from the sidelines. Games will run from 1.00pm – 7.00pm at Rakan Muda Sports Complex, Puchong. See you there!


Anonymous said...

Can you also put up the photo gallery?

Anonymous said...

Why is Subang Rascal top the league table??? Red Phoenix got better goal difference!!

Anonymous said...

red pheonix 1st place!

kelsern said...

Hi there, thanks for the comments! Yes, we'll be putting up a photo gallery real soon.

We apologize as the table isn't as accurate as we want it to be, yet. Red Phoenix is indeed in pole position however, please do give us some time for us to construct a comprehensive table which encompasses goals scored, goals against, games played, etc. Then, we'll all be able to see the full view of things :)

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