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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Matchweek 15 & 16 (Labour Day)

MATCHWEEK 15 (28TH April, 2012)
KLIUC Hornets managed to overpower the ever-improving Gracebandy!Co. (7-3)

Subang Rascals managed to conquer the game against Joker Prodigy, as the naturally would do with all the usual suspects in free-scoring mode. However, the score line, as great as may seem, did not reflect the dominance of the ‘Men In White’. (25-1)

Salibandy! Co dominated much of the possession in their game, looking a lot more organized with their experience getting them the win in what was to have been a tightly contested game against then-fourth placed GMI White Knight. (11-3)

KLIUC Griffins has been very impressive this campaign, closely vying for the fourth spot, but Gang Bintang managed to unravel them and portray their dominance in a naturally competitive game. (4-9)

Bangi Rusty Blade wanted to continue their great form after thumping Griffins last week, but encountered a tough, high-spirited game from GMI Blackwings. In the end, BRB’s technical advantage and experience managed to irk out the win they sought for. (4-3)

The only noticeable change from the table came from KLIUC Griffins, who edged closer to the fourth spot that they possessed earlier in the season. Bangi Rusty Blade was also closing in with a respectable berth.

MATCHWEEK 16 (1ST May, 2012)

Salibandy!Co vs Gang Bintang (11-5)

            Labour Day was filled with exciting clashes, and even more surprising results, and the day started off with the top-of-the-table clash between the reigning champions Gang Bintang and currently 3rd place Salibandy!Co. The first ten minutes of the game, however, was extremely dismal, with no goals or clear chances on either. At most, Salibandy seemed threatening. 11 minutes in, Ricky of Salibandy received a 2-minutes bench penalty for playing the ball with his hand. Gang Bintang failed to capitalize on their advantage and when Ricky returned, he opened up the scoring. Not long after, Salibandy centre Alvin extended his team’s lead to conclude the first quarter.

            The second period also belonged to Salibandy, and they returned on all fronts. Salibandy’s top scorer, Terence bagged a brace in a matter of seconds in the 5th minute. Hafidz managed to pull one back for Bintang, but another brace from Salibandy was to follow, as Alvin scored two more to complete his hat trick before the break. In between Alvin’s goals, Ainur Na’im received 2 minutes on the bench for high stick.

            Hafidz opened up the third period, keeping his side’s fight alive. But Daniel and Alvin responded to give Salibandy a six-goal difference. Khalid finally got his name on the score sheet after being assisted by, who else other than Hafidz who completed his hat trick unassisted soon after. Terence then scored his second brace of the day, (both assisted by Alvin) bringing goal tally of the day to four, equaling Alvin at that time. Gaffur scored a consolation goal before Alvin rapped up the game with a solo goal, inching out as the top scorer and the man-of-the-match. Jethro and Khalid were relentless throughout the game, but were lackluster and could not break out of a crowded mid-section. This was one of the reasons for Bintang’s downfall.

Man of the Match
Salibandy! Co- Alvin: Scored five and assisted two. Spearheaded Salibandy’s attacks and was at the heart of all their movements.        
Gang Bintang- Hafidz: Definitely the best buy of the season, the forward bagged a hat trick and provided the cutting edge that Gang Bintang was missing.


            Just like the preceding game, it took half a period for the teams to break the deadlock. It seems to be a trend for the teams to read their opponents, poking and probing to find a weakness. It worked well for Bangi Rusty Blade, who managed to score two in the first period through Faz and Andy. Hornets managed to pull one back late in the period through Farah as incentive to build on.

            BRB scored very early on in the next period courtesy of the Ninja, Malik. Nearly midway through the second period, BRB was penalized for having too many players on the rink, an amateur technical offence which seemed to have been caused because goal scorer Malik failed to retreat to his team’s bench when they were called to change. Hornets failed to take advantage, but once BRB returned to full strength, Taqi scored through one of his trademark drag shots. Arif was penalized for repeated offences after that.

            BRB ended the game effectively in the final period by scoring two goals to extend their lead thanks to Paan and Faiz.

Man of the Match
Bangi Rusty Blade- Andy: Defended well to keep the Hornets at bay, and even got a goal to his name. Possibly one of the top scoring defenders this season.
KLIUC Hornets- Muiz: His vision was great and he spearheaded most of Hornets attacks which seemed to resemble a power play formation. Unlucky to see his wasteful teammates lose possession so easily.


What seemed to have been a potentially exciting game turned out to be a completely one-sided affair as GMI White Knights showed up with only five outfield players, and a makeshift goaltender. Subang Rascals immediately took the initiative to play an all-out power play style as the White Knights ‘parked the bus’ in front of their goal. Subang Rascals patiently played their game of finding openings to shoot and getting their forwards to draw the opponents out by steering and screening. Rascals managed to bag five goals in the first period, thanks to Gan, Suresh, Dennis(2) and Hendrik, who also put a couple of assists in.

            The second period was Harri’s as he got his hat trick and two assists. Gan and Dennis completed their hat trick while Hendrik added to his tally. More notably though, White Knights were counter-attacking, and their first shot on goal in the game atoned to their first goal, through the legs of Apek, and crushing Rascals hopes for a first clean sheet. Another counter attack by White Knights saw Rascals steal the ball and score through Snake.

            The third period was for Rascals, with Hendrik completing his hat trick, while Snake and Suresh added to their tally. Skipper Sjaiful sniped a slap shot into the corner, thanks to another opening.

Man of the Match
Subang Rascals- Harri: Tough call to make. Dennis, Harri and Gan scored four while Hendrik had a hat trick and Suresh and Snake a brace, so show how Suabng Rascals are not too reliant on one player. But by statistics, the Man of the Match is Harri, with three assists to add to his four goals.
GMI White Knights- Shahir: Led all White Knights counters and had a good spirit for the entire game.


            GMI Blackwings began the game well, scoring within a minute thanks to Azizi, Blackwings clearly wanted to gain points in any way they could. But from then on, it was the Joker Prodigy show. Ruben seemed to be doing wonders with Joker as he scored a hat trick within the first period and Kharul getting a goal in for Joker to end the period 4-1.

The second period was filled with goals and bench penalties for both sides. Joker began the period by scoring immediately, thanks to Fakhrul, and clearly wanted to put the demons to rest, at least for one game, as they wanted to go on a scoring spree. Fakhrul then received a bench penalty for incorrect hit. Blackwings responded badly as they could not breach Joker’s temporary 4-men line and instead Hazizi received a bench penalty of his own for obstruction. Amir was penalized for repeated offences while Hazizi received his second bench penalty for heading the ball. Both teams were getting goals, with Joker constantly in the lead; the closest Blackwings got to tying to score was two goals behind Joker. But Joker were in the driving seat as they have been for most of the game, as Fakhrul completed his hat trick in the third period and Joker managed to record their second win in their debut season.

Man of the Match
Joker Prodigy- Ruben: Scored four goals to get a good lead for Joker and then played as a defender to protect the lead.
GMI Blackwings- Azizi: Scored a hat trick and proved to be a thorn by Joker’s side.


            Certainly one of the contenders of Match of the Week, KLIUC Griffin began this game with flair, building a strong lead, but what was to follow was certainly not expected by many. The first period saw Griffin take the lead with two goals from Humaidi and one from long-term absentee Warith.

            Griffins began the second period confidently, with a goal coming from Iwan, but after that was when Gracebandy!Co began their incredible comeback. Sheeda pulled one back for Gracebandy before Warith was penalized for incorrect distance. A Kendrick brace sandwiched a goal for Griffin by Humaidi.

            The third period began with Sheeda and a brace from Joo Minn, which effectively turned the tide of the game to Gracebandy, before skipper Philip scored the last goal of the game to give his team the lead. Three players were penalized and that concluded the game.

Man of the Match
Gracebandy!Co- Edmond- The make-shift goaltender did a splendid job keeping Griffin at bay.
KLIUC Griffin- Humaidi- The only hat trick hero of the game, and providing necessary cutting edge; Griffin’s biggest threat.


The first saw little change in the positions of the teams in the table, but Labour Day proved to be a pivotal moment in the season, with many players unable to make it and four out of the five games proved to be upsets. Salibandy!Co recorded a very important win, which may take them to the second place if things go their way in the following weeks. Gang Bintang’s loss was certainly their worst in the team’s professional history. That game certainly proved to be the Match of the Week, as a power shift may take place, and Gang Bintang licking their wounds as they need to consider their goalkeeping options. Ilyaaz is certainly top-notch, and Bob is commendable, but they might need to find another goaltender for a permanent basis. Bangi Rusty Blade’s win proves to be the most important moment on the day, as they leapfrogged three spots to fill up the fourth spot and finally get their named bolded in the league table. GMI White Knights and KLIUC Griffins have been vying for that fourth spot for almost the entire season, and might just witness BRB take the spot away if BRB can bring back good results from their final three games. However, that may seem tough as they as due to play Subang Rascals and Gang Bintang. GMI Blackwings and Joker Prodigy have little chance of rising in the table, so that game against each other was important to boost the pride of both debuting teams. Gracebandy!Co is hoping to be the surprise team that could fight for the 4th spot.

#On an interesting note, five teams played with a goal tender that isn’t their first choice, which is a season high.
#The game between Joker Prodigy and GMI Blackwings witnessed both teams playing with only one line, and at times, playing with only for outfield players, to rest a player. 


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