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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Selangor Floorball League 2011/2012: Matchweek 14 Preview

Welcome again to the SFL 2011/2012 matchweek preview! We are now down to the 14th week of the league, yet the standings between the teams are still as dicey as ever. With the interesting match line-ups that we have for this week, satisfaction and excitement is guaranteed for those who are going to watch!

Match 1: Bangi Rusty Blade v KLIUC Griffins
(12PM - 2PM)

Having suffered a second defeat at the hands of the on-form Salibandy! Co., the Green Army will be craving for a victory against KLIUC Griffins, though doing so will not be an easy task. During their last week's match, BRB has been showing improvements in terms of their attacking line, much thanks to their new appointed coach; Suresh Subramaniam. But on the other hand, they might need to put an extra effort on their defensive line, which has been exploited by the Salibandy! Co. and had cost them dearly in that match. Credits to Andy which has shown tremendous performance and the improving Imran who is now playing in the forward line of the current squad. Against the Griffins however, they will need to find a way to stop their incoming attacks which could be very lethal should the players of the Green Army show even a bit of slackness during the match. Whatever it is, victory is a must for them to avoid from being humiliated with another whipping from the Griffins.

They have proven themselves worthy as a contender for the Super Cup after regaining their fourth position with a victory against GMI White Knights during previous week. With the whole team has shown high spirits and determination, this season could be just a right kick-start for the rise of the Griffins from their much dismayed achievement during previous season. With a new star player; Izwan who has been scoring important goals during crucial moments in most of their matches, the Griffins could sustain their ranking in the league if they managed to display the same persistence and tenacity that they have shown last week by scoring two goals in a matter of seconds. However, they should tightened up their defensive line and team play if they dream of becoming one of the 'top-notch' teams in SFL.

Players to watch (Bangi Rusty Blade) : Faz, Malik, Andy, Ayish

Players to watch (KLIUC Griffins) : Adi, Naufal, Izwan, Muhammad, Aqil

Prediction: A very tight match between both teams, but victory might be in the hands of the Griffins.

Match 2: Salibandy! Co. v Subang Rascals
(2 PM - 4 PM)

Salibandy Co. has tightened their grip and defended their current position in the league with a win against Bangi Rusty Blades during last week's match. After a vehement display of enthusiasm and performance, we could pretty much say that this team has become one of the most feared team in the league. Despite having two victories in a row, they might be having a problem for this week as they are up against the invincible Subang Rascals. As always, going up against such a team would require the lads of Salibandy Co. to play with higher aggresiveness and defense. One thing for sure, this team will be giving the Rascals a hard game to play with.

The trophy is indeed getting closer within the grasp of Subang Rascals, and within each week that has gone by, they never failed to entertain us with great floorball performance displayed by the entire squad. Be that as it may, they might be having a little problem as their goalie; Apek might not be available for this week crucial match against Salibandy Co.. But by having the experienced players in their team, they could still overcome this matter with a toughened up defensive line. Saying this, all of their players should put some extra effort to ensure that their rival for this week won't see the back of the net. At least not too much, though.

Players to watch (Salibandy Co.) : Kelson, Daniel, Terence, Ricky, Joe

Players to watch (Subang Rascal) : Dennis, Kamal, Carlos, Sjaiful

Prediction: Subang Rascals to prove their supremacy with another victory this week.

Match 3: Gang Bintang v GMI White Knights
(4 PM - 6 PM)

With a draw against the Hornets last week, Gang Bintang is now only left with the option of securing the second spot behind the Rascals, who is not showing any signs of slowing down at all this entire season. The missing of their number one keeper; Ilyaz has caused them dearly during the clash against Hornets. The presence of Ilyaz is definitely crucial for their match against GMI White Knights this week as the defensive line of the Bintang will absolutely be tested by the ravenous fellows from GMI. The performance that they have shown during the clash against Gracebandy Co. must be repeated for them to win against the White Knights.

For the second time in this season, they have been beaten by the Griffins in a highly tempo match which has caused them to lose the fourth spot in the league. Perhaps if Ilyaz is still not around this week, they could grab the chance and exploit it with great endurance and determination. As shown previously in the league, GMI White Knights is a team that could perform better under pressure, and they might just find a way to go up against Gang Bintang who will also be eager to search for a victory this match. Whatever it is, both teams will be tested greatly in this match.

Players to watch (Gang Bintang) : Khalid, Jethro, Rizal, Bob, Hafidz

Players to watch (GMI White Knights) : Penang, Bard, Amai, Shahir, Zul

Prediction : Gang Bintang to redeem themselves with a victory when the final whistle is blown.

Match 4: Joker Prodigy FC v KLIUC Hornets
(6 PM - 8 PM)

Little by little, Joker Prodigy FC has shown signs of recovery with a thunderous match against Gracebandy Co. last week. More players have shown up for the match even though it was barely enough to fill the bench. A reformation could be the only way for them to rise in this league before it is too late. They have good players who can play and lead the team well. It is crucial for these players to wake up and gather all their teammates in order for them to earn a longed victory for this match. Another reprise of losing would definitely add the suffering they have endured through out this league.

This season has seemed to be a hectic season for the Hornets. With shocking losses, unexpected wins and even unimaginable draws, Hornets have yet to show what they are capable of in this league. They were lucky enough to have a "surprise" player last week when they managed to pull a tie against Gang Bintang. This week, however, they have to find their own way as their coach, Sjaiful probably would not be around this week to guide them against Joker Prodigy FC. Better understanding among the players is indeed important as that has been proven to be the weak-link for the Hornets currently. One thing for sure, KLIUC Hornets would be eager for a victory this week in order for them to climb up the league's ranking.

Players to watch (Joker Prodigy FC) : Khairul, Amir, Erry, Naqi, Hazwan

Players to watch (KLIUC Hornets) : Azmill, Azim, Taqi, Zul, Iffat, Muiz

Prediction : The Hornets would prevail against Joker Prodigy FC for a second time this season, unless Joker Prodigy could come up with something to change that.

Match 5: GMI Blackwings v Gracebandy! Co.
(8 PM - 10 PM)

As expected last week, GMI Blackwings has lost against the Rascals, even though they still put up quite a decent fight in that match. They are young and new, but they are also a team that has shown some vast improvements throughout the league. Previously, they have startled Gracebandy! Co. with a win during their last encounter. With their current performance, they might just repeat the magic they have shown and keep the pressure on Gracebandy!. But the departure of Alissa will definitely leave a huge impact on the players of GMI Blackwings. Nonetheless, this would a chance for them to show that they are a team of players who could play in any given situations.

Having a second victory against Joker Prodigy FC last week is definitely the drive that they have been craving for after suffering two consecutive defeats in previous weeks. With the joining of Joo Min and Kendrick from Bangi Rusty Blades to their current line-up back in the window transfer period, their current attacking line has improved quite well thus making them an even formidable opponent to fight against. In this week's match, they will definitely be hungry to settle some score with the Blackwings for their defeat during the first leg of this season. We will definitely be entertained with the clash between these two teams, which promises many surprises and excitement to come.

Players to watch (GMI Blackwings) : Zizie, Azizul

Players to watch (Gracebandy! Co.) : Gerard, Phillip, Mervin, Sheeda, Kendrick

Prediction : GMI Blackwing to have a second victory against Gracebandy! Co.


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