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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Selangor Floorball League 2011/2012: Matchweek 9 Preview

Time for Floorball action!!!!

Match 1: Bangi Rusty Blade vs Gang Bintang (12PM – 2PM)

Bangi Rusty Blade suffered another setback last week as they loss their match against Subang Rascals 5-19. That was their 5th loss of the season which does not bode well for the team spirit. It will not be much easier as they will be up against Gang Bintang. It would take somewhat a miracle for BRB to win this game if they continue to play the way they are right now. Hafidz, Faz, Ayish and Malik as leaders and pillar of the club seriously need to address this. If not they might just fall deeper into uncertainty.

Gang Bintang are now logically the only team that could give Rascals who are now leading the league a real fight. This match against BRB would be the perfect match to fine tune their play and see if they really have the capability to challenge SR up there. But in all seriousness they cannot depend only with Khalid to deliver the goals. The whole team now especially the new ones need to step up and show their quality that everyone in the league expect them to have.

Player to watch (Bangi Rusty Blade): Hafidz, Malik, Faz

Player to watch (Gang Bintang): Khalid, Jethro, Rizal, Ilyaz

Prediction: Should be the match of the week if BRB can show up and show their true colours. For Gang Bintang they just need to play the usual game. Ultimately I would say the win goes to Bangi Rusty Blade. Redemption day for BRB

Match 2: KLIUC Griffin vs Salibandy! Co. (2PM – 4PM)

KLIUC Griffin was unlucky last week when they lost to Hornets 2-3. It was a very close game for which Griffin manages to show good play but lack of finishing and hunger to win the game cost them dearly. For this match against Salibandy, I would expect nothing less than all out attack coming from Griffin as Salibandy! is currently their main rival and challenger for the 3rd place spot. But if they continue to play the way there are currently I should say this could be one hell of a match.

Salibandy! Co. is on a roll currently. Currently besides Gang Bintang and Rascals, they are the only team that have shown consistency in their play. They will have all the incentives to continue that form against their current rival Griffin. The likes of Alvin and their top scorer Terence have excelled when needed and thus they need to continue that in this game.

Player to watch (KLIUC Griffin): Naufal, Mat, Medi, Adi

Player to watch (Salibandy! Co.): Terence, Alvin, Joe

Prediction: End to end stuff expected from both team as both want to stamp their mark on the 3rd place position. The crystal ball points towards a Griffin win.

Match 3: Gracebandy! vs Subang Rascals (4PM – 6PM)

Gracebandy! managed to chalk up surprising wins in their last 2 games winning against Hornets and White Knight. It shows that this league is very unpredictable especially at the bottom half of the table. But credit to Gracebandy! as they managed to show their grit and determination in the last 2 games. But against their next opponent Rascals, they will have to put their game 2 levels up if they want to give Rascals a run for their money.

What more can I say about Subang Rascals besides they are just unstoppable at the moment. This match could serve as a warm up for them before their highly anticipated top of the table match against Gang Bintang next week. With Kamal, Dennis, and the rest in destructive form, what else can we expect from them.

Player to watch (Gracebandy!): Gerard, Sheeda, Philip, Mervin

Player to watch (Subang Rascals): Kamal, Sjaiful, Dennis, Snake, Henrik

Prediction: Again anither stroll in the park for Subang Rascals

Match 4: Joker Prodigy vs GMI White Knights (6PM – 8PM)

Joker Prodigy is on a very rough patch after enduring another loss against Salibandy! 7-10. They had shown glimpse of good play on several occasion but it was never consistent. They do have talented and determined players, but they failed to show that for quite some time. Khalid as the coach for Joker have to do something about their current performance. If not it might just be downhill all the way till the end of the season.

GMI White Knights is in the same predicament as their next opponents Joker Prodigy. Their poison has always been the 3rd period of the game. Almost all of their losses previously were attributed to the lack or should I say carelessness from White Knights especially during the 3rd period. This must be addressed quickly by their coach Hafidz in order for them to continue challenging for the 4th place spot.

Player to watch (Joker Prodigy): Ery, Amir Naqi, Hazwan, Fakhrul

Player to watch (GMI White Knights): Amai, Shahir, Bard, Faiz, Penang

Prediction: Predicting a very messy game from both teams but the win will side with White Knights in the end.

Match 5: KLIUC Hornets vs GMI Blackwings (8PM – 10PM)

KLIUC Hornets showed hunger, determination and a huge chunk of luck when they won last week against Griffin. Till now they haven’t really played to their true potential which is kind of surprising given their performance last season. Their attacks have rather been toothless and their defence is very much in disarray at times which is of deep concern and thus must be rectified by their coach, Sjaiful. Against Blackwings, it will be the perfect opportunity for them to get back to the good old days.

GMI Blackwings is a team on a rise currently in terms of their group play. They are a new team and nothing much is expected from them, but they can take heart with the way they had played for the past few matches that had showed tremendous improvements compared to their first few games in the league. Perhaps the appearance of Alissa as the new coach for Blackwings has given them the much needed proper guidance they need to play in the league.

Player to watch (KLIUC Hornets): Azmill, Taqi, john, Azim

Player to watch (GMI Blackwings): Asif, Hazizi

Prediction: A strong game coming from both team. But in the win the win will be siding with KLIUC Hornets


Anonymous said...

Well written! spot on analysis. being critical is fine but little more specification in your comments would be of great

Anonymous said...

Blackwings is true underdog team but i watched their game and they have the surprise factor and great spirit to win

Mawar Vistana said...

tq alissa for providing guidance and advice on my GMI students

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