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Friday, February 24, 2012

Selangor Floorball League 2011/2012 Matchweek 8 Preview

It has been a surprising season as teams in the bottom half of the table are producing surprising results and amazing comebacks in the previous fixture. There's no surprise by the top seeds, Subang Rascals and Gang Bintang as they are once again neck-in-neck in the title race while KLIUC Griffin and Salibandy!Co. are closely following behind at the end of Matchweek 7.

Match 1: Bangi Rusty Blade v. Subang Rascals (12pm-2pm)

One might wonder the poor start of Bangi Rusty Blade as they were predicted to be title contenders this season. They are less organized defensively and offensively compared to the previous season. Critics believed that the missing of Jun Wooi may be one of the factors behind Bangi Rusty Blade's poor performance as the defender was their main anchorman last season. Player/coach Mohd. Hafidz should rally his team if they want to grab a surprising win over Subang Rascals this weekend and escape the relegation zone comfortably.

Subang Rascals, as always, lethal on all-fronts and with current leading scorer, Kamal Affendy on a goalscoring hot streak. He is definitely the man-to-watch in this game. However, there's more to Subang Rascals besides Kamal Affendy. The team has scored more goals than any other teams in the league and I believe they are aiming to break their goalscoring record. My prediction of Subang Rascals at the end of the season will be at least 300 goals, judged based on their goalscoring statistics at the moment. However, Subang Rascals should not underestimate Bangi Rusty Blade in this game.

Players to watch (Bangi Rusty Blade) : Amir Zamri, Fazrullah Jaini, Mohd. Hafidz, Malik Rahim
Players to watch (Subang Rascals) : Kamal Affendy, Dennis Thulin, Sjaiful Anuar, Harri.

Predictions: Another stroll in the park for Subang Rascals.

Match 2: KLIUC Griffin v. KLIUC Hornets (2pm-4pm) *Match of the week*

I would have picked Bangi Rusty Blade v. Subang Rascals as the match of the week, but the KLIUC derby is highly anticipated in my books.

KLIUC Griffin has surprised everyone this season by being one of the top 4 in the league at the moment. As I was discussing with Mohd. Hafidz last week, the "rebranding" of KLIUC Griffin may have lifted the spirits of their players. As seen in the match against Gang Bintang, KLIUC Griffin did not give up and surprised the Champions by equalizing the scoreline before bowing out in a 4-8 defeat. The supporters of KLIUC Griffin are one of the factors behind too. I believed their "seventh" man has boosted the morale of the whole team. Nonetheless, they should not underestimate KLIUC Hornets as it is on papers that KLIUC Hornets may pull off with a surprise win.

KLIUC Hornets, the only strength that is consistent in every week is none other than their star goalkeeper, Azmill Hadzim. He has pulled off many big saves this season and has been touted as the future of Malaysian goalkeeper. Hornets' defence has been focused throughout the game, but on statistics, they concede most in the final period which always result in a defeat for them. This is one area they should focus on improving. And they should probably change their attacking style as it has been ineffective when the chance is provided for them.

Players to watch (KLIUC Griffin) : Amirul, Adi, Ahmad Naufal, Muhammad, Iwan
Players to watch (KLIUC Hornets) : Azmill Hadzim, Muizzudin, Taqiuddin, Azim

Prediction: A hard one to call on this match. This is probably a very tight match which could end up in a draw. But somehow I believe KLIUC Hornets may pull off a surprise win.

Match 3: Gang Bintang v. GMI Black Wings (4pm-6pm)

The reigning champions have been playing rather differently compared to last season. One might say the full potential of the team has not been reached as they are always hanging on a thread throughout the match. Moreover, everyone has seen Gang Bintang play under pressure especially when they are trailing as they have won from a comeback in most of the games this season. Last week, a spark of brilliance by one of the lethal offensive pairs in the league, Khalid and Jethro as both have been inspiring in turning a potentially horrific match into a sweet victory. They need to organize their defence and offence if they were to beat GMI Black Wings comfortably.

GMI Black Wings may be new to the sport, but their passion can be seen by everyone. Even though their playing style is kind of messy as expected from a new team, but against Gang Bintang, they need to play more organized and avoid conceding goals from defensive errors as most of the goals they concede last week were mostly from poor defending and miscommunication between the goalkeeper and defenders.

Players to watch (Gang Bintang) : Jethro, Khalid, Bob, Gaffur
Players to watch (GMI Black Wings) : Muhammad Asif, Mohd. Hazizi

Predictions: It is expected that Gang Bintang will pull off a comfortable win and add pressure to Subang Rascals quest for the title.

Match 4: GMI White Knights v. Gracebandy!Co. (6pm-8pm)

GMI White Knights has not been playing as well as expected from them as they managed to be held to a 6-6 draw especially when they are dominating Salibandy!Co. for the first two periods last week. GMI White Knights should take the opportunity to take shots instead of trying to walk the ball into the back of the net. Zaiff, the GMI White Knights goalkeeper, has been the only one trying to keep the ball out of the net. The defenders are not doing their part really well. They should start defending well and not fouling the opponents as seen last week.

Gracebandy!Co. pulled off a surprise win over KLIUC Hornets last week, will bring their winning spirit into this game. The player to watch was Roslizawati, one of the female players Gracebandy!Co. has brought in from ladies league champion, Gang Bintang Ladies. Her inspiring performance last week may be one of the winning factors for Gracebandy!Co. in this game, if they are including her in this match. Of course, there's more to Gracebandy!Co. than Ros, players like Sheeda, Philip and Gerard will have to step up their game if they were to overcome the fast players of GMI White Knights.

Players to watch (GMI White Knights) : Zaiff, Amai, Shahir
Players to watch (Gracebandy!Co.) : Ros, Sheeda, Philip, Gerard

Prediction: A tight encounter between the two teams. But I believe GMI White Knights may be able to return home with a winning smile.

Match 5: Salibandy!Co. v. Joker Prodigy FC (8pm-10pm)

Salibandy!Co. suffered a hiccup last week when they faced GMI White Knights. I guess lady luck was on their side as they managed to tie the result. The brilliance of in-form forward, Terence may be the scoring factor for Salibandy!Co. in this match as he is 3rd behind Kamal Affendy and Dennis Thulin in the Scoring Leaderboard. Salibandy!Co. may need to rally their team and not allow their opponents more space to run as this is one of their weakest area when most goals conceded are from free runs.

Joker Prodigy FC suffered a heavy defeat by Mighty Rascals last week and their defence was horrible despite scoring great goals against Subang Rascals. One might wonder if they can hold on to the speedy forwards of Salibandy!Co. The only consistent performer of Joker Prodigy FC is Amir Naqiuddin as he scored most of Joker's goals this season.

Players to watch (Salibandy!Co.) : Terence, Alvin Lee, Kel Sern, Song Sing, Jensen
Players to watch (Joker Prodigy FC) : Amir Naqiuddin, Ery, Fakhrul

Prediction: A comfortable win for Salibandy!Co.


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