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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tri-State Challenge 2011 Update: Selangor A and B Selection

With less than a week till the first matchday of Tri-State Challenge 2011, Selangor Floorball Association (SFA) is proud to announce their two Selangor Development Team A and B selection for the tournament. The teams are comprised of young and talented floorball players based in Selangor and team manager, Mohd. Hafidz, is very proud of the teams.

Selangor A is comprised of the Selangor B players that faced Team Central of Singapore last month. Ery of Joker Prodigy FC is given the captaincy for the first time. The team is formed mainly by younger players with less than 2 years of playing experience but they have bright talents. Mohd. Hafidz said that the team is lacking in ability compared to Selangor B but they are determined to prove critics wrong especially when they have shown great performance in the friendly game against Team Central.

Selangor B is comprised of many well-known players of the Selangor Floorball League 2010/2011, and without any surprise, led by the experienced Gang Bintang skipper, Jethro Wong and his vice captain, Taqiuddin Izzat of KLIUC Hornets. The skipper is confident that the team is capable of showing great floorball display after their inspiring performance against Team Central of Singapore last month which coach Kasee Ruben had praised the quality and commitment shown by the Selangor players. Moreover, the team will also be welcoming national defender Satyan Gunasekaran to the squad, who had returned from the U.S and will be featuring in this much-anticipated tournament. Mohd. Hafidz believed Selangor B has what it takes to compete for the title with Precision Academy, which is the favourites of the tournament. With home-field advantage, they are set to aim for the title despite the lacking of experience as a team because this will be their first inaugural tournament since the set-up.

When asked about the opponents, Mohd. Hafidz has identified Precision Academy as the key contender of the tournament as the team has several key national players; Termin Chiam, Kao Lin Ken and Jun Wooi. They are ambitious and experienced especially playing against the Selangor side. As for the Sabah team, he believed the Sabah team is taking this tournament as part of their development program and giving their players the exposure and experience as this will be their maiden visit to Selangor.

The tournament will last for 3 days (27 July - 29 July) and will be held at Rakan Muda Sports Complex, Puchong. And the first match is a Selangor derby and will begin at 10:00pm (GMT+8).

On behalf of SFA, we would like to wish our representatives best of luck for the tournament !

Team details are as of below:

Selangor A

Team Manager : Mohd. Hafidz
Captain : Ery
Vice Captain : Mohd. Azahari "Apek" Ahmad

Team Roster

Name Club
Goalkeeper: Mohd. Azahari "Apek" Ahmad Subang Rascals
Adi Nugraha KLIUC Griffin
Ahmad Afif Razi GMI White Knights
Defenders: Ahfuk Rahim GMI White Knights
Ery Joker Prodigy FC
Naqi Joker Prodigy FC
Hayat KLIUC Griffin
Tariq KLIUC Griffin
Joe GMI White Knights
Forwards: Shahir GMI White Knights
Norman KLIUC Hornets
Muhammad Al-Hadi Bangi Rusty Blade
Wandeq Joker Prodigy FC
Aqil KLIUC Griffin
Medi KLIUC Griffin
Yoyo KLIUC Hornets
Lokman GMI White Knights
Hazwan Joker Prodigy FC

Selangor B

Team Manager : Mohd. Hafidz
Captain : Jethro Wong
Vice Captain : Taqiuddin Izzat

Team Roster

Name Club
Goalkeeper: Azmill Hadzim KLIUC Hornets
Huzairyazlan John Bangi Rusty Blade
Zaiff GMI White Knights
Defenders: Satyan "Snake" Gunasekaran Subang Rascals
Ahmad Naufal KLIUC Griffin
Bard GMI White Knights
Wilson "TK" Yeow Gracebandy!Co.
Hoh Song Sing Gang Bintang
Ayish Shaffiai Bangi Rusty Blade
Forwards: Amir Naqiuddin Joker Prodigy FC
Malik Rahim Bangi Rusty Blade
Iffat Abdul Latif KLIUC Hornets
Gan Kel Sern Salibandy!Co.
Azman KLIUC Hornets
Taqiuddin Izzat (VC) KLIUC Hornets
Jethro Wong (C) Gang Bintang
Amir Zamri Bangi Rusty Blade
Azim KLIUC Hornets


piss off mine said...

where are my 2 favorite bespectacled forwards from salibandy??

Anonymous said...

they are not in the Development team.... they are developed

jetjet said...

@Illyaz Haha, they are unable to attend all 3 days of the tournament. Hafidz only wanted players who can commit for all 3 days. ))

@Anonymous Nice one. ))

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