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Sunday, July 17, 2011

AMSA Floorball - Floorball Bucket Challenge 2011

Who knew placing 3 buckets in a pyramid shape could be turned into a feisty competition ? That is what FBC (Floorball Bucket Challenge) 2011 was all about. 9 teams (Secondary School Division) battled it out on Saturday (16 July 2011) to claim their very first bucketful challenge.

The tournament organized by AMSA Floorball. This challenge is the first ever floorball bucket challenge in Malaysia and it is held at the MBSA Hall in Shah Alam. The match setting is just a simple 3-on-3 sized court but gameplay was a 4-on-4 tournament. The objective is just simple; standard floorball gameplay but only this time, there is no goalkeeper and your goalpost is the 3 buckets.

I was there late but I managed to catch an hour of non-stop floorball action. Most of the teams are complete amateurs with only 3-6 months of playing experience. With a team I heard who first started playing floorball on the competition day itself !

Besides the tournament, there is another fun section where kids are supposed to complete several stations and collect sweets by finishing the task given. The other ultimate challenge is a small bucket challenge where the organizers placed a small bucket (around 3x4 inches wide) on a stand and your goal is to shoot against the bucket. The size of the bucket made it visibly tough especially for junior players. The hit rate is possible; I managed to hit the bucket at least 5 times out of probably 30-40 shots. But knowing that size does not matter, the joy of hitting it was completely ecstatic.

I believe this tournament is real fun to be organized especially for junior players and hopefully I will see more to come. And the next big tournament from AMSA will be the annual JACT 2011 where it is believed to be held late this year.

That being said, floorball is definitely growing in Malaysia. Majulah Sukan Untuk Negara !

Here are some pictures from the tournament; please visit the following links for more pictures. P.s I do not own these pictures.



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