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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Team Central (SIN) Tour of Selangor 2011 Summary

Picture taken from Team Central Facebook Group

Over the past two days, Selangor had witnessed two great matches from our two development teams against Team Central of Singapore.

A quick fact about Team Central:
The team is coached by Kasee Ruben and led by Syahid Zulkefli. They recently won the Singapore Div 3 Floorball League.

The friendly matches are used mainly for keeping all 3 teams (Selangor A, Selangor B and Team Central) players fit for more exciting floorball events in their respective country. Moreover, it is also used to build up better and further ties between the Selangor Floorball Association as well as our Singaporean counterpart.

One of the familiar faces in this tour was Syazni Sas, who once played for Bangi Rusty Blade back in December 2010 against Subang Rascals in Matchday 1 of the Selangor Floorball League 2010/2011.

Day 1 (23 June 2011): Selangor B 7 - 9 Team Central

Selangor B is mainly set up with junior players of about 1-2 years of playing experience. The most experienced player for the team is Gerard Ang, who filled in the captaincy on the day due to Ahmad Naufal's absence for the match.

Both sides showed competitiveness in aiming for their respective glory. Selangor B managed to score most of their 7 goals through quick breakaway of counter attacking floorball which caught Team Central's defence by surprise. However, Team Central outran Selangor B players throughout the match and gave the home side a scare in several attempts.

Most impressive player was Adi Nugraha who had saved many close-range shots as well as keeping the scoreline tight.

Day 2 (24 June 2011): Selangor A 5 - 6 Team Central

Having seen their 2nd team succumbed to defeat in the previous day, Selangor A is hoping for a sweet revenge against Team Central. The team led by Gang Bintang skipper, Jethro Wong and filled with several in-form players including SFL All-Star Team players, Azmill Hadzim, Jun Wooi, Taqiuddin and Terence.

Selangor A gave the visitors a surprise by leading (1-0) in the first period. The second period had stepped up in greater heights as Team Central were playing in a higher and faster tempo compared to the first period and managed to equalize thrice; Selangor A was leading 2-1 and 3-2 at a point of the period.

In the end, it was a close encounter for both side and Team Central got their deserving win in the highly competitive match.

The most impressive player for Selangor A was Azmill Hadzim who had saved most of the shots from Team Central players in the match.

Selangor Development Team A Roster:

Azmill (KLIUC Hornets)

Jun wooi (Bangi Rusty Blade)
Amir Zamri (Bangi Rusty Blade)
TK (Gracebandy!Co.)
Song Sing (Gang Bintang)
Andrian (Gracebandy!Co.)
Taqi (KLIUC Hornets)

Kelsern [VC] (Salibandy!Co.)
Kendrick (Gracebandy!Co.)
Joo Min (Gracebandy!Co.)
Jethro [C] (Gang Bintang)
Malik (Bangi Rusty Blade)
Faiz(GMI White Knights)
Azim (KLIUC Hornets)
Naavin (Grace) ,
Amir Naqi (Joker)

Selangor Development Team B Roster:

Apex (Subang Rascals)
Adi (KLIUC Griffin)

Ayish (Bangi Rusty Blade)
Ery (Joker Prodigy FC)
Norman (KLIUC Hornets)
Gerard [C] (Gracebandy!Co.)
Ahfuk (GMI White Knights)
Naqi (Joker Prodigy FC)

Aqil (KLIUC Griffin)
Amai [VC] (GMI White Knights)
Bard (GMI White Knights)
Medi (KLIUC Griffin)
Yoyo (KLIUC Hornets)
Cypry (KLIUC Hornets)
Iffat (KLIUC Hornets)
Zahir (Subang Rascals)
Shahir (GMI White Knights)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the detailed review of the games. Im most impressed with the tenacity of the Selangor Teams showed during de frenly games. Keep up de good work guys. On behalf of my team i would like to thank all de players for a wonderful learning experience for Team central. We will bring those lessons to our league. Special mention to our 'drivers' Mel n Pek for bringing us around n Peace Zaro for making our visit there meaningful. Cheers peeps. Stay young n healthy... Thru Floorball. :)

Team central floorball club (SG)

Anonymous said...

No Rascals played.... no wonder lost.

jetjet said...

On behalf of Selangor Floorball Association, you guys are always welcomed here. Do come visit us again (or maybe the other way round if time permits). I believe all the lads had a priceless experience playing with you guys. ))

@Another anonymous Hahaha ! Wait till Snake is back then there will be one Rascal. xD

peace zaro said...

Team central - No probs. thx for d exciting match. Good exposure for d lads.
Jetjet- Thx for your help.
Snake- u need to get your fitness match back. :)

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